Episode 1 - The Scary Side Of Reddit, Tariff Engineering and Deleting Minecraft


Join us for our (technically) first episode!

We discuss the scary side of Reddit, Tariff Engineer and Deleting Minecraft. 

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Hello and welcome to preddles. This is a podcast with three minutes and talk a bit what they find on that on it. I'm Stephen, I'm cramp and I'm loose and let's get into it. So how are you both with there? Not so bad, sweating, sunny London. London twenty six degrees, sipping a pepsi, sounds all right life. And I am not sweating because it's overcast and really I'm in between. Um, I'm all over it. All Right, very nice. Well, it's glad. Would all of the up beat during the pandemizings is open. Stephen W tells all what you stepping? That's okay, right, I am stepping. Well, it's finished. Man, espresso, Martini, ideal. What have you both got? Stole my Pepsi and I have grants pepsie. No, that's not true. I've a kind of monster, nice, nonstor math hard monster on the long time. I'm be changed. My name a Kael I went right over my head. I me too. Really, do you remember? Like all the area fifty one stuff. It's like the old older sort of Jock Kao types with a hands a monster. So Guy Stamp Storm Area Fifty hy Ko, the Chao types. It's just like a stereotype of Americans, like you know back. Would start back. Cannot. Yeah, can either. I thought I thought that was a child. I don't think of a hell the kyot scoop. It awkward if it's chatting out. I think. I hope. I think the ones is to be honest, sorry to your chaos listening. They'll be on a year. The only focus there our moms and none of them are going to be called Kyle. I know one person called Kayo. Don't know anything. Glant, you would be late. Skimmy, skimmy thing. They so my thread is what is the scariest read it post? It wasnty two years ago by something called Bao Grah. I'll grow. Okay. So, have any's got an experience with scary read it poster? No, really, yeah, I'm going to be saved. To be also, I don't have any. I don't remember reading anything that's likely actually scared me before, but looking at this read it seems like there's some pretty messed up stories that people have a you know, she existed a scary posts that I'm quick excites to read into. There was one a couple of years ago that I read and it was somebody thought a person is bringing another house. I'm sure that would read that. And they get fine and post it notes and the House. So they got to a point where they set up cameras and they see themself righting these notes and stick them on there, like the fridge and stuff. It's on that. They had a carbon monoxide week and I hot and they will forgetting that. They will even the notes for her self. That's man what I'm sure it was said that. You know what, it's probably posty don this post somewhere. That sounds like like I Shin't. You just reminded me of the the scariest one I'd heard. So it's this last he moved into this this house in America, somewhere by herself. She'd been there a few months, if I was fine, like Nice neighborhood. She was working like twelve word days, though, so she wasn't really in this house, but she'd she liked the area and stuff, and then she started not sin's, like God, I must have eat the sausagers, like where did they gun? Or like a slice of bread was missing, or there was crumbs on the table, or like the pillies had moved on the couch or something like the remote had moved in the house, and she started she's like, I'm sure someone is coming in this house, like what the heck? And then one day she she was just like she got into the House, she sat there and she heard like a class like a bang. What the Hell is that? I'm so she starts looking around and she she liked heard again, or she heard footsteps or something that's coming from the attic or someone snorn in the attic of where it was. So she left, called her dad, got to come to the house and they took her to like the local police station. When they got there, the police came back like right, will come at you. Whose will come and check it for you? For whatever reason, she left like the WHO's. When they came back, they waiting up there. There was a sleeping bag, there was all this stuff in her attic where someone had been steepid a sleeping for months, like a homeless person who just started living in our house when she wasn't there, and he obviously must have as like left when she left to go get the police or something like that. That'd be scary ash I read that now less myself and I was like, Oh God, do you know? But right, I'm all fussing. Or maybe that slice of bread. But like...

I sausages, don't go messing, don't fuck it, you know, like, do you know what? Maybe I they sausages. Nah, no chance, she's after is it? I think I've mapped. That's that's mad. That is scary. There was an old video, is real, and it was like a homeless person loving and some of these loft. So when the person would leave, did crawled down from the loft and like make their self food and then crawl back in before they went away. I think it was in that Japan or something. I just remember this video and it haunted me when I was younger. fucking hate that video. I was actually want to try and work so crazy that the stuff actually happens on it like as scary. Sometimes I read it and I kind of think, like nothing like that's ever happened to me or anybody I know. But sometimes I read these stories with a bit of kind of you hmm, as that true, but you know, even some of the like messed up netflix documentaries kind of see it suggest that sometimes he's weird things to actually happen. I just can't like fathom it. Like why would you taiden somebody's loft and eat the food when it out like that's like next level homelessness. It's not even homeless. Just like you didn't. I think that about a lot of these like crime podcast I listened to like that. Surely this going to happen. I would drive something to be that bent all. But like obviously they did it. They they weren't. They killed some toy or the robbed a bank or whatever the hell they did. HMM, some folk are just driven to driven to that level. I guess that's Nice like that. The military guy, I can remember it thin kind of they was a sudial color, but it broke any woman who sees wore that underwell, and then he eventually moved on the care on them. Like how do you get like that? How do you break any some of these souce just about some under well, I mean, look, why did kills? That's just like fait in the hand. Got To that point. It's crazy that. I mean just just add it in, though by that listend, I don't want it in any way, shape or form. I probably good regret saying this, but like give this person and he said it, but it's not quite the same buying your own underwear, is it, then? Like if you're that weird, if you're that way, claimed that you're gonna steal a woman's under we're presumably warm, and then kill them. I don't think going on Amazon ordering like a six paddle, think false, is gonna do it for enough. GOVERNM no, but regardless, it's kind of they did that right accordn't you? I mean not, all right, we can agree. He's I'm not a not. I do agree with that. If you're really like interesting that story. That is also pictures of cheese that look like funny, unfunny. Is what it done, as it's quite funny. So you know what's like. Man, you are a definite type of wrong. and come back to the thread. But, as I say, I don't really remember any reddit posts. But it's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you guys, if anything. When I was younger, HMM, me and a couple of my friends will so it s you'd like the where they will bold in the community setting. I was a construction site and a van stops and the guy jumped at the van mere machete chased me and I must have been up at thirteen at the time, me and to my friends. So we run one way down a hole and then the guy ran to the other. Talk the top flight in the stalls that they don't in the park, but all the kids were playing with the machete and they all shouted I'm going to kill everyone, a yes, Yep, and then my power use really heavy at the time. He tried to phone the stars, like we need to go, you can before didn't. We just need to run, and I was like punching them. Take make him run cheese. We're run like up and a different estate and we just ran into somebody sous and I like look, we need to wait here for like ten minutes. And eventually we got back home and of our parents done the believers that it happened, because it's so far fetched mental up to the guy ever get caught or I don't think anything ever came yet, but we all held that it had a mental breakdown. There was some the low calls encore or something, but I don't think anything ever actually came yet. Really, Rema, has it? He actually me he went on to start selling well press muscles and candy apples, Canda strow back there. Knew, I get the joke they were, but you go. Actual scariest thing happened to me was was this five years ago for four five years ago, when we lived in Amsterdam, we were at the living this little island. Were at the beach...

...there. It's like a big popular beach. All these walking along. It's like the beach is going to was roped off in the water, so we didn't go out into anywhere further than the rope. He's walking along hold in that rope any like fell doing a whole I'm stand at the side of the water, like on this sand filled in a hole and I just just screaming, like running, trying to swim to get them. It was the scariest thing about but that was no quite getting chase, but machete and he was fine. I just lost some glasses in the end, but it might heat. It was a big panic and I think we were only about ten years away from each other in reality. Jeez, scary. I couldn't even imagine what that felt like to like obviously last year. But if anything like that, I don't panic more than instantly. Oh yes, you got anything they almost at of thing I remember sort of scary as and to be honest, I don't know if it was straight. Let me clify, it was scary to me anyway. So I was younger, and I can never get the age right because this is sort of back when I was still living in England, and so I dare say I was sort of maybe six seven, and I don't know why this always sticks on my head, but anyway, one day of sort of went to bed, said good night to my dad and stuff, and I was lying in my bed, which is next to the window, and sort of the blinds, curtains were still up or something like that. So I don't know. I sort of heard this banging on the window and I sort of like woke up, looked at the window and saw like this woman. They're like banging a hand on the window. So obviously I'm like got three start bursting a tears, running to run into sort of my dad's room, of the living room, where ever he was at the time. Starts like screaming like somebody endres, somebody the windows that he like rushes through. Nobody there, like lights on stuff, checks nothing there, and it's like you're just being stupids, like go back to bed, don't close the curtains whatever. So obviously as about shaking up that. And the next day, like when I woke up, I opened the curtains and then there was like genuine like handprint on the window. I could you not? I see it's and then I kind of, I'm pretty sure, even to my dad about that. He's like, you're just being silly, you're just being silly. But yeah, like that, it forever when unexplained and it's forever state in my mind if you couldn't tell's. So that's kind of, yeah, the scariest thing it's ever happened to me and I still can't really put it down to whether it was just like a bad dream or something. I'm not really one for sort of believing in ghosts and stuff, but yeah, at the time scary and every now and again, every now and again, I still think about it. The Hunt Plant. Can I ruse it being a bad dream, I know, but then did that just happen like at one point months soon we just never cleaned the windows, like yeah, exactly. It's kind of I don't know, but I don't know, man, terrifying. I don't I don't think I'm just a normal nightmail sticks for you that long. I don't think I've ever had a nightmail that I can remember. That vividly true, but I was a long time ago. I didn't make really, you're not scarcing right. This is just scary. Should have is to me. I don't know with our knight that. I don't know. Last one a nightmahood is I don't think I kind of ever hudging. I can remember, but like I woke up in a sweat, like screaming or trying to scream and again and I'm still I'm are all all apartment and the baby had somehow locked him sell out in the balcony and my girlfriend's got a thing. We should only put keys back. Will keys belong. So you can never if you need to keys for something, you can never find the keys if she's had them. So she took the keys and she'd lock the doors. And so how the baby got outside the balcony and locked it and then he's felt upside down in your bucket of water. Is Heads in this water and I'm screaming, trying to pull these doors open, looking for keys, but I couldn't like scream to get her attention to bring these keys, and that's when I woke my cell up. No being able to scream, but trying to Jane just either winds out side and I kind of Goot Shit. Last not bef myscut things about the winds, so that's a good thing, though let's just say that just makes you sound like a sertin flour. Why my Wayne looked at the balcony? Why was the leaden of the sea? We never said do what I could, that this is your can sell. It's the fault that counts. She to Sho. I feel like we've kind of by questions to real which your Fred a bit here. And No, no, I think it took in the the kind of rite direction it's on this. But the threat, which is thanks the yeah, but I mean some of these comments as well are but it's intriguing but the same time, like done really want to read into these. I haven't had a nightmare for a long time, but not about start having them tell you that they'll some that I read that, I'm like, I don't necessarily wanted read. Does it load? I see something these m yeah, I just... one quickly. The I'm like, Nope, nope, I I've scooped by about a couple of guys actually a bit messed up. The was that one? Well, someday noticed on the ring bow bell like three am, some of they came and walked up to the door bell, wear mask on. Let's tell that it thought. I hope that's a prank. Again, let me up, because it's taketually a different bead. Oh, don't like that. Our top comment is literally, don't like it. That's not gone anywhere. I use that. Technical difficulties and we're back. So I found one. It's scary but it's also kind of funny and it's a guy called deadly chili that posted it and he said he remembers our scary post where a guy found an old grenade in the woods and after that the guy never ever posted again. Hot, no way. It's not scary, but scart funny. Funny enough for sure. This fim ner that see, and and then a brackets that actually says and up posted stuff quite frequently before that. It's some elaborate roll. He's therefore that's either I throw a he's boys cella. It's a pretty clever troll. Of It is like it's it's like the things like and England, those lords, older rand mines and bombs and stuff that. I mean just bought one happy that I'll still wive, so they could just look trigger it anytime. MMM. And Yeah, some of these are a bit grim. I can upset myself. Yeah, some of these are absolutely mental. Cheez. It's a lot of like kidnappings and people being trapped and locked in houses. It's that's no good, there's one here. But lastly, that reported her recording from our android sleep up then heard a ghost in the room. It said just go back to sleep and stuff like that. That's creepy. That, oh I've heard that before. I listen that audio as creepy and it's like the only she's a single mom ith, remember, right, and I'll saw no. But ever, as was in a different room, but which was like an infants up with even more, because the other kind of come out stick go back this week, but you just the heart going, what are you doing? Just goes, go back this week. Dope, no break over there. Pos terrifying. See, my sort of suspicions are eyes without stuff, though, I don't know. I'm very skeptical when it comes to that. Like I feel like that's something that could be easily faked. I'm not saying it's not scary, which is what it's all about, but I got them. I mean I hope for their sick it's fake. Same I says, keep youself. It is little of any use of us. Seen the guy on youtube who just sets and smells at the camera for like four hours at a time. will be no cuts, are anything. He left'll just sets and looks at the camera on the floor, legs cross, smiling. Right, that's not even the weird part. He's got hundreds of ideals. I'm doing this stile. Know what the weird part yet I guy broken. He's apartment one thing and he dead nearly act. The Guy Breaks in an apartment, looks at them, shuts the door then just leaves that. So the guy broken seeing this guy setting on the floor just looking at him as me and he said Nah, Nammy, I'm not gonna lie. Like if I was that guy broken the house, I would do the same thing, as I wouldn't break into any house ever again. So you know, up at your dominance with weird smiling, only to come hundreds and hundreds. I was a preparing for some they bring and eat it. But I got that. I'm pretty sure the guys youtube is literally cool sitting and smiling, but I check out. That remains me of that Steve Harvey episode and they say's the one thing that burglar wouldn't want to see what he runs into your house. This guy just POPs up quick as anything. Naked Grandma, naked grandma. Don't want to see that goes on in your house. Man, I'm just kicked. And the guys most recent video was three days ago and it's still doing it. He's branched it. No, he still got certain smiling videos and the last two weeks alone he's got all. Sorry, I last two weeks alone, he's got four sessions... dinner or four hours each. Wow, okay, let's go be some form of meditation has to be. I'm gonna going to post these. Looking at that's called and the fam they wants to listen as setting and smiling as a youtube channel. And if you want to find the robbery, imagine you just sells setting and smiling robber in something rather hit that that later. Yeah, for sure, check out as well. But that that is scary and I think it's even scarier for the guy who's Day in the robbery for some wheels. Imagine, I just imagine it. You'll start to get and scared that money. You know, you're obviously add also because you're doing that, but still, and I was like, I just sat in the floor. Stay on at the cameras now, even no even flinching at you. Yeah, I would be there in a shot you. I think worse would be naked grandma for in the polars. Okay, yeah, a lot of the comments are can of like quite in depth to get into as well. So, HMM, I think it's best just to send a link for this one. Yeah, I'm probably gonna I'm done reading this one. Honestly, I am out here. Okay, so we have discovered that we're all pussies, but anyway, and I'm reading that Lea, I still want to discuss it. Yeah, okay, and shall we give it a vote? Yeah, I'm going to down vote it for their discussion standpoint. Oh, I think I think I'll give that one an up vote. Like I thought it was interesting. It just wasn't quite what I was expecting. Thought it's going to be. Yeah, spooky, spooky ghost stories and stuff, and we bit less about my husband turned out to be to be murder. Yeah, yes, creait morbid and it than that. Yeah, like, I won't lie, I didn't know have enough time. You'll be done yet, as I wanted to. So that's kind of shocked me, you swear. But and to finish, I will up for also, it's gets quite interesting. There's a lot of reading material there for sure. So, yeah, overall, I'll thought this one nice. Fred. Okay, let's on to the next. I have chosen a thread from today. I learned not going to try pronounce guy's name, Boster. There go, and basically just caught my I always knew can a companies for about shady and stuff, but this is just like a clever thing I noticed about what companies are doing, and yet it can Pique my interest and I read into a bit more. So the thread is today I learned converse shoes have fuzzy souls so they can be imported as slippers, which dramatically reduces import taxes. No, that blew my mind a little bit, like, did you guys have any inkling of that at all? I would never have considered the converse to be a slipper. Well, no, definitely not. Never considered that. I kind of believe that's someone's job to just certain like faint. Look polls. I look, if we, if we meet these these trainers a little bit softer on the bottom, you'll see twenty million a year. Yeah, that's someone's just so every into that. Right. It's apparently, and I might not be a hundred percent accurate here, but essentially in the US or wherever it is, they say that F your shoe is more than fifty percent rubber, like the all of this, the shoe or whatever it is, then it's basically like a trainer or a shoe. If it's anything sort of less than that, then it can be deemed as whatever else the material is. So yeah, apparently in some places they just add this fuzzy layer and it's like a layer that literally the first time you put these shoes on and walk for them, but it's gone like that's how like little is that they do that just so they can avoid but I don't know, she important on my shoes. And Yea, as I say that, we can blow my mind a little bit. That's what I was going to see, because another thought cornvals I thought was this all that was going to be my question. So wells are pretty much instantly. Yeah, well, I was going to ask you guys that if you ever I think I've had like one pair of converse in my life and I don't notice any fuzzy fuzzy souls. Had quite a few person nothing. Thank I've noticed it. Maybe it's just like an American thing, because I think this is the thing. It's where with this big loop poll is that obviously different countries have sort of different laws, different tariffs, jurisdictions, all that stuff. So these companies just sort of, I guess, all our their items just so that they can sort of get around these things and pay less money, like, and I get it, like sometimes it's good for us as a consumer, but it's just crazy to know that these companies are putting so much effort into avoiding pain like a little bit of taxes. It's crazy.

Just for one comment that that's that's mad. It says you ever had a shirt with a tiny pocket on the inside and the seam below the waist and wonder what the fuck pockets blow the waist jeams with tariff free that all mental. That all would just put absolute pointless pocket on the inside of your t shirt, your shirt, just so they can pay less money. It's crazy. Also sort of as I sell a dug into a bit as well, and I found this kind of interest in article. I didn't actually get to finish reading it, but it goes back from like the eighteen hundreds as well. So like when they were sort of important and moving sugar around, what they used to do is base the tariff of sugar based on like how dark it was. So like the dark of the sugar, the lower the rate. So what companies started doing back in the day was and they literally had like a picture of different sugars and different colors. So when they sort of accepted these sort of imports and they compared it against the pictures that they had. But yeah, basically some companies sort of started engineering the tariffs here and they started like adding like color into the sugar to make it darker. So it was the same sort of standard granulated sugar, but they just added color to it so that they paid less. It's just crazy. They mout of effort people go to just to like pay a little bit less. I'd love to know like what the difference in cost is for like but converse being slippers compared to being a trainer, as they actually and must it must be a big difference for them to day it, though. If it was pennies, what all about? Be on the no gone to go there for to know. I mean over a year. It must be a noticeable drunk of money. It probably has pennies. Is just like the economy of skill, right, when you're selling million issues, like suddenly there's a couple of million pennies extra. So I was going to say it's like mental pennies. Add up right. But there's a pretty interesting comment I read on this thread as well. It was about a car manufacture. It's not a brand I've heard of. So again, maybe like American, I've just lost it as well. Brand called Noble. I know that much good. Yeah, so I can't manufacture of noble. Apparently they weren't allowed to sell their cars in the US because they didn't meet the sort of regulations for emissions and stuff. So what they actually done was they sold it to companies in the US as like a build your own carpet, so that they built certain parts of it and sent it in like three different parts and then the companies in America sort of put them together and then sold them on. And they did that just so they could sell into the US. Like that's just not slee how do people come up with that? But surely, surely, though, if though, not like this out in the US, but America, the government. But just look at it now. Look, we see what you're doing here, but it's non still you'd think so, but then I guess I don't know how much hassles involved, but they're still going to get money out of it anyway. Only when persons on these cars will driving them on their oads. It's just nuts. But yeah, I've thought I was a gonna interest and shred those the comment. Well, marvel argue than court that the x men aren't humans, so they could be the start of on toys, which is ironic because the whole point of the mutants and x men is not fighting for human rights, it's yeah, I didn't read that. Read into that about as well, and I was like the fact that they had to go to court to argue that. It's like, you know what, you're all idiots, because it's a freaking toy, like it's not a human like doll, and it's not immut either. It's a toy, but as I'm not just tariffs for toys, like it's nuts. See this one coming, unintendo. Does this the something similar with replacement batteries, since battery ship beer require expensive packaging to meet shipping requirements. They put in a non functioning switch or ds or whatever she'll that they have just they can reclassify as a device containing what were the batteries? The battery types are which has low requirements and shipping costs. They do expect you meal back the show, though. Last Nice, absolutely mad. So it's cheaper for them. Its end a broken corn, so we are bottery and then ship it back then it was just to send the battery. That is crazy, apparently. So it's crazy. Like yeah, I don't know, something I'm going to read into more. I just like I want to, I want to see more examples of it. Just like, MMM, like, the more I read about it was like what, what else could there be? Like I wonder how many things around me, sort of in my living room or like, are doing these sort of things. You know, it's crazy, as I say, I think it's links. And don't that rock up. Let's what's it again? I better Milkman's and on that rocket. Let's stop anyway, that one up. But yeah, as food for fault, maybe phone, phone, one final caught me. They tickle me, wee. But and it says, don't let the bouncer see this. They'll never let me in the clubs anymore if the... one wearing slippers. Those, those are comment about Jaffa cakes. Oh don't no, not. There's a type of basket called Jaffa kicks in the UK. The class themselves as cakes instead of because those attacks on biskets but not on cakes. What Jaffak as a BUSCA and you know I'm going to start. I'm gonna STILL gonna argue the point Johakke's arcaics and that person just having a baskets. You don't buy a park eye cakes. Nor what that anyway. It's an a basket, but it's a buscut. You got a boxa cakes. You don't get a parkae cakes, says who the cake people? McGee's right. Tell me something, right, what was when you go at the shop, right, you buy Jaffa cakes. Before you eat them, what's the first thing you do? or Man Open the lot, Parker, what's the packet in plastic thing that you tear O, Uh Huh. Before that the box, but when you open the book boxes. Fact, Shop, Jaffa cake is a biscuit. Let's one of the one of the fall ups to that, there says. But they go hard when they're steel, which makes it a kick, as opposed to biscuits, which goes soft whin stale. Well, what biscuits do you know? That are made a sponge? Nyary, like Jaffa cakes. The literally called cakes like I for tax evasion. Listen, we'll leaven that one there, because I feel shong about that grant. Well, do your footing on that. So you on this side the bascull cake dare only Jaffa cakes. I couldn't care less. I think that's worse than people call the biscuits. To be honest, I'm a girl. I think me and you can come together on that. Less was it Jafakating, like orange, like was what tastes it? Yeah, it's just like kind of you got your little sponge be you got a little succulent. You See Orange boks Nice, but chocolate on top that you can just pay off. Pulled that puell the something jelliant. It's it's good to beat around this sponge so that the last bit's just a jelly. That's like, man, you've got the better. It's just I kind of get a room like fruity chocolate. They like it. Well, your loss, anyway, is that's what we're going to get. You're going to have an unpopular food opinion every episode. Yep, Jaffa kicks. Actually, you can friendly. I'll live it though. Well, jealousy. I literally just pulled that fact out, Mars, let's go to look that's up. Anyway. Shall we vote on that thread? Let's move on. I've got one last question. We should be asked a few times in the comments. Why is that thread marked is not safe for work? I'm going to be honest, I didn't realize it was maybe be marked as that actually, but I see there's a few people comment in the yeah, maybe the post has a not safe for work account and maybe, let me not you think it maybe got marked maybe something stupid. It was marked like that before it got changed or something. I don't know. Maybe, maybe, or maybe it was a whole different quick post it begin with. Maybe something else had fuzzy seals. I don't know. I looked up school are phobic by the real school, a phobia that person's user name, which is an Australian state of anger provoked by the overall rejection of Bullshit politicians. Huh, a very specific full pans can interest before we vote. Actually, I just want to kind of send you guys a little thing and discord, just a little picture, just as we're discussing earlier about the chaos. It's definitely a also, I just wanted to clarify that, because I've never heard of because I don't know, stubborn, I don't think was the person who started it, called Kayo. Nah's just a thing that it. Listen, I didn't come up with us. Okay, I just went along with it. Kayole runners. What is this? Dj Kal and the aliens of did you guys see the whole area? Fifty one? Who? I don't know. You could have seen it with the don't getting the Kos. Okay, I just I knew the event. I just did the other new dive into see not ay Nar a tonals at all that, but I don't called Kayo Anyway, for votes, Sports, Sports, and yeah, I think I like that. I look for that. I love all that because I think that's a what my job yeah, that. Yeah, wemineer tariff. I'M gonna UPVOTE IT as well, purely because I know already have read a lot until I'm going to keep reading into it.

It's very interesting to me because I'm sad it's anyway. Yeah, like Steven said, I I want to can like how much money they're saving only to these things. I think I'd be really interesting. Yeah, just all right, for your interest as well, I kind of find an answer. Of Jaffa cakes are Vegan, but that as a recipe in make Vegan ones. Grant, I feel interested. I'm good. I'm gonna pass on. It doesn't deserve them. They let use try them and tell me if the better. The original. No, it says me. Greg's all right, ce be fair. The vegan steak big as amazing. So you me tried to the Vegan sausage roll was this Garbo the steak, but now it's wrong. Na, I'm the opposite. Man that the sausage rows about two Chi. They state big was the stick. Big is brilliant. Sometimes in the normal one you get look pure choe meat, but I then Vegan Mane, you don't. Okay, I've just realized that me and you're just opposites, so let's never have a debit again. We both of those. I'm really excited for Burger King to open back up so I can try their Vegan walper ahead the revel whip. I say that as well, same as the KFC one. I can't remember that. I thought it's another Burger King One. That came out, though, like when it was first days that the Vegan one was being cooked on the same girls that normally so sort of that. Okay, I'm not sure we're standing that. I keep like when I'm cooking, I keep changing the like I have a Vegan spooning or non vegan spoon where I'm cooking. The winds that are so I don't know. I don't know. I don't know where stands on like being cooked on the same grillas, a meat bone as a non Vegan, so steven as a non Vegan, and I find it can have admirable right that you're willing to kind of cut out so many taste things. You know, I guess. I guess the suppose it till benefits, but also it's good for the planet as well, isn't it? But yeah, it's I was just afraid I like. It's no meal if it doesn't have met in it. Up until till going Vigan, and maybe it's just because I've no tried a lot of this stuff before, but the food is genuinely been tasting better. But I guess it's probably just because I'm meeting things I had any or like I didn't mere flavor, rather than just eating like some plane chicken Ingrad. Your palets cleansed now and although and that's your fat time, I be F it so that your taste buds of changed up at now, because, HMM, terms of Broccolis delicious. I'd refuse to eat Broccoli for the past twenty eight years. Nah, man, Broccoli as amazing Broccolis or on which you'll stand some broccoli loose. I like it fucking rockly way, did you see? Like it and I hate it proctly. Is Disgusting. All right. Should we move on to the last thread? Yes, yeah, all right. So this this is posted in mainly, mainly in fury, and has fiftyzero votes. I can't see the name of the user, so I'll spell it. It's t d zero for each tont know what that means. It's called. Seriously, such a screenshot from I think it's from Cora. So we see that core and the screenshot says I deleted my son's steam account because of his grades and now he won't speak to me. I feel really bad and I want to make it right. How do I get the account back? And I have a feeling this person really didn't understand that. They just deleted all the games that they paid for, and that's what I was going to see. At the end of the day. Love really just the screwed. They'll self really shot themselves in the food be another question before we diven't Fed. The question I want to ask you was you have any funny stories or stories of what your parents used to do to try and punish you when you're younger? And I'll keep on topic with the gaming one. I got my playstation. Two TON DAFF and an adoles saving a game and it corrupted the whole memory card and I lost them doing ouchy. That's mad. It's no, it harp. It wasn't even just made. It got punished. It punish my brothers as well, because they'll save. They it's going to say that's back back in the memory card days. That stuff is like severe yep, that crushed me. Ouch. Now I don't think I ever had anything that serious like the I got grounded and stuff join and I think maybe at most at the time, maybe it was different because it wasn't all kind of anet based but kind of what you are. Since seeing that, I think of like maybe my playstation got taken off me for like a week or something like that. Most or it's more like you're not only to go outside. We have friends. That was more I would have got grounded a bit, but I guess we're in a different generation now. We're if you really want to break the...

...hearts your child shown you just still every game that they owned that you also paid for. That's crazy as brut although, like, I think that's no Ken and what I think that's no understanding like what you're doing. Yeah, I mean you must, you must understood an extent, I feel delete account to go on at a sentence and go through the process. Actually, that's a good point. In account you must one of the one of the comments as is exactly that, which is the person. Probably they just lead the shortcut on the desktop and then they actually deletely. Yeah, yeah, like if I go take a little it really didn't can, but the that was then deleted the games they paid for. Probably just delete the desktop shortcut. Can even delete steam, like can you can close your account? Says Yeah, says you got thirty days delete the account. You got thirty days, though, were it's like a grace period. That's not too bad as I hoped for that that child's sake, that somebody can have highlighted that to this parent and they got it all back us. At the same time, they can have deserve it for being an idit nice of no spoke to go child for fairly days. Yeah, that's miss was a rougher. I didn't have any genuinely didn't remember getting like punished for doing anything really as a kid beyond being like come off the computer and my one would wait for the grandfaft toll save because you had to go back and go to sleep at your apartment. I like I don't think I can ever remember really getting in trouble. But one time my brother used to have a said X, but we always stayed down like a like a foreign a block, like a be flat, and and he'd be playing deck with from my mom and dad would just be annoyed because he's got this music turned up food blast and couldn't keep it doing so she went and cut the plug in it one day got the plug off the wire, the power cable. But my brother is at the kid, a teenager, sees maybe the say, maybe eighteen or nineteen or something, that he just took the three wires and he put them in the end the plug and put another plug over it and then it worked. That was that's genius. And but he was out one day, so I sneaked in. No, I'm going to plase deck's a really fun and so I put three wires and the wall and jump the plug and it blew up because obviously weren't in the right order or I didn't use the right clug or someth whatever the hell appened, I didn't wrong and blew up the SOCCO on the wall. I still did think a grounded for that. You had. You should have been plenty for that. What did you have over your parents that they would never go and you favorite child I was. I was the youngest by like ten years. I think it was just I was just a baby. Something called the boy Jesus Joe will see and her mom once took her phone offer because she was just being on it too much. She went around the House and took all moms fag out fags and then we're going at the house and left her. That's great, just that's actually good for I take a fact. Now we're in the realms of retaliation. Cheez. I remember my younger cousin. He used to be really badly staying up on night on playstation and Monko Walk Night Shift. So one they MANKO got up. It did they take a playstation a from it, took the out off to walk wheel. So my cousin can be play all name. That's genius. That is cheese. All the other routors now come with like times where you can switch off to vices so you can see that it's a kids to a kid's laptop or kids play station and it disconnects it. Screw that, man. That that's why play yeah, exactly, go up, just need you get your own consoles. Yeah, everything I get constantly, he steals it from me. So so scroll for the comments. I found. I found one other one. I thought that was interesting and I can my kid would be absolutely human if this happened and I'm annoyed even reading it. So it says. I mom did something similar and she posted on on am the asshole. She deleted her nine year old son's two year old minecraft world that he'd been tirelessly working on just because we're sleeping. So I'm going to read out that am I the asshole post and then, and then we can dive in, are we? But so says. I have two children, and then year old son and a six year old daughter. My son has had minecraft world where he built quite an impressive castle on an island. He's very proud and he likes to show me this. Since school was canceled, so this was recently. We covid nineteen. He's had issues waking up on time. He's supposed to wake up at seven each morning, but for the past month has been sleeping into but nine or ten. Poor we guy the world's born and Doninger Very Um, she says. I always set an alarm for him, but he sleeps right through it. I don't wake him up because waken himself up as a skill that he needs to learn. So I've told him about two weeks ago that there's going to be consequences if you continues to sleep in every morning. At first he understood and woke up every morning. But for the past week he's been fallen back asleep and fallen back into old habits. So I told him yesterday that that was his final warning. Today he slept into eleven, so I followed through with my warning. went on his computer and delete his favorite minecraft world that he'd spent two years building. Also took away computer privileges...

...for the next month. When I told him, he started screaming and crying. He told me that he spent the whole year working on that world and he's very just straught that he's are never going to see it again. He's been crying and sobbing throughout the entire day and has refused to eat any of these meals. And I, the Asshole, personally Alf yes, see, bing are so yep houple sense. See when you look at that and all the guys been there that for two years, that's a massive portion. Has Life that that world's been and has life to know. I mean that's no small place. ENTERGY has lie. It's almost the quarterries life and she's just like now delete. I mean surely it's the parents job to to wake the way up at that each she goes to the point is seeing has favorite manecraft world than all. It's leaven just like on it plays on us one sometimes he looked for his favorite one. Yeah, that's beendictive, because she's like, he's so proud to show me this world. So I don't, you know, that's been dictate that. Yeah, that's that's a narcissist. That's heartbreaking. But even like I would I would be pissed off if it was like one that had spent a month working on. And that's like and my current age first. Imagine that. Now, that's brute, as I said earlier as well, like it's a kind of a different generation as well, like, not that it's right or wrong. Like kids obviously kind of still important to get them outside and make sure they behave and stuff, but like game in such a big part of like everybody's life's now as well. And yes, you guys say like two years, that's a long time. And like only that, like people making minecraft worlds and modes and stuff of went on to become like game designers and stuff. So I think that's some focking forget. Knows that kids are no setting in the rooms playing games or all the time, but there is potential careers there as well. Not to excuse it if he's like being an Arshole as well, but yeah, it's kind of that's wrong, not fun. What countries is it? Is it Norba or something real? They actually use minecraft and school? Yeah, but yeah, they actually use as a teaching toll. Yeah, I don't know if it's no way, but yeah, there was a country that started you, isn't it? And but that that is that's proper annoyed me, man, that that's just the parents should be the one way knick at up. She's saying that he needs to the Alem, the wake himself up. It will. He's nine. Yeah, but yeah, MS, that is about. But also, what time was the parents like making the kid go asleep? I think you kind of let him stay up to whatever time and then it always easten up later if he's more tired in the morning. You can't let the kid then stay up in and be like well, still had to get up at seven. I there's better basicly threatened as well, take his computer time away. Don't do these world that. That's it. Yeahs not. That is I really want not to be fake to the point where the kid is sobbing and refusing meals like it clearly means something new and it's the person, like the the parent, as will. Just went on read it and be like, I'm I'm ad that, Mela. It's great in her here, but I'm just I thought that staying on it. Yeah, and to jump back to the to the original fraid about the person to let in their son's steam account. A comment that tickled me was just someone saying this is totally not the sun trying to get a steam account back. In my head I've got like the sun standing on these we brother shooters and a big long that's funny. I suppose one thing to keep in mind here, though, and devil's advocate if you will. But like, what? What did the kid do? Like it does not much context around it. I'm not saying it's excusable either way, but it is because of his grade. I don't but what does what does that mean? Does it mean? I feeled absolutely everything. It wasn't doing homework and but I mean, even if you feel absolutely everything, just change your passworth until he does better. Don't do eat that. It's that you logged in to delete the an right like change pass to me, didn't you delete this stop shortcut. Wow, spot the computer of them. Yeah, that's dangerous parents that don't understand, Eiva, what kids are doing and also how to use technology. Jesus, I think that's up there with these videos. You know, we see them on sort of Youtube sometimes and I think most of them are probably fake, but we'd still be in fury and but you know, these sort of like angry girlfriend or boyfriend videos really like unplugged the console, like smash it up and stuff. It's just like what's wrong with some people? Like that's better ways to do with these things in my physical damage or like. Yeah, I don't know. I seen. I seen one recently with a dad walked in. It was in as an America and it just to set this team. The kids are the two kids are setting playing xbox on their bed and the mum's video and them so the dad can walk in, but behind the TV is a whole bunch of NERF guns, like stock on the wall like or neatly or... eye like like a gun. Right, just to set the steam there this this unhinged dad walks in. We are baseball bat and and smashes the telling and they take the xbox. Is like. Well, I'm not. I've paid for the XBOX, so that's mine. I'm keeping that. Use needed to get to work to buy yourselves on. You telly to the kids smash the controllers and stuff as well. How unhenged are you? where? I don't know why he was mad. I can't even remember what the thing was, but how unhenged are you? Were you're running into your ways room like not even that, getting your wife to record it for us, then running into your ranger of the smash up the controllers and the screen and steal their xbox. Until then they have to get some chores done so they can get money from you to buy it again. It's one thing mental you actually physically doing that, but how unhanded as a Waif to. Okay, as well am I probably for still to be honest, like if he's that Cana walks a bit with our baseball bat. But how old? All the kids know that those any acceptable age for it, but younger than ten, which we do just be wins Jesus. It's not bring one like they were playing. What was it roll box or something, the wire thing, like a like a proper kiddy game and mentor lie. But you know, when people mentioned robox, and now all ever think about it's like the can us song, like that little I don't know why they're just like that pops into my head whenever something mentions it through. But he's like I'll be seen the US in the meme roll blox song as like what it he's I guess it's like a I think danted em or something plays it as like a gift on these videos. Luckily didn't listen to the actual song. Yeah, I was gonna say they didn't listen some, but he's like he's ever be seen this as that. Can You west? What's happening? He's a man of God. No, it's still just like fround. I've came across another subread it. They'll like from this is well, that I'm definitely going to dive into. I won't, I'll save it for now. But it's called they are insane parents, and from what I see, it's just post some posts about these sort of parents. Yeah, he's mental parents who just don't seem, as you say, like so unhinged from modern reality. It's nuts. Jesus. There's one coming here says this whole thread belongs entitled children. Really I'm more about the insane parents one. Yeah, I don't think you can blame any children for that. We all key boom or badge that we can award to this one. Yeah, so thanks for that, friend. Anyway, that's actually kind of made me that angry. No, I'm definitely going to live at one in parents. Sure, I'm gonna download it. Not because I didn't like I didn't like Greena. Actually, yeah, it's made me angry. I don't like it. That's fair. That's fair. I'm going to up for that, because I did enjoy talking about it, but it's made me, has made me mad. I'm going to done what that one because it was it wasn't a maildly and fury, and that was really not as in fury and like the further we dived in that especially, I might ass, whole one. That's a big time vote. I think this team one was annoying, but the, I might that so one really got me, because it's just a V boy. Use why I on an extra couple of was because you let him stay up late. Exactly. Yeah, definitely. Well, so, overall timeslope then, for Yeah, stop messing me your children's games, because it's not fair. Yeah, I hopefully delete the steam shortcut. That's yeah, same, same, same. Hopefully he guy recovers the world. HMM, okay, hopefully was an online world on. Okaydia, I don't know what work. A few's the salver with that? It's gone. Yeah, per week. All Right, okay, we gonna do the ore random, let's do it, or just random? Yeah, we don't want each other. We doing? I think will just going to live on each and see, but one sounds the best. Okay, let's do it right. So I've take that. You've read there. Yep, yeah, free, two, one. What the fuck is this? HMM, okay, so we're going to ignore mine altogether because it's just not interest at all. It's just took me to our Google Pixel subread. So I think we can all guess it's about the Google Pixel phones. But you get grunt. MAKES MAKES US synchronized dancers in one thousand nine hundred and thirty three, but it will blow your mind. It's like dancing in the war. This is so it's I don't know, like thirty or forty people and they're just making these mad patterns and I don't know how to explain this. Like this... not good podcast material, but we make a great video. Or is a great video? I got, I think seth, which Tama Nice, l tire, oh Taylor, but okay, so I'm going to see. Let's scrap that one too. Do we try? Do We try again? Or really, I can't stop looking at the synchronized dancing them. It's mad really. But well, this the subred it is oddly satisfying and yeah, it can of isits. It's kind of satisfying to watch. It kind of looks like the you know, like when you see things under a microscope. It can looks like that. To start. That's exactly what it looks like. But if that wasn't titled Synchronized Dance and I wouldn't have no one that that's what that was. I wonder what it's with your cameras invented but two days before that video. But looks of it, is it not? It's like one th eighteen hundred something on that, but it's something that you wouldn't expect, I'm sure. And to clarify one of the comments on that. Is Dancing or swimming, and it's swimming apparently. So it's synchronized swimming, not dancing. Doesn't make it any less satisfying to watch. Just kind of cool, although, if you are right, it was a bit two years earlier than eighteen. Really, that's funny. I wonder what it's fair because it's warmer brothers Archive. Yeah, maybe some sort of film. Okay, and I for another run. That's not looking at it, I know, I'm sure. I thought I've got myself away. So I kept a skin of scrolling and does an endless stream of comments. And I think you miss spelled swimming. But then I just found something really cool and it's somebody's made. It's totally off topic, but he's wrote a comment. Here's some bubble rap for you to chew you up. I was clicking. That is like it's like little spoiler tags and you just click on each one and it says pop under it and like, I can't stop clicking. It is literally clicking that. As you read. That is that is that's up there with the best thing I've found on the Internet's so far to do some click years our stuff. Yeah, get the make on this, click that for chill bubble up. Someone's properly popping right there. Let's go. Yes, so getting some pops and that's me. Interesting. That was that was cool. I enjoyed that. Again, no great listening material, but look good. If you have got a chance, look up sinking and sink and I dancing in one thousand nine hundred fifty. I think will make sure we go. These links available for anybody that happens to listen, right, yeah, yeah, so on the deschool. So it's good in the show notes. Okay, well, that was fun. All right, that was done. I have four more bits to pop and yeah, I'm done. Let's wrap up. All right, let's say that's a good show. Yes, thanks for dying, guys. That was fun. He's on mixed time.

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