Episode 19 - Scamming Scammers, Mental Marketing and Boris Johnson The Clown


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. Scamming Scammers, Mental Marketing and Boris Johnson The Clown

Sound good? Lets jump in.

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A recording and PROEHL and welcome to thethread podcast the podcast for three mates, an me up and talk about whatthey found on the Internet this week, I'm grant, I'm Stephen Am Lis and a question. I've never asked usbefore. Did you see anyone famous this weekKenny? Can I see that I patsey to two handsome falls from a pretty popularpodcast as a few minutes ago, I I was casuallywalking through Camden town on Friday, often meet people in real life, whichwas which was a madness and I bumped into a candidate for a mirrore ofLondon Max Foch. Do you don't know? Is A youthe ave beenmad in place by that Necho Gay Niche N be gay yeah, it was. It was the other yuture. That's one use this week, so no quite famous then so was just tra.On the point, when I said you are famous as well then so it wasn't evenas lie on par all right, we'll scrap that part. Thenhow are you both as Tintouin Nice, nothing, nothing! New Son we've got sun in Glasgow Ye reallyone lovely. I I compare started losing my kids in the grass and the gardenit's good to get that cut and actually set outside, not drone. That's what you said decently to forthe way. No, it's been poganut. This meant to beee at it. So yeah do anything over the the bank, allder making the most of the Sun. Do you hop? I do you have a bank holidaytomorrow? Yes, I could just check it to him working the okay yea Steven. Howare you now I just going to take a lerand enjoy the sudden may willactually got up and then on Tuesday me Lois in arks and David, I want ever wetsome food TEENA's. What we e Lim Alex mentioned- one Nice and Ali o o e o oGoin anywhere on what is this episode? Twenty, anineteen nineteen episodes? I don't think I mestal that's say re saving,this episode for the gem, so is gunny the US get that, like I likeatone music stuff. When I'm at the jam, I could Er Tesin Air PODCAST. I feellike it kind of saw you don't monotremata now. Well, I think normallywe're quite upbeaten were quit, were we're laughing and stuff, so is running and all the time in a laughsfuck up his day. I should we give him some motivation on up Plat, be the re bit in Magot girl, arms everybody's. Looking at you legs are looting, weaken, it focus,Focus Jelly jail it. That's it don't look at the gun next to it so gonatas.Why I'm got so you just they mess up these ten pose. That's folk section.Can you let put it on half speed on o just looked at distorted at a hundredpercent, so play it backwards. So before this we said we're trying togo tryin to a forty minute podcast, shall we jump stright into it and giveit a shot? I that's cool and a cool. So first read: This is an ass credit bythe user chip for clicks, Forty eight thousand up votes, and itsays what is something you can see to scammels instead of hanging up, Ithought super cut funny want to chat through and see. I don't know if youfolks have anything sort of lined up that you would. You would normally seeor if you just hang up your phone and block the number. I used to always see its ways like justand you remember the show, get Garry tank, commander M and e used to alwaysanswer it's like hello, fun foods, not what that was hilarious. That was a beguy, so I used to answer my for it doesn't matter who it was. It could be.My boss could be he the doctor who ever it. I would like hello, found food sotest school it I just really confused people. Did you ever have a lit, reallyAwkward Coburn? I thought like it was some serious news. Is a hello farmfoots? Not Not as it's me? It's God. I think that have a few times for forwell like Jack, a genuine cone for I'm sorry, so no Ropin, O, never I've,never en serious. Have you use have...

...anything that you would have you everlike a child will cammere? Not I don't have look at go to, but I just like todrone was letting so sometimes it depends on me Dick archion, but you I just hang up by trying justwaste so thing pensities scan pores of that oyoge sore. I like wasting, nottame as well akin it depends if I've got the tapeactually killed to do that. But when Louis is your mate, you did sorry. Ijust oh when I still like that in the eyes the the fore no was ring. I waslike I this problem. My your bet on it and that's was constant, was like everyI lost avenge. I was like. Oh I've got sky out on it, so to hang up fallingback and then it would be the same. Hang I got or im we such and such hangup farm back, I'm not wet. I am my that hang up form back and you get the pointright and then eventually that guy just brought s like fuck your fuck, yourfuck, you fuck, you expect me if they caught like a o person, theyprobably would be what I rent them. Yea I mean so I I got the family in the Oti,then that's some day it the now, but I scamander on doing that. So I guessit's wot though another thing I told them that the job was done and the bombwas planted under the car, but that doesn't he does ne go. Doesn't I say when it's the police, for I said to the ones you know the Oh, butyour recent car accident? There wasn't your fault, I have like retune and butno no, I meant it. It was on purpose. I done that at all, even the vice and inTagaste, be fucker was asking to get run over this, so annoying that it's just who did. I think they are going to getit as bat all people. So it's obviously they'll target in just pure dummies. Inall these yeah I mean so I'd seen one where someone had sentsomebody money on Le Er me of the roommate or something money on transferwise and then got a text to rake a roun. The exact same time, which was like toverify your recent transaction clip is link and they were like wait. A footyou US transfer wise was like this other APP or this other thing to click.This link. It was like a pure scam, nearly fail for it. I mean, I thinkit's like timing, could be a party if someone's a no thinking or see theselucky, these flit ones Vilti star getting bet to be fair, like titre,because there's been a few of happen as that, you and I needed double checkbefore they be anything. So they seem to be catching on aboutbell recently. Did you see the royal meal one recently?That's the one I was think is specifically. I think that's a so. Thiswas the text of folk were getting that says. Oh there's a parcel here for you,but the person that they pay all the fees so common P, this forty four penceand because they were asking for such a small amount and folk like well, I'm athome, like I'm, probably get a parcel. They were going in and put in otherdetails and paying this fairy four pins, but of course like they still todetails and vinter. Instead bunny the guys got caught by the way it was likesome one, one person, one crowd and not noman in Manchester or something the three of them got caught, see thething as as well. If they do Niet greedy and they will just try to seelike take fairly old P F, everybody will in they would have problem me thatNice we profit and got away it as well. But it's because it that you actuallytake meal, but I think of you the I skim small amounts of money outerpeople. You probably would get away where so I insidi know how much I'll have alook up over look up, because I this even if they get caught, you know hestill ways to just put that money to the say. Do your got and comment? Ritindepends so much your good like how long you're going to go away from a fruiting couple lost their savingsand a royal meal text scam, and why was your seasons, in your mean account? Yes,but Dastin on this guy is about Shellian most in self that, but I would kind oflike to follow through in one of these little just tick enough see the processlike not that one. It's obviously just take money, but you see the ones thatdo for you a bit like a card accident. I don't think I've ever got to thestage to find it like what Harsnet like. Do they just ask you for details or tothis trying at the user trick so yo like legitimate insurance and just getlike commission off of that adults? I really inthrest in Youde Channel and itbasically Fox Biscari, so all at track them and then walk up the real name andnew tame. As he's on the phone. You know some of the vetos like fortyminutes long. Can I remember in a a Mat, tar O he both finer and I'll post thatand subbed and get it, and I shall not seethis episode, but that is the really...

...good, Ugo genally watch. Is this thelad? who like gets the webcams of the call centers the Ol Yeah? I've seen itin an Alaska person on him and then he'll call them by the real nameinstead and you can heal the scab that as for a thing and then last guadalesOl man, Shir, something but so you'll know and and the right now an thatmentioned. This set a the street name. Well, they in it doesn't Han it's likejust dedectifs that they get because some of them are they see the long.Accept a ball mart gift guards, so the Guy Lukian he goes up to Walmart andtraffic at and he's like. I can. I hang up and call you back that? No, no, no,no don't I not so he just wasting those guys to as he's Trainin. The DOMORI gota Gaki because they don't accept with the the bank card because that can betracked. But if you buy a Walmart GAFF card to get in the non Bo, then theycan attract that as well. so that's crazy, but then that just makes me think thatthese people are just working in a coal center o. Then they had trick some day. Don'tbuy name that usually over some of them do bucking Cocenti, but it's likecosines best to scan people. That is the popes. Maybe they have anotheroffice in that laced, Gig and the place, but there's a reply. All episode about thatwhere they go out to India and meet like the person who was in this callset ready was I, as I started off, get a legitimate job like I was genuinelyfixing pics and then they said. Oh you're, good at this,come over to the scam side, get paid more. It's come in. I sing for you, my you play all man reply used to be a great podcast.Until recently everybody found out they were quite racist. They did at. Theydid a thing on the test kitchen and they were like. Allpeople were horrid horrible. They were paid less if they weren't to wait thatad one of Yon Promotions and then the people who used to work at reply alsoyeah, like all of us who left because we're not waiting. You didn't pe us. So I don't know, I don't know if it'sstill going to be a podcast, but oh wait. So the guys that done it on theIsis that was like the company, the company under gimblet. I think it'sgiblet media or something yeah. They did it. They did an episodeof stuff on that as well. It's worth what conally you sure you don't like!Think of your endorsement. I go go at a like a new podcast. Stop then right.There was guys the place on. No, I think one of the hosts was owner corner of the company orsomething so he left a new horses came in and then, like the main person whostarted the podcast is still there it's a complicated, but they went to India and they tracked ascammered good show I'll get out a son, the dressing, so I guess some of the ones. I thoughtwe were funny in this: was someone just sit kept seeing a go on over and overuntil the person hung up with them? We need to credit card number to verify.You already ha go on. What's the credit card number uh go on, do not jokearound. We need your number, O God, Mutina being quite funny. Another person says they asked. Doesyour mother know that you steal for a living and the person went yes expected that that would be good on to like try andget them on a really human level like just try and just have a chat on, butyou know what you're doing for the living. Does it make me feel good insafe? I Bet I bet you could get, but you could get on some of lock on to seswe at like, because you can't do that and now, iffoul guilty at some point. Surely surely, especially it's like an we oldwoman and she start giving you a Gad details? N You er right. I I go back to this. This reply, allepisode when the person tried to justify it. It was like, but you're alllike rich Americans or rich Britch people, and we don't have money. Sowhat does it Mar? So I wonder if that's the same thinglike well, I'm poor and you've got this money. So why not tresman the poor? Idon't know- maybe they're absolutely minted for the in this, but becauseeven then like, if they're doing that as their business, they only get in atiny little portion. It's like whoever is its hide in the drum trianons effortto scan people did not even get all that money. I'm Arrian thinking thatthere's no minimum region and ye O ye, I don't know, might be reallylike that's informed, but that's Google. It is then a minimalwith in it India. Probably it does have a minimum wage etwo T PD I'll, be a national level minimum wage. Jesus meAswell now have one...

I mean a D n. But what who far does that go likeit's? Well Boys? That's true! I imagine different if you in, like daily verseso the Arsene is Daly the only one, the INYO YEP AL snowed on those suscept of guess. There's one comment here: Mother inhats. There was a similar to what you'd said, Stephen, which is they'd, seenthe the caller ID like the number and fought. This is probably a sammerses.They put on a tough voice and just asked as he did and I complete theother wind, because if he's no dead deny you even think of it coming backhere and then what sounded like a young woman of the Onis Bye, I'm going to say that next to you, I don't think so. I hope we Shusan theViago one so now so one of the comment says my dad usedto get a lot of vagra seals. Man So pleads with them to stop sin and freesamples, because he's too hard all the time and counties life is that Skamer. For so then you freesamples that sounds like his dad's just signed up, for you know that's a strange like scam,sales call again, and it is specifically Valera. That's a good one. So what is yourPassword Kyare B K Mo Celi Yah Polish Icelandic Eth Taki doless? I nobal that one last comment to finish it on andit's in good, good old red at fashion from R Janders and it says, are youtouching yourself too, and then someone replied yes, but what do you say tocamers, which I think is so every good at itends at some point now we go cool. So what's something you would say toscammered of hanging up up Fort Stone votes. I don't, for that. Is An e t behappy when I start one yeah, I put it it's a plenty of suggestions for thenext call is M. I have void that yeah. I think we should again making falsepromises that would ever live up to but check back in and if you ever get thethe next prank one called trail out. You know see what we could try and hernext time we get one Dantes, try and get it recorded so that we can postthat we have mediator, O s like to that back and in thethey'll bank of things it will probably never be, but it's an Nabole. So she another camera or pertained a good deal of this stuff andthey come listen. An X im hang a that's why the gonds? Why e e were going tostop being up for penmores? Hopefully hers. I one react, not Savin reacts. Wedo eat so Abuti just react. Coming Sin You said reacts early. I stuck a head.This segment, yeah kind of we go just to that. MITE. Came I've done this on to the next thread. Yes, so man is about your wild one and it's a bit o market campin. Let me just get a SOI, so I've us haveobviously held that a god, be we all now say God at me, So yes so yea andsat that Alec on name sitones. I got the wrong pitch for Luise. These go a so anyway. Today he say a Calico, aSaga Sancho to promote this age on net and over the top. Martial artist toperformed in senates were yelling at people to place a Gasaton. His lastcommas had them protecting Sega Hick from a master attack and riding thatantispasmodic you can anything and they and you Tupso. That is a thing were allthe video as convayed ten minutes, I recommend everybody goes in marches onbecause the Hill Arias, but that a lot darker than I expected when I justfound it, but that's the first few, maybe three or four. It goes in a roomand just beats people up and then says: please. I guess that it's like so manypeople look like they'll, be like so on,... a bonus and then those who atChristmas- and that is, after all, these ones. Here I eats people up inits sad a at walks at not if its a example co sad that close and then itposed the mask off to the view that s actually s a Geta Sancho. The kids then startscreaming and title, and I was like he's actually compito.Hes Gets, but now I just kind of flings a saga didn't e s at to play upgradually starts becoming a good guy and then like the the post, Ede raidsoff at the space and bows up, protect and Saga Hitch Cure, but I was just thinking the how howmuch better we dives be effort or had let campaigns like this. I sat andwatched ten minutes worth a ID vilt pen, a Fin des it and then his cap in it,and it was amazing, it was like an enemy last year to came back he's back,Fishpie e came back is like a demon, bad guy.If a stun I tranes son and make sure he was strong enough to continue theSeabra also is still to do it. I go O it's like. Basically, they will Bot hangs like orSagas lame. Nape, please be at anmail. Any sudden like no SEGA is great. Imust protect my father's thing, just watch them, but amazing anyway, I wasjust going to ask you: Can you think any other, but Pilson brand? This hadless can a character before play station that have one before Kavinbotle kin bottle as amazing, but do you knowwho Kevin Botas Grant? No Google basically play station had all theseadverts were when it was like a was a vice president in s department. It wasall these made up departments it because I've been like he's the vasepresident in a swimming pool and policestation headports or whatever face present of the PST soft ball team. I know we gotthings like that, but basically his market campaign gotcaught because you, the idea, I feel in an advert for anintend a week, ely CAIN, but no we so you got filed. Do you rememberthis noket? He S, I be not the best to get Sigaean, you know man and it itruined that in play stations never had campaign. Like that sense, no, I mean. I definitely think marketing should bea bit more over there, because when you see these ones they'll, definitely like just better. As you say, you watch tenminutes of that, and so you end up really intrigued by the product. As Ilike how many adverse on the TV, if you're watching it life, doing just alittle shit- and you don't pe a tention to because you just know- it's likegenetic music little family running around in a kitchen and put likedepending what the old bit us, but that's like eighty percent of Joan wedog grums in and it's for the iner six, I don't do dogs got mudas. It's for cleaning upBEFE, exactly MARTINOVICH. UPS dolls that stuff doing our t shirt it'sfor! Does they didn't all these of the I advisin poll that last thing and pesonal think get any that standout other than like stupid. Mer counts like that figure. He good yeah. What'sthe what's the linear with the the walkers walkers, I think that yeah, Ithink it's good come ere, go okina, a good one in here, but a bathold spice, ectatic crews. So him I mainboom on a horse. Now. I'm here wasthe pike with the bigger the Big Grille. I see hang like that car peice rat. Youcouldn't remember any of us. I was me a really good campin and I was justlinking it like why the people know just to fan itbecause, like Kevin but a lie, I'm talking about that was like a decadeago, and I told a member this pure genetic name. That's a guy yeah true, I think marketingsdefinitely a bit it's rough, an when it, because not all businesses have thesame rich or budgets as well, so a lot of them just like to do on the top justfor profit. As El I mean I just watched the first one of the SIGA thing thatthat didn't look at his big budget. Like you could you could anybody be anI fond? Could care do these things like if you've already got a if that thatone Thousan nine hundred and eighty seven s g o o as to produce the adverslike to pay for it to be everywhere like yeah? He didn't like it. So many peoplein that a but that Nigga that some mad am not dead. A hundred percent is a yes.It was cool, it was given the Masaka, but he dumped them all out, so theycan't lay it. So this is what I'm not getting right. This is the marketingguy whos trying to get people to make... age, so it sounds like they'reactually threatening like pass. Fokos gonna come for you and then again I can adull just becomesa good guy. So as an ark, though here's the thing, though right youcould dig into this, so you got so not only are you looking at these videosfor ages, they on going that was great market. I've spent ten minutes theremore people should be like that. We see go, but the yolks are not think it'sfunny that this cropped up four days ago, as they also announce therelaunching colors, but the and I've held the launch, butthat that is my thing that a s let's give a Campin and push getpeople back to see. GO BRAND! Oh, look! So you guys don't be really Sansoni. Ifeel that's maybe like. I wonder if that's naturally like the like YoutteAlgorithm, pushing this up because yeah, maybe or maybe someone remembered it- Iwould a got. I wonder, but there enough enough people, remember it when theinnominate, because that video with the in the top comet was oin. Two Thousandand fourteen may be of checking the postals lot poster stric, because an I willcheck that one rather because it's only been a few things and the probably ormaybe you have you bought for Saga to be fair. I think I'm justtalking Mars, but it would be pour next level when it and you wonder if stufflike that does happen. It definitely does what was the big, an yer somethinggot caught out for it not a lot London about it so thin, andit was really pushing it hard. What you talking to your self, no man, anit's just messed up at it. My connections unstable. You saidsomething, then I couldn't you on. After that you never spoke. It's he on, like we just watch Stephenhave an APE. Is the last thing you said you goin atit. He said there was a thing O, but a thing, a isles be more specific and youwent the thing was on redit. That was again, I know a he's dlee, I don't know what'shappening because you have just got hot and he's not explaining a well, but it's just for ten students know yougot to it. This this use looks, looks legit like their post and stuff day incomic. Can Books, paring the Porson a bit different stuff. I on that's quit good camping. I do wishmore comis used with interest in our other market andto be honest because it's Tejus Avria, it's just like a lack of originalitylike it's just easy to copy some of this work for soon. So we'll do thesame thing go. I I think it's just like a maybe like an adversity to risk or orjust not, actually good at what you do and you think we'll just copy somebodyelse m they not actually thinking through. I maybe the goal wasn't to beof a Jambe cool is just a I don't know. Here's an adver filpe space just and Ifin so just get me it out, but I again like Louise said: Fos Advert someone Iusually just go, do something but see if that came on my tarth fuck. Is thisand I'd probably just sat in watch that I I got the weirdest sad of it. Thethit keeps con up on yout and it's for buying a yacht, and it's like you canput two hundred thousand done and then spend three hundred ton. I don't havethat in the money. I don't know why this been Targioni. Okay, it's all I'm off shore came, I do war yeah. I sat and watch this. I'm nevergoing to order your don't even like boats that much, but I got reallytreated by this advert around how you can own it, and but it was telling me the lifestyle youcould have you could be in vaseline. You could bein Florida. You can be in the Hawaiian islands or soap port. So I tell you hope you get that yougrant cool by a MC by AMC. Is that the sponsor of thisweeks episode? No, I know that to be it on the FIDDLES. No, that's the new wellstreet bets big thing MC to the man. That's it! Oh, is that, yes, it was Ithey did after G G E stuff, but no. This is like taking it Tonto to numbers,not a dvise, but did you see the Gamme n? F T no right I'll see if that then foranother another another episode for we sleep preview next week, Chicka whatyou sing about mcenery go, see it! No,...

I was just a. We don't have to get youyou up all right, okay, so by MC yeah. I can't think of any of that.Vorks like with end a few, but none that are none like this kind of story that goeson from advert to advert like even Garolan. A carting was just walkingdown big hills with crisps, occasionally losing some the anes. Remember the L, tenants,adverts and it was like there will be detectives and it was like the Canzariaand they were like and e back alley somewhere and it was like and it beingcrushed in the Mostana el he can and stuff it had been modeled and a reviewin the gleam scene. That's good as its sorry, not acharacter, but the imbres or you should pit. I was going to S. Yes, I be anbrewer class, the best as I any that, even through the the Wendy we all be asgood hang in it all. And then the day see again at an adult is probably whatsixteen years old. At this point- and I still remember it- that's e one. Every every couple ofyear, like we a different story, they've always got really good ones wasfunny. I am Bo dealt to oke you at O bedeone, you F was thinking no man, Ithis guy to s fucking barking, make ietan. I think you no Drinkin. Now I M Brook Right, Oh so I was actually I but I remember when Filio just came it,they were all ten began and Tet hand in the Mat Maso. I know that's howArtayanta got anybody as a bad man that, as a last movie Ecuelle over thenchanged the recipe contraveen talk about that an doesn't even piece that the oldstuff. That's me, taste better, a little bitit's just because it's Lord o doing our Sugar Ed. Let's move on voughts Hell for the top of forts, il Po thatthat so we tripped in memory lane thinking about some adverts and stuff,like I just want to to to a Sagatus Sho. I S that then he look atthe tender, the thing that it is because the the whole story ends weseen for ever on our hearts and since I've discovered on my robe some man. Well, that's no! What happens in thenext episode since I came back me its week. An enemy is actually likewatching an enemy, it's great okay. I will watch them after us, so you weto talk about wait. Well, don't because I actually spoke to an Abe. I think weshould be letus re art, doing them right, okay, a then I won't watch itdon't vote the spread, so I can watch it. You can watch the fast one becausegrant seen the Fox on, but make sure you don't know what you are fit O. Okay, as that fop votis up, was thus episode.Noise. I see we're not going to be named the exon the next one Kaso, my Fred posted on our SLA, notthe onion posted by image pom four days ago, isBoris Johnson considered being injected with coved nineteen on life to theexerciser. So they spread me go nowhere, but I justcan't get courses at the other. That is the same guy. That said against or allin face. I was in the hospital in astric everybody's on everybody. Ideine people, you've col people, bors, that's what you've done now. That'sexaudit out shaken hands like you've got a few hunts on you. Iand that's the thing like he's done all that, and yet this comes in. It's likewhat I could have actually been. Most on now you know what is caut. That's.This is on part where Donald trumps in string bleach, you think those I it'son far probably was to be honest because it at least people would be I'mnot drinking bleach. You know what I mean, but after the pray minister getson tailing and get SOMSA with US virus, it's like his. Can it be that bad then can of andthen you're going to have all these dummies in e streets. Can you imagine if trump had seen thatlike? If that actually happened, that he went off he's injected himself witha Vilas Simone twitter live I've got the bleach spot or he ar kids. Someonehold that. I... self honestly. The last season of Americawould have been fucking mental. If that happened as bizarre an not like imagine,I was going to say ten years ago, but imagine it three four years ago, ifpeople told you lessest was going to harm and and a few years you'd be, youwould not believe it. I know I've been in believe BarishJohnson is going to be playing menace to let I wouldn't let considerinjecting himself with a virus. It's Lethra as that pandemic in the world,his shot, ten yeah. I think the thing is to this. I think this did come fromback when he was like it's just just a string in the flu. It's not bad. Wedon't need you locked and like back when he was seen, I was just a theArsoli in on what you said. I just cannot get over the fact likeimagine if he actually did it, because that's the Fang, like you see my firstO my one of the comments that e and I fought it- an O Ostrat as well as like,I thought it was like he was going to take the vaccine liveon TV, and I see where that I thought when I seen that initially, when I fastread the weak, that's how I read it, and then I read it. That was like wait.That has to be a taple yeah that no apparently not so he was literallyGonta. They Wodha like just go to research lab and see. I know we arewalking on Hatachi, but can you get a oof that tob? Could you get you justcome at it because just wansome on it's just it's bizarrelike how much power this fucking Buffon has in these other coles that it almostmade. I mean, I wonder like so thus, two parts tothis once it came fo dominant Commons right you lost this job and got firedYe, who also drove up to Newcastle to get his eyes. Tasted, apparently likehe was just as big oseas everybody else so not to get it does. It does seem abit like like I got fired, so I'm bringing everybody else. Don Wa me Tebe fair. On the other hand, it a sin but is like so he's if he has said thislike this is probably him like confidential being with like the smartpeople around them. Who then say? No, no idiot did do that, like I assumedthe premise was always just the face and the was a bunch of smart peoplehave in them that like advise them, maybe not for the total government. Icause or ideas, but like I wonder how many other things I play ministers havejust saved and then everybody else is going Jesus. I'm glad that Niou canhear that, like. I wonder how many fat like how many stupid things of Christmachates me. I everybody I goito addition of dancing queen on Saturdaynight life that and I as so, we you were saying grantlike it, could just be trying to bring people don and it may be a lie. I don'tknow if any is for farmy on totter, it's for a way, but like some, itstaymans somethin on mean, but it does have some really good points as well.You put the other, really good, five mant video and it's just showing youthings that Boris Johnson has automa said and compared in comparison. Itwere dominic. Commons has said and being like. So if you said that that'sway in Dome comes a sin that you can can assume that it's the same kind ofthe way, but that's be Boris. Johnson's like this is maplike cal to us one. SoI was just going to put in it to get on like old to he as I can. He is old, so I on so it'slike just putting both the wads together on seen how much it is trueand it seems like it as Otra I can like you could go it's interesting. Like wine me good guy, somebody like Dona Commons, it's happyto put all that stuff. I say them. I mean because he's getting here well,he's a part of the Tory government that I didn't. I roll like one of bonusesclosest to people and all that stuff and then, when all go, stets up is likeI don't know, I believe with any of that, I'm a far betossed jump man, I'mjust too Ma it's like. I really. I really feel like and mark.Although I was on that position, I wouldn't it be with yet like that. Ihope I would be away, but I really I really really I could nearly at workfor them. I abiti like all right if I was walking for borestine and I couldit be like the three minutes that is actlylawfully and then two months la I like yeah, absolutely did not act lawfully.I don't think I could do that. I would need to go I'm fucking over her man. Ican e, do we you, so I wonder if it's like, I can change it for the insidething, like. I think that that that be my stance of like I mean it's betterthat I'm here than just then Wonderin, but you start or in it. You say that,but, like you said, I had pretty much had to co, vid symptoms and drove up toten or thingsand another, and I don't...

...know no. He I just mean if I was inthat session, like if any of us if force was like lit treaters. Those arethat's another open in here to advise me. I need a podcast ours to go, beScottish keep looking, but only one he is and I'll see waitingal I'm but one of the opibus or there a tee as a a. What divines need to beScottish, what we we already or I know, but youjust said: Why do ye US need to be Scottish? So if fine as what we evenreplaced Merfort, but I would that be a thing I thought you could do this jourbambary is a a at no load. If we fell apart and walk away, the the Tories ofthe now would we just go to or would we try andget something else, the two there's that instanter is ney cos o the of us,as I may, should call us over Redos, just a suggestion. The three Tis I think, O that the episode we we wejust don't know what Sctat we are called the feather, because, likethere's already it Fred, I just checking it doesn't all right, Cocoyasone is it that makes it lost me. It's also a second one this year.That's why fast life take boys is it's about like a like it's not, but it's kind of reminiscentof, like the whole Black Mider thing, when it's just like something so outthere like. I could. I might go back and watch that I could almost like seeit being more believable that you be tough to go on life TV and like a pig,then what's up what he was actually willing to do, because at least thatwould have been him trying to receive somebody and like well keep you underthe ipation he's try to save somebody and getting black meal to it. Joe Is sothat she real life right now as strange all infection, but again even look at American. What'sdone, we know, but they had fucking. Donald trump is president for fouryears. How did that Hare Miracle? I just that I mean at any at any what it seemed like aTory, but hear me. I think, let's think it through right. If let's say this youin in in too long, I know no, no, no man, London, London's, no Tory! This was fabry right. So imagine inFebruary. If they were like a fuck, it go for it and he got injected to it. Wewould have cant away soon or how serious it was made, a stop to it. Iwould have been a hero that everybody needs. I mean I just had that badfucking Amata or something that's that would have no rational, because they'recolin he an es to keep going. But the thing is and an s I yes because we nowknow, but he obviously caught it. Man and like not neeally died like so. Oh my God it did. You see that it ended true, I mean, and they probably woulddo a terlake a Vacua dit. Did you see that one of the notes had to quote, butthat's a t time? Why? Because e don't know them like? I thinkI done to the I also been in this. Is this is too much I'm seeing folk dayand you're no better pere, but sores we clap, I think it an. Hewas going to go back in a few years or something to like. I think it was justlike a gas that, like a point right at you, even at that man like to you week,that will you need to go because your witness in actual people dying for thefor over a year, yes, truth and the one that you actually kind of wanted to see.kickable, never done it at the very least we're going to get afew more lessons. This episode from like a Ifi, just checking that were nowtalking about killing the Prim Minister. No, I want on dead. I don't like tellHem got that's what I'm saying like. If hedies, it's just got to be replaced by another Tory. It's not going to be anybetter, because people keep fucking voting for them for some reason. Butthat's because people are stupid as Oh and then I get it honestly, any evenlike what they like were on Fedon frees for I tole Yo. Why? What World ImagineI e? In the East, an a a school and people were possting, a bit vote andTory, and I'm just like what? What are... doing? It's a tactical vote to getthis in pet Li got no. No. You can't evitant that TACABOOCO. You know ifyou're for the east and like Las Gal man eyo grew up in a skim hate you, but then it's like those did we talkabout this on. I do the people from like Hartley Pool. Did we speak aboutthat now? I think that he and the reason why, because of all the coniesand who things have been like the last xme years, that's like at the last tenyears have been so blame for yeah. Ever since twothousand and eleven, it's been absolutely absolutely shite here, so sowe're going to vote Tory you fucking idiot. That is, I really done. It isthat's why they stay in power, and it's also why you've got all these peoplewho don't bill you in Colvin. They don't want the vaccine and what I want in order as if he did that. Do you think he would have got fired no like if he actually did that, andthen people are like Oh shit. This is out to the severe. I really don't think he would have fired like somebody whodidn't till thou. Yes, that die and advise over the bin fire for that, butthe BBC may have finally got banned that we would have to pe a t V license.We should be tackin that got dossier linings by the way hemight die then have to pat license happy days. There's a lot of good tocome from him getting ticlar. I can't deny it you, London and we say you'rejust at salins. London is not toy, you see, but they dolot them so and yes, I've got the Ol family there.On no man, I mean that man, the Ro family, thus episodes done no and we at emain the Queen, the nones nonce, the o e a fit takinthe nonce. I don't think it's good. I I'd love to a been like magine beenborn. I royally I'd be sick. I have done, but I would be second and saysyou have a lot of Secantes six tools anyway, in a my cot phone,bring this as Ben de Ada, for we go a lot too far off the deepest and a good comment, I think, just to someup bold jot the clone over disappoints. Remember that I was exact with that kid.I got the high light US kidio. I do on I'm pretty sure. We've spokenabout that a few times, a that's wage. What's his other one, what do you do inyour spirit time? I paint bosses like it. I get wine boxes, you O atboxes and I like pit them bread. It's a boss, Tsikos my good bodies, we suppose Tis with a Standin that his plan he's gonna Injecta Micalican take his place bore. Was Our video off objected myself hating a bus, it's a red fuss. She was so it's mad, but like see whenyou see Pectase, not I if this was a form, they are obviously the bad guys,even just how they're looking they all look like bad guys, yeah. I atrek likefucking, the Empire and star, was have all got their big long nose and purebegging, skinny up with O elms behind the back, and on that I want to know why racist people alllook quite the sick, like boys, jases a FO trump. What was the Dutch there's a Dutch guyas well who's, because the exact seem like floppy blond like tramps PeshSteam colored here? Why? Why did they all look? The same like I icing know, he's no wiping dealno deal. I they all. They all look like a like ashape version of him to stay all bad on Brando Edmond is Nevin eed. Look itI'm kind of steel, this for a common right, but I've got an idea that worksfor both bores and does so, I pretty sure boluses on the vaccine.Her. So why I'm playin US ejected with the Endin den to prove thevaccine rocks...

I'm just saying that could be nice come between em. You know a so cf BBCLi up at that old life. I've been in man pain my TVA licence.If we got to see the after mouth as well sure you know what, if you do man when yoube Golly Stoln, you could play the lead button and you could watch it TWA atfour. Seven. Just Watch Boris's Declan, Oh, this is how, when he drive toNewcastle, this has been all ends. Don't make good to with it like twitch,please polk them on I des Stream and like the comments those arms is loge does to conform to like withthe commences. He just gets like an electric shock or some that would be nice. Sweet tweet watch got this great idea. That's it o! No, if you get in easy,get a m O N, I a hard some can claim just set the batfrom my Cane Molina Anyway. I feel we you. The government was stupid. Ifeel like this coming at does conform it and also in a lot of shatirs on in the background. Again weprobably suspected, but t is as you it's not here I can rathergnome have we are free. We common people right and I'm wasn't Ise, but probably ninety eight per cent. Weare smarter than the prey. Minister, worryingly, I that's what I see. I'mnot happy about that. I that shouldn't be a thing. There was agood comment and that we like for a regular person. This would be stupidbut feel like somebody in his position, like is fucking. Now I on a dream, likepeople in peril, should not be yellowed to tank, like that, like they justshouldn't. Have that tea but means that, but anyway, we already have a but thendived in on politics and what we hit, but the government. So let's not keep don a flea Corny, but not wasn't it. He called he was it.Was it Cascatelli Al was it he was a bad guy is called it a free, Brittany.It was quit, that's no FLACON! I don't know if he'sbeen caught, he look into that. I don't actuallyknow what Ken what of our earlier episodes, I think so. Yeah we did ofCorbeaus. I remember seeing the guy you've got caught. Jag and Sandy Eagle have a catch car to tea. Twelve, not UStroops, but it was like he soddim. He was not captured, as is still in thereapparently corney's, Denis thing Dan. Some. What way he thinks that Covet Lo, he knows not to fucking in or getso. I want Iowaka as Bein a good episode. I thinkI love or that that was good fun pot just to get the name up pots, but manalone think he can we get on the injust. Dig You up alot that you don't mind not this week, not this week, not if this is going uptomorrow, I want we the guys, pleasure peace, good, bye, free, Britany E T.

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