Episode 10 - Founder of Bacon, Rants and Planty McPlant Face


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. The Founder of Bacon, Rants and Planty McPlant Face

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Welcome to the fle those podcast Tashow well. Fre needs talk about what they fhoned. Then then, tomat last weekI'm Steven Wis, I'm Goa. How are you both man do knot tat, but under the way that Odo lats arenod for the Gamr, I mean that silent o the that good Sur. They can put it together, thot. It was the masters weekend. So I was about anoid. I drank three fourty three of those fourdays. That's why I think I'm under the weather, but I was going to make apersonal best for how much golf I could watch in four days because it's November it get darkreally early, so the most I got was about six hours a day which isdisappointing. It's clear is that your is that yourpelsonol best or now, I'm sure I got like twelve hors in last last year orso of the year before and Tager one, but oh well. Well what about Yous Hos Life? No bad, complete! Truly, no, not not aEXCITEING TO HAPPEN NOTHING! My Glasgow Hang got canceledthat we spoken about last episode. They C rescheduled that got rescheduled, sowe got Togo itw's good, but really it was good, but last year was Wei bitod because it cut league an wat it, but most of that was still really good. Didany HEA ACTUALL DIS, any unnfortunate children knock on your doors, no actually Itso, because that gotcanceled. I finished. Walk and Wen ind grab Likhords of stuff, and I went hime. I was like Ohgreat, so we stuff gats, comingtos stuff in the hose now naybe day, not one. So No. I just havea bunch of sweet s and I don't really have like a sweet turf. So it's justsat there. A Da Laly ill chop, your door, I like the donuts and stuff, but Idon't really eat much sweets I'll get in Yo ine you don. This is a great starp. That's hey! We know what the audience right. Bu Do just call the audience: PTOSIL BEINSOTIT youv cold on e O, an o o did I mention on the podcast thatshoenace is like fleon on Camio you dad tees. Did I ono he mentioned t on this, but yousent it does at least definitely Shar it yeah. So I think we should get you n ice on introduceendsure Nan Igrant, you I'm sure, Gonno see I thislast tame, an O, youall dresslike com. You've got the blue and you've got theheart, solet's no nonses and new a'Ma I'm acreep. Is that what we're saying I mean Wel Gon have em on sore of it. Naw I mean, I think, the in Sultin e guessas well as a lessoner. I think oe think es 'wabl. I think he's Awere Tut. Not. We should definitely get shoenice on, especially it's free ponts like Ijust Coi, but is is Camiol thething that everybody got Carol, Baskin to call Bars Johnson, thenon sor, something that what she a sill yeah. So also the thing you know thecliss Anson Gay to catch a plade yeah, so he's on t an e will c a itereallyanything and ill, listen to our podcast and it was like they made ham, ColmSelf Acornman and introduce the Ou podcast any dollar damn but that's awhole. That's a whole othe Rabbe Hol. He has like coin man. Basically it's anyway. She Wai me should be. How isher Acordman,... it' got to catch a Fredo got canceledand stuff. It started, go fon me and he got. People did us and all the tealsand whatnot nothing over came met, Tet, just Besobillshated people, and then he opened up a youtube channel. We always oldclaps from whatever on net wock. It was on onAmerica. I can' remember but technically thats like corporatateinfringement, because he doesn't own that, but he thinks he does, because heis the one that's on it and then he keeps like taking evidence in cases ofstuff after people and because he's got his hands on it's a conflict entres. Sothat evidence is no void, but it basically just takes money out forpeople and for San Neuose. It all hay its Menal. So what was he saying thatit was going to do with the money SOI like Startbi Yo'l start the shor andlet hey all these people do this in that, but nothing I lucky iven none ofthe content. It was PROMIS and I ockim Iver this it the same say te Shor, K,Thattale, I it's mental. Damn I'm no go don thatrabbit hole again. Last time like you spoke a bit to catch a par tha, odvideos, but like the UK, one the be Balde Gay Atuasgo for weeks it was myYousub recommendations was to watch a new one, an its great to do the annoying thing asof it that I think we spoke about that after we finished on episode so non Y,it is recording eentwasaboin conversation, I'm pretty Surell, wefinished up, and then we spoke about that damn. So it was like Oh af, camenaanyway. So if you keep listening to thispodcast, you can pay for the special bits secret bets. The behindthe scene, that's the INE Tati go FN wats, it cot pittoon e heronlaone actuall. Currently lessthan one percent of our listeners are signed up to us on Patreon. That is nota lie. True, so pitchyou on Ford, slash threaters, probably I'm sure Lucel saidATSTHE A as well. If you want to gears money, let us car an or star a pitture, but if you just want, like my bankdetail, sat sci a last ee o just pease just before Movin Shal, we just plugthis up red and that's what al in go for it yeah, just a quick one. Beforewe continue this episode, we really want those of you that are Lestedin tothis podcast to reach outors. We want to know where You'are coming from. Wewant to get your feet back on the podcast and if you've even got someFred suggestions and woe'd love to read them. So please do reach out. Ye canget as Zantwer at the freders subscribe to the Subreadat Aur platters.Otherwise, if you want to see our ugly faces, sometimes you can search for theFredos podcast on Youtibe. Let's jump in, I thought marthred as it was posted by F. It was on lith treand it's Tak led what the Dover ancestors do. That still bores yourmind. I just thought that was a good one, because when you think abouteverything like or through hastory, the montly humans have achieved, and thenyou just think of the last two hundred Org yeals and it's man or just how mucho eep it was fir, thealt es hm. So what I thought was electricicy like how weeven managed to harness that its crazy whene were gone to like just radios,wat or years ago, to TVs and on it like just everything we have cars. Ijust I thought that was an amazing thing when you think about it like whenwe gall feel like we guys an loing closs Ho to that just awe, jus IAS. Just thinking about how you reallyEl Talking Ot last time how the bodal did be if it was just all me on. I wasthinkng like we WI, hey have electricity, we with me. I would neverwalk thout it.

No YSOOO MN wit with what we probablywalk. Fine and all obut. I don't think I'd be whatset donmly, I'm going to I'mgoing to make wiles because that's something people mak o mean you, don'tjust go out and find the wiles to put together I' e Sam. I wouldn't it lastlong like even you see, like the fos person thought I spposhoul they lik enstat. Would CIK like kick in at one point to you know: Kill Animals to getfood all that stuff, but just like Yo see if you'r the fhos person that fondlike don't you make Yo lik the same ou butbacan. I pitixs that you see one ill, probably Wen. I Tay Nex S, I'd be toolate. I don't want, kill the BIK. Jo Myso 'll probably eat something else,but then, if I did skill one cook it and I Shon Bacon, I wouldn't be tellinganybody, but ta did that B be Sec. I just know Ebehin Youus, see if theplanet like single hive e Sav the on, because one person O do mo for thedoordor there goine so you'd be you'd, be Helpng, Mor Ju species by just youeating them. You've been the one we Guy Gong ubit hunting. These things I di a lotbe could go the other rasorlike we could then be overrun by pegs, Lik, Los Losis at so much. They can'teven run away for them. It's fucked just pick on. I sa Yaright, like the fact that workhe'llknow is absolute nuts, but when you think of it it sis, crusit technologyas away old way, would pass that weve went down Lok. Even this osfully arelooking at each other and flee definite hoseholds recolding, something thatpeople are then going to listen whenever they want to. At some point,then, the lane, just by clacking a Fon, I bott non the fone hm, it's cleasy man ecause, even when peoble younger right.If you mass something on the Taile that was at you had to wait when it comingback an win again, Reti Ely y just go catch it on I playedor whatever it was on Yeh, Jo Ot Bliss. My mate flying whenwho is I who, as the psychopet atFos pot, I'm Gonto. Try that O maer be up Thou nomeat to be actuall in the fost yeah a they gon tospace like the first guys well, who went up Oik? What what'show big are your bolls to likedecide that yet they fire me up the stuff thought they must have thoughtthey wont Te Coming Back, see IU AAs on that shop, the fost Taar, but thit is aWAM Wara, O backm the viewis going to be amazing stream, a lot bicker with,because you see the point that we' built rockets. We've had planes forages. At that point, and we've had a couple of Testrans and rockets joiingNowen. You can kind of trust in the rockets Sureli, but you when wereairplanes invintit before the rockets, any sury oin forwhat like sty is the Russians or the first up right right, but edi planeswill way before because it was well not including obviously like Wa. They STROKit. Sir One thusand nine hundred on three fir ie fifty years of plan, Sixtyothat point you di it go. I don't trust that fifty fifty years AP plans and your booleave the atmosphere. No Ali, you Ma yeah, I'm just seeing Oat my ste shootoiis prous at Rocke, so I no neces necessarily saying I wouldwantto do that actually right just to Clae, I'm just saing compeled to tryingthe fost Plaino no chance Ouf. I do that. But if you ask me Di all gettingpaid, no off thing so get wose. Theoretically, rigt somethay comes toyour doller order.

Wemin. Do you wi to go o space? You Rito go mals so Wi'l, no genul D, You just you'd, be goodwithout just drap movering and got him ass as Ye Li can guarantee me that Iget ther. So I can only see it before hi Don that the canny got into you thattougtl, but that's the thing with the spach travel. They can a e, definitelygoing N, but if they at least see ifeel like you get the eye, exactl Ns e eyouget theo. I think if anybody goes to LOUISYS DORsays here: We man e're, going NA get punsched in the fucking froit ten wo'tgointo finish that Otik it ups. I was GON SA to fee Topsooi Wai mansod, but Ican't help a iusomething comes to your Dornar, thatwith you deh, and that no me I ov no chance IALSO. I ithink I'm not trestedin bunge. Jumping Scot none of that, I don't know H, t the anythin, no, nojust us't need to se that can risk in my life. I do want this Guydav, butI'vn The interestind Bunger John, that's well, Dorger Ot wit, a roprapthat in my legs. Let let me jump it with no m now what I've got to therse, always aresevant W. I feel like it's, maybe something I do and I'm like. Eighty,like it's puting, a rocket when I'm eat T or ill dump. I'm Playn M met becauseI've already liftd in it, like N Nove, much Merdy, you're dear for gon a day,then Nyou Mel like that it died in it. Then then y'l e Ne that's a good way. Othe win it my sonesabout samestic on life, but I just feel I've got some years only, but I W Ithoi was the one. No that went to Mirs, I'm gonno Ye Bette Hestid at that point,joy, sad, bfo, til, Yo in thetalketn, O elasis,actually just a bok, Gon Oling, the Ly Your S, Wen Surprisi, but not I it anything. You is that anything you s think is just lmad that we ave ever accomplished. Just efehend like you, sait e Tust, theNi, no, its cool, just like I've got computer an Myrestno,that's math, just wireless stuff, that's cool maps! The fact h that someday in Googlewent. I think I should bet a backpack on by the way and what I'll do is justwalk up and down every street in the world and knew I can just go over andlike look anywhere and could go maps and see a picture outside my host, likethat. That is mental. So so you just gone about follow back on that Icatography as one of the colnents and it's like Howa ancestels MAPPD, thewodled before we even had satellates and all that and Thi ofste, that theoffers roned and all that so like actually just Martin the world by goneout a on shops and men. Lat Right, thus as well that's place as and then Waltineer in this, the Folle area that but it's mental. When you look at all thatstuff and then there was another call men, I can't remember who said that,but it's like basically finding it work for this poisonous and what isn't? Iwas basically trialing Itor, which is so scary when you think about that somedays, everything that we know for fact THAs poison. That's you know when youget those wee packets of jail, swittes or Geal Swat do jail things in yourShoebo, an Yourh I says like do not eat this. You knows because somethey went alike free Mintes and something other we than we swally. I don't know, as I tipe pot ting an itlike thet was a big one, Tan O it thim, because Itwas a yougibe challenge,people goping them that just made you violently throw up. Was it o six monthsago, three months ago, don't drump us in drink bleach that might work ithe fact that it was matewolk and hoes.It's the thewe master, the doctor Sait... to them and she's going HMM hantthought that interesting in make I dont joymate Bonyo Insa to make O Co. I suppose theon the difference now thor.Isn't it a same cone back to the AE'll being a bit pessimistic, but I think no, you don't get a lot of what the answers.Tas pilled off join like what you're, seeing like all that stuffis amazing,but the difference as nody had seen half of the stuff before so it was likea desire to be like I'm the guy that this I'm gonna do that and not with hat.They had fecking words, TAT TAME on the Hands Lik before they used to do that,because they were interesting. No people like do I walk too much and that stuffjoiing people are just like. Don't people don't care bout that and I think,yeah the sage we've almost seen it all. I sa Dhat Buck then is vailable. I Lika lot of stuff came along with it, but I think no, the only stuff, that'sdeveloping as like space travel, science tology's just getting faster and betterit's not anything new. I think it feels like Toas. It feels like stuff is justslightly improveng or like right. You know what what we've already seen but like back in I da I assume likewe're, inventing stuff at the second o. The idea, I assume, were inventindsluff at the exact same brate. We always have been just that. We can likeon my watch. I can ask it when sometime was eventit and I'll. Tell me, like thepast 'll tell mo whatever the hell want the answer versus like back. Then youhad to, I don't know: Lik Yo did I lhike either the invent it or go. Reada book to hope. sometothe documented that the invery desting it Wul tat. Youcould read, that's the thing ta like you says youcan actually just talk to the computer that is attached to your rest and seewhen was thus made when wewere younger, we would have fet Ave. What went to thelibrary find the book hope some. The had tey checked for some universitofthing and then Wak that way, but there's no K, I've got a fucking Alexs,I'm Oahin, like so Wen when matrins made ave got don. So right now see what I,on wit, the is Alexa like Mika farp noise, two different Weele, I peen a lot ofthime doing that it's so m so much bit. I not all funny the long one to get me. Here's a Longn, that's a good point wat, but I like Os Ni mad people, justfolhtyayeah Ik, Yue staroh, not Bettei, okay, Mashthen impors, my Ma the fokstill do this. It true to some Exteti K, Borttos, an a country like like this.Well, those free countries that we are all separate England wheales inScotland, it's for e, separate countries home is that the say did uponLok well Ho was that lane dro and it's like Nanano, we onlny what Youre is draw it the FIG Ik. You Know Lingthe LAN yeah idea. Do we now speak about that lasttime like what was the Dombest Nthe dumbest thing of? What is one thing youget rid of? Is it borders? I Just Tho the just see a bit silly. Itwas the one where it was a ficked wash one thing: the Bor or something ont.That was the one spak bout that but look at as reference in all theepisodes. At some many episodes, we've done, TNO lads come oon, ell, never refence, nother, one againas g ioh yeah, getting close on course. toetiamandever everybody episode, True Skin Retirement, buts, snotretirement and back to that patreon.

So yels will startat ten DOS, I mon I'm trying to se you just e there's anycomments that really stand. It is aheadn else that I'm impresse We'e Mostit a life forthis long like it feels like the world could have blown up multiple times orthe past few years. Lo tricte trings Otami to Waas a calmenabout that grant and it was Jon. The asge were like ninehty percent of thethe planets peces died and there was only something like a thousand humansleft and it was is oses. So there was a thousand days in e. wasthat close to Bein, extinct and ne look at is like literally the plaone specieson the planet? Again, I disease, UTA disease, see that' r stuck indoors Ma. I don'tknow if ere ionsfs, Haden and SAV FO thess Abeg Al Bate Diseases, Cam Oline, the end is nice, got Dom Somethin Sim Prokry and I foot them anthe APP startin. A THATA poction magnets magnets are madness, but did we invent magnets? I don't knowhow the magnets work, I don't Know Tho at actually thought. Ofit Tha alwaysthought magnets. Well, just things Jenone the idea osn a very well prip. He is just dumped at Maget, yeah Stevens Right. We are Inventin,absolutely nothing. If we go back in time. Se, you don't even know if magnesthing easy thing, we can avven easy things like O. here's like hers, allthose or pot- or I don't know you ever had to look alike again duck down cot. I could Nigo up at Mein a cau US orsome trosers. I know what thit look like. I don't know de had them together.I know you could like you could probably explain enough that like thisis just what you have to Dav in to Yous, like people could fred and stuff rightthe net. What's it called needle, so so people can so wll make O sowin machinefost. We lock at Ho that box and then I don't know I would oniesly see youmysel e, just walkn a but like receives it on me or something tip.Flaying Mar Pars S DFFERENCE and if be FRI, se DIFFERENCESO. If it was you back,then you don't think you could. You would have came up with half he stuff,wout D, you think. If it's like TDA, you know that got sent back here.That's what I'm talking about it. CERTIN ELECTRIITY! Is that what hes?MEA that's WHA s Lissen, I'm talking about like I could literally likeElectressy n sor, fosty fanes, the tent foil, a MN betty, don't Hav SOM WAI so see that we'll get in flung back. Is that like Ias gone back then I is itlike be avoy indeed, and then it's lit start in fir scratch. Can we find relixfear what e Ti Jse just take? Yns Just chock come backin time now, but th end up Getbain fubbing for bing watches. Oh y et tell you whaut. I could do as that's what Jesus tried to get thing:An vet V and it die very happy E. DO NOU at this teek with a pig, but the done ov it twelve days wo be! Oh. I iven homit take that Comnyou inveat comics, like stories and stuff like I want, don't know when they so youdrink the bable. No, I sure no thinking... the simpsons when you see PagosTiki, like pater pig, I've got a great story. I could tell now eguys these people. I've got an idea, afuck off, which comes up with I that tist Onthe Boto Ive ieuse. Have you seen themovie, the rickage of as movie the invention, allion I of NOC US Likyeahcoul. I could invent Liin there we go, I'm Noi, I oh Mus e, telling the truth.Do't nee such thingis Li and see I'm a live case here we go so start that would be midness see if you couldgo back and invent like a concept like that, I think you'd be set. Forlifesports ensiest thing to you, easiest thing to invent what sports do you do with he Phigtonand Beg Bigavinas, really Ey, smallerlenas Meo, all right and theguys are were on short to the deaf UFC made it up. There you go. I but you'vetook it. The next step. on't you take to the Det really as ultimate at thatpoint: Ilike Football Rihso. You got football, justget youse some nets and Iwe ruined Thinki at a Bot. There you go make that smaller, but golf last one running get te love across country to the deaf, this guy vexteed death. That's MY FHINGN ATU GOOD! I itHesterday to the death guy! Jus Re, you hand it you've done that. Do you think if you went back in ten,you could work a way up that social ladder like do you think you could be? I think, no ITHINK A. I know what buthistorical fagoes Enofgh, where I could kind of play them depends on what Aro, though El Lukes to hand you the Eit fe on thepegs is eaten IAND. Then you could pos w some of theberries. You know Baao Ig, you can es cheating on his wife, soyou just need to be at Dcoy. Centerlin poisonum put his Jaket on the JUS. Show you the day, ga be. Was It norly a board accident thatcaused him Igo like rob up, be Darthine for game a fhones, so thos Yo Mat ov,you made a Fi jomy Hornin, that's ion it and I'm Fortunte Yo en. Thank you very much her's, a comic D. I think we can all bePlod O ancestors for every single one of them got leid hundred percent. We did all survive. There was a colment that I thought wasquite good and it was like ar ever ecordand then with the any Alekecharting to each other. We alsauce TOA ABOR. So I still at sorry a Bor like so like. We also start a few put asstring here and that's Ben but wot to your a will, make you out all shit fastof in demail damage, Sai Co, me thinking. You know, I'd loveto see, and obviously like Yecani, but likethese indigenous tribes, that ave that have never revolved that are just likestill living in the Brazilian rein, forest sohever. They uing some guy didde they his job as to gain check. They were still alive and they just decidedto kill the normally peaceful, but they said et just D to takekell them to useborn arrows and stuff, so they killed the guys, the Kille, the guy who's likethe manager of some Triba conservation... Brazil a few months ago. I'd love to Gan. Just but like I justlike fly, we d oner just and watch that that be the base, big brotherever. Iwill surey that would have been a smarter idea it day than walking in athrape tha o still Levin like that. Could you I a Tel me thrown own to makesure they're alrigt. I think it was just going to the river like just to gopast them and the just fear this Bolashit Thatsbumanrpexitin to see thes. Wtabovnos, never Adehad, and they just start Chotking spiels an il wait that, as on forshit November,thsent yn eighteen, it was a couple years ago, John Cho, and they struggledto rechieve his body, the any dofficials ar face AU,difficult, Tas, O rechieve, the body of an American missionary, reportlerkilled by Indanger tribe and Anna Ann and Taman. I can't even see t piisSomiemsionay, so is just why any people thatill threat up, bring them God andall that nots faaly. We, I think he was justchecking on them. That's what they would see. The one up, two thousand six two fishermen werealso killed and their bodies placed on bamboo steaks. I just I just think thetsounds absolutely mental s w se, something like that, buterbodys on stinks. Note e three: That's pure that goneback in team yeah since MEO there's one one, nice comment thatsticks and then I think Wi'll run at a tame, but it says the maddest thing is the person thatfound out parots speak that person must have been talorlite. I've never thought of it holy. Do youwant Ta, Crackour, Potthe Fucx? I that Oseson definitely went to alinybeicauseyou draw iecause, you druw up. We ye now en you put ot Bot, stoe 's, yt likecout, the BOT FOPI no watchthe first ine, I o Pot. The idea, let's stop. Moving on for this day, t put for me hat- was good yeahmegointo don vot myself. For that one. Why wy? Just I feel like we've got after a slowstart. We, I don't think I give is theanag. If Not Ebit. Half of I we gotther Al as it was nice. It was a nce chart, but I want to after the Ronosplus I've just out voted myself a I three weeks, N Oo. I thout. I wouldgive myself I don vote. I E A di. Could this be the first episode where we getthree down foots I'm goin to don't hot. That Sat. I do mean three like for the othe onetrend: Iman, one fish, thit, sleeke red. I all right, let's, let's move onto lisystread, okay, so my fed is from our slah moded by what posted by Ousa Beer, Baly, begone obut and it'statled red as an investor who keeps tha doctoron stuff. So you know he knows what he's talking about. So for reference,he's traded, a screenshop with the bollstof marked and red, and his bos says no one cares.Obviously referencing corvet! No one cares excapflu with N ninetenine point eight survivary, which is slightly loss than the regularfly. Wetake zero precautions against it, regularforly Iot W. So why would thisbe any different stock, FYOU, Mong Geing? So somebody's came back andobviouslyy corected them and EF said we...

...have a vaccine for influenza. Yes, thevaccine changes uly to hit them in INFULENAF strings skills of Colli tone.Over obriaks, twenty percent of covid patients will have permanent healthissues. The Deaf Re is twenty tames that influenza I'm in health care.Don't lie to yourself for others, so I don't Wan get too much enti Covit,but I want to use as just a at opurtunit event a little bit becauseI'm just sick as stupid people- and I know- we've got test Fren but stupidpeople on the Internet, thinking they can see what they want and that'sthe problem hm. But just I don't expect everybody to read someone line and go.You know what I'm goingto sit down here, I'm Goingno take. I would have my datresearch Thas to the high degree. You see you and people just see like Oh Jenni's, old gerani share someone'sFic Bing. It's like must be true. It just boils my bood. So much like I've seen it recently. So don't know ifyou seem like Yolon Musk hime. He said that he thinks he's got mailed symptomsat covid and h. He got some test on a couple.Came Back Cositov a couple: Gameback neggove, something like that. So I'veseen something that I work with no nams an no get lissened to this anyway, butsomething with share a totally fabricated version of that to bee. Iwas just like something like that is so simple to just be, like that's someonewho's, quite clever like no saying he's right or wrong about everything that hesays but like like. Just because he's like a knownfigure, they've seen that when or he must have said that Joh it's like hecould have tweeted anything OL that screen shot of this stweet could havebeen anything and she's just Sheton that I'm just like like what's wrongwith people, and I just want to get off my chest to do that. It's just itdoesmy head and I don't know what we do about these people. L T: How do we stopthat sind o TN on Chalteed Island and set upCamelas, so we can watch what Hartns I'm just a aly got realiy shoull justbe sobvibl in I icise like a Aou, I alive absolute idiot anks Gont II wasquitt good, Bu itiwould. I would watch that actually, ironically, like thatwoul be some good T. is that on that's what I dinve that's what drinking thepast Wi me there we go is that no just IBA celebrty, except I'm a Fik Bogger, but Olovs a just as bad, don't TheywhoWoud, you call IDN' Sup. I Co Ow, the STO people, whoa Ike, denyincoronaby! This is a thing slikewell you're Masky, you, sheep, O oWellma mask alright, you to it's. Just it comes back to that justlike selfish and each other done it because you know the way Il see it nowand I'm just like set over and always I think many governments in the worldshave been our shambles in terms of how they hunde it. But then people are also being just as baddomean like I just can't get over the thing. Like you see, even if you wantto t that clean like what only one percent of people have died, it's likeWai is that one off defs feeling e soragilly. What if like your mom anddad, did 'n that one persen is like I tus, that's the Fi cou o believe er,like Ithot. Only one percen directly affected you with that. Then changeyour stance. Exactly you know, wit wit. The I'veseen that on facebooks on y as well just like somethey, I actually knowlike just on the offrtane somethidy listens.I won't mention a names, but somebody very close to somebody. That's veryclose to me. For months and months, I'm a Wen fucking, a Scomir called denialBaba, got relatives end up, recoverd no Poston on face book about ohe's, beenit so much bedred and vical ve talk to... Do you know what it's like HahaFuck, I wanl going to see it. I wasgoo WySeyit good, but good yyeah. Exactly I was. I waswaiting sy to get o Shorp now, as is like the nornal you we't akcuty get in,and the woman behave me was like fucking. When did thay start again, Iit to get NTW opsode. I Dou know what B up an Deit feel like March hink. Ithink you would be used, I at Thas point and if you're complaining thismuch of it Wel a Maskd for about twenty minutes when you learn a Shorp, you'veclealyn or been din at this field team, because you get your step, I don'tmeanwell Ny askinge. I don't annoys because I can't now on myglasses when I do it, but it's fain. You know I mean it's just something youneed to do the the thing that nows y masted, but this is like the folk thatare Seeng like the government's Anna dinkeyed enough or I'm no werein a maskor the same folk who travel feel like Oler the UK to can protest in Londonwith thosans other people and then take it back to their tunes, and they mightnow have it like themselves, but then they spread it and pass ever in thesacy told you the government's feeling. It's getting worse, you just you justfucking mid that happen. The thing that's annoying me and Ol is whene Al.The Black Lagues marters movements wirl happening the same people that were complainingabout all these maskg gatherings, ar the same people that are lat. Thesearetimask protests, and it's like so that's asn't, the OKA when peopleactually fating Forli o. You know some of these more basic dianesin greats insomething more faiting for and you' argue and about you'll need to wearabout a cloth out of your face actually seen somethiy to et Thaol te like wearing ubout. A cloth on your face isthe most apprescs you've ever felt in your life. That's privilege, like S.Congratulations! Your Din, prety good! If that's the most appressed you'venever had to feel in your whole life, yeah a thinit's, quite bas, US I keepseyeing a bout yof like workiys or whatever, just in the coop, with thejackets or their face like a really shit, Jackeler, just funny egl shoppingther he's running like O wo S. it's done, wondols for short, left, OseOo, yeah! Sorry this! No! I was just good so El.It sounds harsh right, tyou see up like the amount of like Petetions I've seenon Lena Swell Abit, like they are seeing Alto the vaccines for childrenand, seeing all it this al. This hey should honestly those people theyshould take inals in the petitions. Not they should just deny healthcare ofthose people, so yeah soyoub conscious. If you want to Dadat the like affectyour kids life, because that's a senl it its Tein by nogging them thatvaccine, then you'll no fact to be apparent, because it's putting the catat at that risk and it's PITTINICAS. It lets know the o Lok in to have beenvackanaty tit Youar, putting your own Kandet Rask. And if your marking seandbet your cad potentially get noutism, which is and itself a lot of Shit, thenyou'R can dine. Then what can apparent or yeah? I would rather LS, Bafterstick than fucking Dine, even though the vaccine assomeof of Olnessisnt they going to cause that anyway. This feels like a got perfect, likeconcoctionof stuff happened. T was it Noa bit last year that, like antivacinbecame like this main street, or at least it became this thing that I thinkwe all learned a bit that apparently people day they just Dany Vaxteir weens.I didn't theyk a out ith this before and it feels like it's like anaccumulation of like perfect things happening weare like people are againstthe vaccunt and there's this big mass out Brak and in Ra, for you got thissorciuh this, as we have to like take precautions or nody in that now, I'mlike against the system and just these things all together, just just makekill like it's just no solv in the problem and then it's not their faultright like it's. It's the government's fault they're trying to control, thuswith Er itits Li Mas, Idon't tiyour masks,Tsshit y e, the Mas Ik ot, your voice and Yus humanity. That's what it is sothat Shal e Covle, my moe, though whand I'm talking about no Maket,...

...keep smailing an people in shops. Withmy mask like when hey move it the way, O'l go like smile a then he say fact. Ijust Aileno I'm this Evengi'm, like I thatcad yeah, did you see the mask?Twitch Jus Syou see he always Somehn smel an if you look atthe ICEIT' just Ta, it's finy teach nos whatit's like yeap. That's thats far ther feel likg aright Idieo di they di Yesturday sod in the Corp. That's who I can APSOT Twatlike one Im Brud, because Youf Asi Tis say thank you, but I did smile. We justcouldn't see it and he ad accent he's like. Oh He's,wone of him. What Yoi Shot? Often he's now he's been here to buy stuff, but he's got stelling nots and Hes KinWaler it's legal tender, but I just I think it's funny as wellthat you know the way trump was as well about athe, thick news hat. You US justCALLIN OT media of being fit because Efi'll tell me the truth about him: Hmm, a thee's, another part H, even actualTus, it's just yeah did you s at when he lost the presidency. If you see atMat, Stol D, F, you sach donal trump ontoat and then go to Pea, know that ifYeu Selch lose AL, so it on too and then go I he pepot up he's the TAT.PELSO, definitely walk ot of the AE. SACTALQAT YO CCA s still there as you stolear, Atey wels. Doing this thing H as iPalays da what ficebook does and actually just puts fick music, but it'slike Guin B tobs in that's, may not be cornect and Al that on theyll sat ontweet Sin Lik, guys just really good that it does that Nigh Tey e, likehating, is tweets and stuff. I feel ot they were fill on like hidinghis tweets, an Yo had to clic elt. So I was like when he said I won youcouldn't read it until you'd read the message that said whatever this person says is like theContra to whach. Actually, true, are you sure you want to read that you looklike yees and then it shows you and it says I one. No. I didt, because Ol thou,like Litis wor sine you're, always going to have these idits, who forwordthe Hige Mane with that like it's like, but Ol in the precautions,it's going at least sway some people and be like. Oh, this is Thas his toalshirt that I'm leading here and you're think nobout it because you need tocollect that button before you then read the lie. I think the issue is likethat, be the people that's on tiovesas. Thepeople that's like on facebook then, like maybe like, will all just bebecome silee and have looke aa like well think everybody's thinking, TlekeCaus, because that's what we see on to earner, but in reality it's like people,reading headlines on facebook and Shawin it and noe Elievein it untilthey catch it themselves. I think, like people, just unthe meant to have thenform issue. We have offfinger tepside othe like because think we could sitand read the news all day long. Where is agame back to the technology thingwith that's, not really how o ment to process things well, no mean to havethis information at League Al Fingot ups. So I think if you'll start readingthe same thing and if you're equitting the same like news websites and it'slike can o sketch, you news, sat your ownyou're, going to start believing what you're reading af Ltat's, where youspend your time do. Youus. Do us read a lot of uws likethe ouse heavy andt Givi, not what it's gone on m. But again, I think a wo it reallikepinch of SIC, O someg mean becauset Aso. I think I check examp twitter,open mister, my twitters like golf or design, but lawyers Ani, trump andstuff and Anni Boris and then I'll read the BBC just becauseit's just like the main news, but usually like clicin Scotlond and seewhat's happening like in my Ma home tunor or see, what's Happenin near mnear me here and o an that like I'l watch like a theodvice document, drigvice is quite good for like what's actually happening. What's likeves likelike, I guess it's been more probaly, becaus, more videos and stuff, but likeI can sit, Ind Watch and see Ho remain... and try and makeing opinion of, likeall that is mad. What's happening just new in this, this part of the world, but at Hany Il then e like sit andrefresh like CNN Oroannor watch the news otally I thien fined one, that's like asimpartial as possible because, like Youre Gont, I like to train formine enyou don something olled Ta feel like both Tudes and I just happen to be maillibealer. Then, then, no, so I guess that's just to beon. But one thing I'm very conscious of, though, like with social media, andthat is something that people just fall on ar truck with. Ther is like this:they built these bubbles around themselves and like get you gaming,that kin of won all went is a really bad one for it, but people bill likecreate this bubble around them, where you only follow people that think thesame Agiu you know. So then, all of a sudden you just like seeing one thingyou're going. I everybody thinks that Oso confirmation bys in the whole, thatmust be the majorority. That's like talking about that and in reality arejust a monoloty like all these people that start giving like game developersatyuuse going. Oh your game. Shit like this is brown that fall in the samepeople that are also teating thatit's. Like I don't know what just gives thispeople this fake opinion, but it's not FAC penon ht, their opinions o theiropinion, but a Bi Erception, a me weyeahexactly and I think that's whatharpens on like sufice book and stuff as well like I've got some relatives aSeco, its an auto shit, I'm just like an Alfor fact: it's because they justdon't bother like they lk they schoolfiu FIS, Buttin TA. That must bereal, because you know I've known that guy. Since skool tape, thing o meanit's like the an tontrate. So I do try and like I do. Soo Mat beself with those peopleon like Twitt and stuff lik follow people that interesting, but try andlike steed away from some things. If it's something that's kind of got a bit more foult Os es pan likepolitic, so the news and stuff that's funny on so I forstno wise this. When II create like a different twitter just for just for golf before I just startedfull ing, Tho people, I kared a bit of my batchor to ego and it's mad wholedifferent. The opinion. What so before, like mother' Tork, my Mi Turk, used tojust be designed stuff and it's just mad, how much like their opinionsdiffer from here's like an international Croder Das. I not feellike Oler in the world, who, generally quite liberal verseis like the golftwitter, which was like middle of England, call manors, who were just a fewminutes the world because of a Shito Golf, and it's just t it's like night in Daviin like the type of people but like before just sore about. I just assumedthat mast folk were like how I don't know like Hertik doesn'tet care, wherepeople were fey or were generally nice, and then you see this ous of the well.We re like all right shit, yeah! That's just the people that a Choce defouly,which makes sense, because why am I got forty, our sals, think it as easy. If fo get like that,youall just wrapped up and you don me bubble like Endo, I fourteen I thoughtpeople getting independence like Iwa shute it there wasn't Ado manine thatyes was going to go through and was that geoge sqrale the night before andI was like this is happening. This is actually happening. Yeah the next tea,obviously Wer Hart an partened instead and fink. That's op trump aosit as well.Right like give ebody t eway two Thoan, sixteen even theeven plenty, daff Helleny, wins newspopes and stuff Dan'ther ICAN RMEB that tid, they I'm sure, I'msure they that, like preemptively, planted a fetery ones and obviouslysilent majority on that Cheez. I think that was like as a voce against her. Then it was vouce forhim that Tame Mil he's that's a whole. Lo think you getanother one up! That's yeah! That's a that's another! That's another fret she move on for the aneme. As I say, Ijust th, it's been annoyman lat ler. What event so, I'm glad, I'm not all onhat but no curious what the tweet is, because I'm Sur I'm sure I shared thattweet therewas a screen, Sho yelow...

...mosque did I like it. It MIHA shod. Thesame thing was a H. sn like half these test workcater Dunyo, something dodges gone on here El, he do think is wel. He said WISlike the Wadsdidn't even match the actual to use basically and hes. It isalmost like showing and screming a bit like. So that's pretty absolutelylike yeah,it's like a rewritten, tweet wit's, not quite actually what Yo said. I thinkthe thingthe one I liked was someofthe call call them space cadon. He wwent fifty percent aded to tast twofield to SE. That was positive, recovered. Sometimes nor rigt andsomethidg went listen here, Space Caen! If you want these thirty minute tasks,the tenitly like definitively in thirty minutes, if you've got covered unlessyou're, absolutely reddled Wi it. So if you've got wee better covered, it mightbe on the threats. That's what happens you Teav proper test. It takes liketwenty fous tho process or something- and I just I like tit- cause e cod OmSpace Carn, also e sang with that is like, if he's been applying themhimselv. Maybe he's not done at properly of every time, because youneed Ti setit right up, youon novase swab, it's back of your folt Fos, tenswap and then oi've not had one, but s ave oused to one AV. You Don test issame. A couple of people, wock have done one math sensnasty and a few mitsive used juice of anybody. You said something I facebook in that. Do youhave anybedy close to you? That's caught covered ththose, some del Inis te for Mil tats.Go that whole farmly, mad IAV, a few mates, acy worke or fo golf ir that ThathatI've caught it like before. We even got sent him fowork like back in the thing wit those people off who turned it like they hadthey had covered. It was like Shit that was I'm convinced. Hadesember. Lastyear, like I was pro, I was setting on the floor. PROPA reason- and I don'tthink, like my Berievins- been back to normal other since last Dezember andI'm petty sure, that's what I had and t ould it would make sense, wot etainment,because a lot of people think they had that runnabout that time, I'd love todo an antibody's test like just in case I've had that in just di that theysymptoms. I guess probably warhway of doingreally. I think at this stage people should just be getting tests any just.Try Ing find that flusher that that's just to Endes Thi, a thread on about Laon Newsea vaccine has happening ther. I yes to EEHAT Neiy, eighty four percentsuccessorat as well decent thank O, a wit, H T. I don't want Vacinaty, I'm noHai', no det, I'm not in Mus peop. You still let them control you ll mess myket! So before the bon O hesgoing to soun clip this and some paters Oaste Edont get canceled onAso ten, a good run net Alex Torbrat. Is it Osyeahthere's an AC event? AES enjoythat? I also dink. I O my chest of it. Yeas Seeil portit. I feel less dressedsome fact guys all right last one. It's me. I make this a quick once and someone ata time. So, as you know, because I e told you every single episode, I'mVegan and part part of being a Vegan. Is it your job to tell other people?It's like the the Mormon Church right. You could tell other people good preachit n. So this is my I my vcan post for the day and it was posted on asports on in our future future Ologyby the user. We can fix it six days ago, a d. This is McDonald's as rulling outthe make a plant for Meat Party next year, so proratly McDonalds, at a test inCanada last year with one of the companies that makes fick me and then they've rolled it back superquickly. I know they're doing like...

...their own in house, it's going to taste as good as aPordgar, but we're going to do like our own meat party and then eventuallythey're going to do checken and something else as well. I thought I'd share that I'm leaving a big fan of it. Dace, like other guy, gets like a plan doublecheesebudger, so I'm Loke a big fan of McDonald's ingeneral, but I've got Yoursel Trapo Chese bug on the grun. I gonn have tohome gocison forward to this man. I enjoyVekan junk FYO, OA pretiton. I've always said when, when the textall getsther, I probably will go vegan. My problem wia lot of the fit does as muchas I dea like the Fik meets and the sausages and stuff orl spok oit thatbefore the text doesn't have alrit and that's what throws me off, I don't likethe and F does that it fit takes Yus weod, the AFOR that puts me off yeahI've, the been ay a ant eer, the Gan after, like meet replacement. The Lindamccartny sausages, Barden Noe, decent craing, and I like the odd Tabei, havelike beyond met Boardgar, but I'd rather just have just like a bean bordlike I'd rather make man Vegi burgers or just have something. That's just notlike what it's meant to be VAT than try to pretend it's me so youwil ask Gan.What is you appeniou know on the was IT KSCO? Was it bog gocking that wascooking? The vegan bog got on the same grillas in ormal ones. So would you beagainst it in that? If I came to I loke a so I hont e, likeLikewhen, I making tea like I'll use. Two spoons for jowels milk ferst is myalman milk ar all used to like utensils when I'm cooking in thekitchen just fort different stuff. I just Tus Dad it mix it, but like like some of the end o theworld right like I have a hard chips that had dried milk in them and I washuman but CISP sorly. They were Nice. So then Iti's, like I soh end o the day,anjst Oit Alte, know o begin minutes so set the oherday. What does Ta take istaking vtmnd for like six weeks and it wasn'tuntil.I Jo, went why you by Vegan Vet Medias like ARD didn, Ne Ding is just thepackage and and then she looked at the old stuff, and I had them. shooked at the box at had was the shelcord like a beef, Jelatin Shel as it are. You fucking it like six weeks,your Bucke, I woner. Why Lik they a put mall like beef thanks, not there, the Rod Rit like youneed Vendso O got no Isen a post on reaat. I was good Goin, a bat. This seethe post on, read it and the person was like. Oh, I have like severe mentalhealth problems, but I just realized the med Ar particual caxi Om in them. Idon't know what to take it. ENYMEOR and everybody's. Like Nodo, that's two Fuk,like you DA. If that spports working for you denny, then you don take itbecause you r Egan that is really silly so like it comes ago, come I'm I'mfifty fifty I'm a little bat strict, but I think I' been towards not sharingstuff with yeah er iknow. You've been eating tes me,but I don't I don't know Waf. I ov O go filly like vegetary no Vigan, I aniietrobably vegetating. To be honest because I like cheeseas. Well, I don'tthink I could ever start going with that shes stuff, because it's itsbothen, it's no good. It's a balance right like I've just went one way tothe extreme, probably from the other extreme, though I'm sure it's just the best is probaeryjust a balance like anen but actually seen. I don't know if you self,but that the latest David in berththing you see that and I've not watched it.Yet I'm wanting to go on thit's, honestly, so good and yeah actually dolook at that and Goa bit like like the squorel needs a Bett change bute andI'm the same as you soend. I don't think I could. I say I don't think I could do it, butyou know if the decision was teaafter and if you don't, then I would do it,but I don't know t thereer's an element of it where I'm just at peace with likeJo, what like actually Fey, not cuinised it, but I'd happily cut down,and I dare say I have started cuttind...

...down eating a bit more like healthysencseeing that Wat even kin of again like I'm not into chasing theselike this Poga. Don't I'll, probably try it for the CANNA, the bands butlike ill albe chasing it down like these meet replacements, but seeingthat they try, like some Vegan substitute for like chicken recently atat a this. It was re chicken. I may have been Honestlik Oto Memer,but it was actually really good, like you know what it feeling and I actuallyprefell the vegan steak. bick figured eggs because you know Sitaioso somethimgs you get some times you get stak big figure, EGS and hey, meets tead,Chey and stuff. Don't have that problem if you Gan one, the really good triedto begin soler. Dols et thesociar jols were Mingin, I'm no Gota lie they El,like your just now, Inteste t that was that was an issue le fix to I gant t.That was one of the things I ws Lik Si just covered its sauce, and that wasthat, as like Wespet I putting hot saucoa later, that was it. I just Tou SEC was so good. It was aStiak big that did me like, but yeah like. I think it's like no on from theone. I definitely will cut don Limin. I meat, because I'm ore of the opinion,like everybody, does a small but think it was up a really long way so, likenobody has to go meet like 'll, get us to get all on, take a bit it, but youknow do a little bit and think that's so H. I weing like see. Even if youlook at like the first few weeks of a Lokngbone, the water in Venice wentBluw, you can see through it. How good would that be f just for likeOl on the everyone for the year, every big like global company, but I ot tdossomething full enviroonment and evidy Pelsin just does something as well:They caut meet for the week every month. THAT'S NO HEART! No! His A is an Liwite, the close, the like the main roads down on a Sunday. It's openingPetitians is that where's, there's somewere! That does that, and I thinklike that, would just make such a big difference. Like imagine just takingyour wins like alright, we can. We can do cycle down this big mass IV, menroad, like we destince between fork, because there's not ballion cars. I things beaeody should do that. I was going to say why not like like a twenty, four or forty or I'lljust like shot, then like once a yearall planet and not a bit hard toget bit on board, but I mean e Wat, Shoul ookoon. We if it was the wholeday now that that was like everything. Thar like everybody, but everybody'sgot af the weekend, but they can just rest as well. I would ove that a bigite I folt, but this o I like that, likesurely, should just have done that Thouh when this was become an an issuelike right, Nadi travels. Everybody will all agree stain your hose twoweeks: Everybody do it Golbum. You know your problem with that isdan't you, U Youneed, to send sometbody don ther a Votti. Tell the THRAVE, not!I start the fire they'll! No coming back an e interesting time. The fact thatMcDonald's under releasing this wasn't in the main part of my story, becauseI'm sure McDonalds ave releasenis because they can make lots of money bygetting free press a bit of a Vigean Borger, is the fact that calld itfucking Mick Plant I don' awhat a name is funny- would bethis because is o is planti mic plant face would have been a bit of name andI think I think honestly read it have mapbook, that's the one for me how much o g s Siftena good us, even agood es on them, but I think would be interesting. For onthese companies todo was try aut with he Talan people and see if they complained, and then thatway you know f if it's ake good damitation, if na Ley packs up on it, Ididn't want them like surprise putting stuff. In My myth, you've got a Horsean, you ayewhat thebus E.

I would still be Interestin, even if itwas like one in a bekind. If I dict to see people notice and then it came itlike. Well, you don't know if you had that one WEU never held e NY complaintyeah, it's so probably bad, but let's fuckand Jani Su. If you don't know, if you hadte yeah I'll, try it ifshop, tryit CSL, try thedouble big mark. I will trade I'll try to Ilem and thenput them together and make it a quatrubl bag. Mak. I don't know if I'vehad a OTA THE GRANDMA S, te grand has that onun m nihe The gun Mi se ses got double bagMak. It's all IE, like adowl bag mak, it's Golik, see thats a it's got twobotcles, the so double set, so the double ones. Asthe. Double Big Machos TAT got anEXAP. Suead is good coit. I double cheese, bugof, bread, double cheese,bug, O bread, UPO, big MAC search, have a Pioezos S. it's just two BOT two parties bredto parties, hthat's, good disappointent, Sai, justdouble the PAT honest, no, that's Ridicu, I'm ohad. The bus that is justShulta need to Le is before podcors Lak, Teno da se, nothin o mcdonld on Theap,and rather than just getting one normal order. We all do just double tto feel Iso we all do not feel it's Opon of fo McDonald wants a Mego, ut forat.Sixteen tone. You don't realize how much McDonald you can get for filte topones ill WAN's, a lot man and theene. They give us mad in thebutlos that eswhati was telling Nicout so Yeasli on being wose, we're going to go in andGona McDonalds school whyn, O everyting and Meanit, and just give them onebecause people all ARV being like. I was only being like a hundred. A twentypound was ony hin os as much as you think. We were going to hand tohomelest people, so it wasn't. Isefo we going Rase to idle just got to walk upit to Angia Weever al o. Now what we could neat, I what we could eat wi, thePO E, be makethe. The FALIO Fesh, but in would have been good. If I thoughtof that, before all the doecause then could av got for like fifty Pon get that woth get that up my one, my biggest beef for this double bigmark by the ways it's still bot one slice of cheese. I know which RETA that'sthat's noenough, no but hat D sheloals an one Le Sa Chesas. Not Enough. I want to spike a eal, it yeah adds extra cheese and being not this is got. Bi IsAbealkin stringy beating man get that Ti. Fuck iting shot no boy, our hean. Now wt WAT, your Ds. You get rid of theparties, get rid of the list tices at the being Ayou. You know what that looks. Good.The one does look good they'll, be that take it back, one sice its too muchit's the racials of e Hofe. The bitting doesn't et look like that when youactually get that it's always pure uncooked, pink stringing bating thatyou get in how no we meant on Davy's, going to squish all that together andput it in Abe. BOOX, so it'll be it'll, be on bits. Bettim you get to it. theWhole thing I wan ot, I ma checking Mak, I'm checking Samige,but I beg mack see that would be an innovation, Ra Lads woin to deep Coeea we're in theweeds. Her 'mgonjoydthat... too ind the hawks that it comes it.So I can try it. I'm GOINGTA Donvautix, I'm just a fewMINUE bout that forward bon double double bag, Mac, beacon, one bettercheese thing: How do you know also the name just ut make plant an it, doesn'tdeserve anot vote. How do you know of Someo thes, a Vegan, don't know to Tel you and on that note been a Pleasur lats? Oh Wai, I'vethought one more thing: Oh you've got one MIBE. I've got one more thing andICAN Tis a really long one. So I'll be quick. It's on rear insults by the User,God of imagination, and it just says I hope your wife gives boss to asentapede and you've to spend the rest of your days. Slaving away. justy buyshoes forl it I felti that was the best Lokit's, soI've ever heard. I now that not funnyalso before we go.If you made it s late in the podcast, please rat up. That would be good if you stars prefarably, if you meeteit Theslat in the podcast San Louis, your patreon and heal subscape to youfor one month, dill I'll, do it purelyo get some viewerengagement. You canty, pretive Otyour, talk to you Steven, let sinles Ou ourpatreons. Oh I'm gonna make MOS that lls has got oneas resbutthe'sgothe'sgot. A W he's got different. He's got definite hingsgoing on all right. THAT'S BIE! Ten good fighave a good night bye. Ten.

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