Episode 20 - LET ME FIX STUFF, Heroic Doggies and Reddit Hates Christmas


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. LET ME FIX STUFF, Heroic Doggies and Reddit Hates Christmas

Sound good? Lets jump in.

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Hello and welcome to the first podcastpodcast when freemates talking about it. I'm loose, I'm glad, I'm Stephen. I'm surprised that I got through that with it. Yawn it's not thatboardingless look for the listeners took at Tom Listening to is. We're just discussinghow yawns are like a chain reaction and that doesn't know. We were stopit and looking at the care for Stephen's are for everdy. I thought itwas goes. It's not rocious. So you brought up we were good,we got by that and you brought it back up. Let's need something totalk about, don't we? Also recording later than usual. Usually do asso half seven. It's nearly ten o'clock. So thanks, Stephen. I saidI was ready by Naine use we too busy, plane violent waiting foryou all day. So means don't have the luxury. I'll walking for home. I don't work out Saturdays. Well, I have thought with the it wasgrant's been sleeping a way in the house. He can. He's alreadytrue. I have. I been tiling up my Etho neck cables to makesure that they're it's like yeah, either under the floor or it's not visibleas possible. Would have to put them above, above something just excited ofwired. And I've also got fiber at the new house versus like, crap, do it here. It's that like gig three hundred sixty meg it's likefible two the home. Do you know? Yeah, Pribor to the home.Sure, just not pay for it. A little of one will you payfor and then get either net throughout. So it should be. It shouldbe pretty good, nice, Nice. I'm a jealousy to ges because I'vegot like gigging on it, but I don't have capacity. It's ahard wire at all, especially because I'm written. I'm not like it justripped the walls it, you know for sure. But anyway. So Iguess something that we didn't touch upon that we always do. How are we? Are we getting on? I thought that just kind of covered that.We all seem quite tiled. I suppose anything exciting happening your life feel justwe all want and and APP an APP enjoying the weather. It's been niceand sunny and yeah, I thought makes the dog walks feel much, muchlonger, like walking in the Sun. Both of us are a lot slore. HMM, I but that's a nice be strong. Not Yeah, butlike all these, it's really like a cold and getting it and done with. It's this we do. It's a five key like loop that we do, and normally it's like a good like a cold brisk these like a fortyminute. March, the warm day, takes about an dollar and it juststarts to really slow. Doing I fend like since getting a dog and stuff. So I don't know if you know about in Glasgow Green, next tocity center us, within the park, there's actually like a dedicated dog park, just stuff, but you can all take your dogs and let them socializeand stuff. So, especially with being like a rescue and for good idea, I start taking all them. It's really good, but it's like halfan hour to walk there from where I stay and then. So there's allthe time now, but it takes sometimes a bit longer because some letting thedog running bout cheese spaws and stuff, and then in the park you endup talking to people, see you get caught up and you're their foot.An hour with your dog has all the fun. You just have the sameconversations over and over again and then by the time you have to come home, it's still half an our walk, but I feels like five hours.It's just it's name to go there, but you just so tempted to justget a taxi home. Hope you don't tell it any people that you're theyare aware that you dare podcast because they might listening to us our els thatback clearly to be anywhere. That is the plan. Not. Trust me, they really recognize many because but I'm quite good with faces and stuff inthat those like people have had the same conversation really three times there and theydon't recognize me. I'm the one that usually goes, oh, yeah,I remember your dog clip. It's you've got the rescuers, aren't you?Like that's right. So I put this rights. But that's where guy,and I swear he's asked me like this wasn't an absode up a dog park. I'm sure he has supposed five or six times like Oh, like thehardest one a dog, because it hard to get on and off and thenget ask to see how it works.

And I'm sure she'll be your wime up here like I let me just kn harness my dog like and Isounds like he's been drying neckart dog like sell this dogless again. He's gotlike a like the lead clips sort of the hardness. So he's awful leadrun around this but gets a fit. Same was what we've got loose yourfenced off area. HMM. And Yeah, he's just like Oh, it's easy, gone. It's just used to go. Cool Dog. You CrystalDoor if you want to any bay. But I killed dog owners. Honestly. No. Well, I guess something that's quick exciting this week is it'sa lot of you game and use coming up. If he's a paying atany night. Of course some are. Game Fest has been if is.I think we started today. There was some technical issues as today I'm reallysome pretty big conferences them on alsome quite excited sweet you know, watch thestream, probably not, to be honest, like like the gaming arm, abit biased. I do pay more attention to the sleep Nintendo PC stuffjust tends to get thrown in anyway, and then the playstation stuff. ButI'm excited to see what comes to xbox and if you still but I alwayswatch. It's the best. Always Watch the Microsoft and obviously never thest hangs. But I am the same as you Nintendo and play stations of ones Ikind of keep my eyes on. Yeah, so I don't tell someone game festis where it's going to be anyway. I think Jeff keleys still canna stillin the show. Yeah, I mean you twty thing La. Idon't know if he's noticed. That applied to day like core streams, whereyou free and the rejected application. So he's just something going on. Yes, that's basically he's just telling I lostreamis they watch it, because I thinkthey might start streeting people off the tray streamer. That's the problem with efree and I think that's point why Sony and playstation decided not to take partin it anymore, because you know, they can do whatever they want,do their own thing for as long as they want and offer it and straightto the people buying their hardwearing the games and stuff. jobing rather than soshame as well. I used to love watching. I feel made. Meanyou're sure you used to be used to get on scape and watch the streamstogether, and that's what with unpractical every year, but it's been gone andhold the last few years. and was that last year that actually got canceled? Yeah, we had little one confidence, but I think some of the gamefirst it's just going to take it off of it now. I thinkso too, and not sustaining to see what's coming it especially no since thenew consoles have been a like best party. A year lows them, I guess, don't. You wanted to show these things are coming up, butexcited for it. And there is coming on. May get reviewed s youcan. I want seemail got the war, but I don't think we're going tosee it. To be honest. You know now. If anything,that's probably just going to be an attias or three low being the actual gameplay. That's my thought. I think it's followed after. But what being madeto believe all that? I only stay for her rising and maybe a Taserfor the next fiveer man and not so about soon me. Mayber was myothers, but let's be honest. I was made an expansion and I stillgame. I loved that, but it was just the same game. Reallywant just googled ethree expectations so I could try to be a bit funny andbe like I'm looking for this this in this, but I just seen inthere that they're they're expecting a GT five remaster or no? That's the thingthat the making ups by version. Wayne, is gt six coming whose GT youfive? Since I was well, five years feels like that. It'ssexually has two thousand and fifteen I came out and actually that's mental. It'snearly ten years. All I'M gonna say. Right, and this is a partof game in the pisses me off because I know no like the pushingthe boundaries of technology and it looks great and it runs great all that stuff, but I still just it. Maine, bothers me how much the how manyfeatures and how much game play they put into games on the PSTWO comparedto know, if you go and look at like gt fives are amazing,but if you compare it really the original son Andreas, there's so much thatyou could do in that that you can't do in duty five. But eventhat's just backwards, like I just don't know how that ever happens. LeeYe, look, look at the things like going to a gym and eatingtoo much, for can you get fat and son and dress. It's thingsthat they could have all just easily carried forward and I get or its technicaldifficulties that basically those three character models and if you bulk up, you switchedit out and that's but surely you could have done something red thead two.He put dynamic hell and build growth.

I'm sure they could have watch somethinglike that. Yeah, and then that's the thing is really Nintendo make greatgames, but if you look at them compared to PC, playstation x booksdone nowhere near like graphically the same jobman like. Usually Games like ten tolook a lot better on playstation, xbox PC. Well, we've got thiswhich brogramming it as well, though. There yeah, which you know it'sgoing to meet forward. But I think Nintendo get away bit as well,though, because they are mel gilty kids. So it's mall cartonation, stylized gamesthat they've got. So, though the graphics might not be as good, it's a stylized kind of look that they've got. Is Elder and stuff. Looking at look at Mario and K. it's not going to help, likeit's going to look exact same, like it's just rendered like math.It's not like a forty or something gone to film Theron and so and Ithink he's played mighty way. See, I don't know if he's Dad.Yeah, the latest one. YEA, they but the section it was inNew York, the human characters, they allot the freak me out. Idon't like it. I don't like seeing Mario next to an actual human guard. It's no natural man. Cool, cool, but what I was goingto say there anyway, was just like Nintendo was living proof that games don'thave to be totally realistic and they don't have to look totally real to onebe a good game in two for people to buy it. So I wouldmuch rather even know, like with a power behind all these consoles and pcsand stuff, that they put more into a game and it not look asgood, because the thing is like even if you think back to like PSFOURGames, like I've seen some cat comparisons now, like you think at thetime, look, fucking know, that looks amazing and then you like actto see the jump from that tops five, and that's when you notice the differentstrate means. So until that happens, people go act, you know aboutit. So they could still be like raining in the graphics of abit to put more in games, but I don't know, maybe it takeslonger for them to build games like that. Did you? Do you see that? Mean where it was like ten ATP in two thousand and fifteen versuslike ten ATP in two twenty one. Now it's just like a MO offerslike it's I think start up, as a start up is like a legitthing of like we thought this game was Pinos, shocking right, like you'renot going to watch anything. It's any it was. It's the mean thingjust has like before and after. So off a bunch of things. Butyeah, I don't know. It feels like it's like, yeah, I'mnot looking for better graphics and Games, I want them faster. Yes,especially exactly. I like I'd enjoy like when I game comes in, it'slike wow, this graphically is amazing, but if it's at the cost oflike game playing features, then I would rather have have more features and agame than graphics exactly. And I think especially if it's like a story gamewhere you're like really drawn into the narrative and stuff like, I think that'swhen you can kind of, I see it, I guess, not letthem away with a lack of features because you still want features in your game, but it's centered around the storage, I mean so they don't have tomake it as in depth. Well, that stuff. But when you're tonguegrand fift all, like is always been known for having like so much todo and so many places to go. Dat means it's like, I don'tknow every building in the game, than it look real doing just that.I thought more from I don't think we'll see being able to go in it, every building even, and grab it look, but even read there too. That a lot better. For that, like most bouldings, you could ENA, and I'll probably wasn't the NIF and number. It was like allhere's a chail with a poker chip on it and dead body and it's likeall those us. There's a lot of story there. It's not each other, it's a story and that's bolding. And say there dead one wouldn't evenbeen accessible. So even things as I didn't it. Yeah, exactly,but who knows, maybe it will come like fill circle juman like. Wesurely will get to a point graphically where, you know, games start to lookconsistently as good as that your Disney films and like real life and stuffjoining. So I think at that point technology will get better and then they'llstart Adam more and because they won't be able to do anything graphically only.I don't know what is that? What is that like? What takes thebulk of the time to make a game? Is it they're trying to make itas realistic as possible, or is it just that I've got to playthis a hundred times in every different way to debug every issue of how thisis all going to work? Well, the really be some games? It'sprobably, I guess it is part of that. It must be like.I don't know, because they claim now that you know, you can actuallygo in down roads the least unreal LE engine for Vere and start making yourown game technically. So it's a makes six massing game engines seemingly as becomingeasier. But I guess it's the functionality these things and better ai and allthat stuff, isn't it? As well..., like you're saying, goingthrough all the bugs? And I guess a lot has change, but Iimagine the time is spent like having to add more detail to the game aswell, because, HMM, especially these big Ol from games like duty andstuff, as a large and a lot of it was just like concept aswell. All like you need to run through everything that your plan on doing. Imagine that takes time, like to start an idea. That that ofa scratch, especially one of these bigger games like an all and metal gilsolid to had your Kajima gave like the team notepads and they were all rightideas and stuff, and that that's where the idea of the current spiritted,the fuse the bombs game from. Just something right, no not pads.So then that got ady done. That's fair. Yeah, suppose us alot more. We don't know, but it's just sad. Let's you dolook at some games knowing, you just think back and why, like tofaces like I was playing a game. I had a lot more to doin it than that's all. It's strange anyway. We're so just what likeI actually where I used to work, Gorilla Games was next door and youcan see it other offices. You would literally see like someone just like shootinga ball and Arrow for hours on end in like every direction they could.Any O, they were testing like the physics of it, or they werelike debugging this game for absolutely ages and US think I've been watching her eyesand getting it. Assume that's what it was. But yeah, I wonder. Like so I used to want to be like a gamesters. I thinkthat was that the cool. I think every kid at one point was like, I've been a games test for sure, until to you guys, like thereality of it is like run, shooting Arrow, walk, shooting Arrow, shooting our walk, shooting out a run or cry and all ideal.Yeah, jump, run, shooting, our heart crashed, startling. Isthis really weird? Bug and fallout? No, various that. If youent any the strip wearing a very specific cowboy hat, it would make thegame on playable, like everything. Voice'll safe. If you know hear thethe you know team fortress, if you play that, are heard of it. At least it's made vice for that. It's just like a multiplayoff team basegame, kind of not like see an. I like over watch beforeit over watch. Yeah, of that. Apparently those people found it a coupleof years ago. It does literally deep within the game fails, justlike a picture of a coconut and somebody'd like deleted it and the game justdoesn't work. If that fails. Removed and apparently it's because it was putthere like in the early stages of code and then, just like these thingswere built upon and it pointed to that and then they change stuff on topand then I was just like all this like deep rooted codes that like linksback to this thing. So if it was like this, could you know, and it's not there, this like the game doesn't. was another onesimilar that and it was, you know, that really hated alien game. Ithink it was corn your marines. HMM. But the the AI andit was notoriously bad. And there's only a couple of years ago some theywas digging through the code and realized that there was a letter, there wasa spelling mistake and the code and they changed that in a part and itchanges game really so much. I I just makes the game so much better, like when actually walks. And it's amazing that that went Messon for allthe years in the game flop till it was a disaster, and may havebeen at two one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. There it got fixed.That's the thing. Something like a single layer must be so hard like tocome across, even if like you're the person that made it. I meanit's one latter, I could take so long. But in come back togt that haunted recently as well. Did you see that? Like basically it'snotoriously bad for like loading times, obviously, and somebody basically got pissed off onthen, like why does it take so long? Went through all thefailing the code and stuff and then realized to this we don't speak a bitthat on this podcast. To me, I must have just spoke to somebodyelse about it, but they basically went in and realized that the code theywere using to like Lord stuff was like dragging up all these fails and allthis stuff that is totally unnecessary to load the game and that's why it takesso long to load. I don't know if it has been patched, butrocks actually came out and like gave him the bounty money, even it wasn'ta bug, like because they found a better to could it. Like gavethem that money and said they were going to patch the game as well,because it's shown. See, there's amazingly six minutes. Don't like I'm AnnaI load. It's crazy that amount of time. But I used to setin that lobby when I played GD on my not like you used to needto build it right. I'll be on in fifteen minutes, because you hadto take an account of thing that would take the load and it'll all beyes. So you'd start that and then you just go there. What youwill do, and then you'd come back and see if it was walking.Yet it's month. Never Cross a bridge in GTU. Those five minutes yourlife were Lords. You realize got to go back to wrong brush. Iguess we get an athlete, let's say...

...he's talking about games, talking abouttechnology. It's a good segue. So first read my friend posted on ourtechnology is, sorry, by cycle thumbs and it's tatled New York's in itpasses electronics rate to repair legislation. So I'll be honest. I'm just usingthis purely as our we can brush you over in two minutes. If you'repurely just a moment of then Andy. But because please, the shit doesmy fucking head and I'm sure annoys everybody that just especially me and and andI've noticed, like I quite a lot of places, and I think youdon't like as a wholer in the midst of trying to push this through aswell, some sort of right to repair laws so that companies can't keep fuckingripping herself, basically, and one making hardware or whatever they sell really hardto fix, if not impossible. And also, you know, like appleconstantly get hounded because people say that they releasing updates that intentionally slow down theolder devices, which also because a hundred percent they do, but as shitbecause, like, some people just don't have the money for the least phoneshuman or some people still go into setting hand shops and buy one that's freakingten years old, intentionally dunning. Know even that the the took are afeature that I don't want to lose, and then all ones. I likethe thumbplant. I don't like face idy. So I don't want to upgrade becauseI don't want to lose the fum print. Yeah, especially now,because we really she constantly used to follow master and it is as well.What's the point? Yea True Okay, so he doesn't even work. WereSunglasses. I miss the thumb print. It's so much easier. I don'tget right. It's because I've got all your thumb prints and then he's upgrade. Then I've got your face at all. Next thing you know, you're goingto have another we grant shop up with your don't take your place,although vision body snatch. That's one thing, sorr. It's like talk to usa tangent. That's one thing I'll give apple for those of privacy.So they've built like machine learning and stuff in at the phone so that whenit does take your from front of your face, it never leaves your phone. So it doesn't need it and it doesn't need to talk to apple likeI do. So apples privacies like second tone, which is really cool,compared to Amazon, who have like if you have an Amazon Echo, nowyour Internet is used for like devices walking past your whost that needs an it. It's fucking metal. And Yeah, we'd kind of vouch for apple onthat one a little bit because I feel like there's still so many ways inthe background that they could like safe in that day and give it to everythey want. But like apples, if anything, especially like working in it, and stuff like apple products are almost a nightmare because of like how securethey are. Sometimes it's fucking like a spect. There's no like native softwareout there either. That like that is but it's not as like easily comeby as other stuff. But just to manage apple devices as a whole platformis just it's not fun to do. But yeah, that's part of that. Is just all these privacy things. They've gone securities. It's pretty tight. But yeah, so I'll your right go. Yeah, that's part ofit anyway. And there's just still like touch upon it as well be againlike working in it. There was a point in time where even laptops andthe first game it, you could talk them open. They are nice andthey were about Chunky. So I know they've tried to let drink things.Now that you can pop them open, it would be like free screws thatcould come off. You could go and you could change their arm. Youcould get to the hard drive, could change the city drive and new.It's like glued together and not just that. You need to go in on dolike eleven screws and it pop it out, and then cool cables anddo this and you can e. you're not allowed to touch some cables becauseit voids the warranty on it, which is scummy and itself, because Icould fix it in half an hour and it may be a director's laptop andthey want me to wait and phone the warranted team and then answer a hundredquestions wht me send an engineer and for this time it's just like so muchshit like that and it just a real boys my blood. I just wantto talk about even recently, like my wee brass got, like any smartphone, nothing amazing, but tried to fix it from and like my Samsung iphonesnot that long ago, like if I broke the screen, I would goand to fix it myself. I tried to open his phone and which isglue and just started breaking as soon as I pulled apart and just like soshit, because it's that. Or if you go to something, they wantyou to peel like a hundred fifty could to replace the screen. So harmabout you just look at it. Yeah, but happened to me with my phone. I cracked and I took it a apple shop and I like it'sgone across the Hun Twenty pound and that will take a week to send thatbaton as a not sorry, I'll just go talk to that. You gotto Kyr skill change a screen for me in half antherfle to it. ItQud. So forget that. Ridiculous Man.

I remember the days used to buylike iphone screen packs. Or for Ebay and you just hope that theywould work and if no, you have to spend a one pount twenty sixby another young replacing yourself. It's a fun we even I don't know,you couldn't. I don't know, those things you couldn't repair, that youcouldn't go in and fix. Apparently, like so the thing I kept seeingthe news was a bit like tractors and stuff. Apparently there's a bunch oftractors that are like mainly just computers, new and the farmers are new.To fix some of the field they've got to phone up whoever it is whomakes tractors, John Deal, phone up John and see here, Johnny boy, a computers Buggers I've tried to turn off and on again. You'll go, all right, go through the hundred questions to see me, as youprobably ask Louis about laptop, and then eventually send someone to go you toyour new tractor and then the station for you. But that's the worst thingas well, because you know Faine well as if you did take your phoneto apple, they do this a fucking hell of a lot as well.You go and then they put you a week and they go off, fuckoff, a new and a half come back. But sometimes they actually justlike literally swap the phone. Yeah, John Mean, and then they'll sendit away, it will get fixed and then somebody else to end up witha refurbished one like six months later joins. It's like, why do they knowjust do that anyway? Then jo mean and just not charge you forit? I don't guess. Come on, and I just annoyed me. SoI seen this and I was like, this is fantastic news and everything.That unit still to try and get this too, but it just hasto happen. It's it's disgracefully last and so a comment, a commentary,reminded me of this. Of You seen the guy who on Youtube who's fixand Tesla's illegally. No, no, says guy in America. Any likeit bodies like a love Tesla, but I also like fixing things and theybreak a lot, so I'm going to fix them. He's been buying apartly in your knowledge, touch on of the go to go to Tesla engineer, you know, to touch your Tesla at the end of it. soHe's been like buying broken Tesla's, like all the front half wet and fire, or the backcaft was in a crash, so you'll put the two parts thatwork together, and they've tried to like sit like stop them from doingthis. They try to get the parts back, if they try to doall sorts, and this guy's like wage in a war with Tesla to likejust fix on what people's cars who kind of like they could afford a tesla, or the border and finance becauld you word to fix it and are leftwith broken cars. So it's like it's quick, quite a noble thing.This guy's also try to get rich because he wants to be the first personwho could fix a Tesla for like all we bit cheaper. Yeah, sure, and don't realize Tesla's well known a break. Thanks, I see theydon't. You break there. They have like a really high safety rating.So soon as you make like a little Ding, the thing just crumples.Okay, you did entire front end or if the battery aage replaced, youhave to go through test. I thought, well, how long it need toplaces? Every couple of years you replace all the batteries and I thinkyou got to get to Testa to do it. Yeah, but to befair, I'll need a Gat into that guy. But what is doing makesa lot of sense, because I have heard that like the same stuff wetesla's. But I've also had that like a lot of the time they'll justsend out like a van or like a truck with something and the parts arequite modular, so they'll just like rip apart a little bit and then justswap it around other things. It makes to all sense that if somebody haslike a bashed up front, that you just go and like swap it ontop of our car that's working or something. If at the thing, like whatthis will do is is Tesla, then he sell those parts. Ifif you want to buy it, like you have to buy another broken car. For somebody who's got a broken car, you kind of just buy a newfrom bumper or as a sensor about we need to go through their engineerbasically bring up for you. They've got bring it, they've got install it. They control like that means they control everything, so they can make anythingand they can sell it to you for whatever they want because, well,you've got this, only place can get it. The being sort of devil'sadvocate on that, though, I bet a lot of the people well,a lot of people. If you don't test that, you may have themoney just to buy outright. But what was gonna say? As a lotof people probably finance and and technically, until you finish your finance, it'snot your car. Is it so true that Kane as an argument for themsaying, well, we want to make sure it's fixed properly in case thiscomes back. Does depends what you finance it right, like I think inAmerica a lot of things are on like credit cards or just loans, andthen it's not tied to anything or than just so. So, yeah,you spend that money whatever you want. Really, yeah, that's fair ifthat's how it is. And yet till I don't know, maybe it asan actual lease least thing, and they just think it's coming at companies daytrain just runs the common person for actually supporting the company. It's bizarre.But then a lot of actual repair men, if you will, and they areset of this stuff as well.

So see, even if things therewas the right to repair on your early to do and cheaply. All thesepeople like that. I remember yours back actually, I think it was likemy mom's cooker oven like like went on the blink and I don't know,I wasn't paying attention, but she like phoned some local guy or facebook orgum try or some shit like our. Can you like have a look atthat? What's happening? He was like, Oh, I will be like fiftyquid to come out, and then it's probably this part, so thatwill be like fifty quid on all. In the end it was like ahundred hundred fifty quit or something, and I literally just like googled the modelnumber of the oven and what was wrong with it, and it went our. It's very common that this little fuse goes in these. Looked on EBEit was genuine like four pounds fifty for this part. So I bought itand I fixed it. Like you think. I'm, alas, quite impressed,and that that's where it spells. People like Oh, can you comefixleep my fridge, and I just got lucky on this sne if we feelbut yes, they'll start to watch it for as Belle, if this stuffdoes go through. But even still, companies need to just give it arest, like let's look after the planet and as all right, can justkeep placing shit constantly. So you reminded me of, like you know,I do them like old laptops and you uses a couple of screws, likethey literally used to have, like a little cover for the ram that youtook off, the one screw that the ram covers off, and the thereyou go, like your stuff. Or the battery, like you could goand buy just a new battery. It's a lot on the back. Maybeshout to take your battery up when your planes. Yeah, that's just callit. Yeah, and now you basically can't do that. And that's thething, even like your rum now that to save money they just solder iton to the motherboard. So a lot of these things that even have likereplaceable run anymore. So one they're not upgradable and they're not chucking reparable.It's Ye, spillshit. My my macbook like shoes of herd, like macbookkeyboards. They changed from Spring to where they've got now, and they arelike the notorious for just getting jammed and stuck and and like having ny feedbackat all. This happened, I think a couple months after got that books. I took it back in the store like this is news, suffer,it's no new it's literally everybody complain about it. Why don't be white?And then they're like, Oh, you come back, if you back,or with every knowing it, replace it. You then new top part, likeyou kind of just replace the keyboard appartly. It's like you to replacethe whole aliminnium part and like other some of the other components are stuck toit. So you need those new components as well. Sort of war.This is free. But so they did that and then it came back orday didn't scratch there like our sorry, but that here's a new one.But done that to start, we honestly. But yeah, you can just replacea key that was stuck. You to replace the entire top. Say, that just seems like bad design. Again, it's what loses thought underit. The design to feel. Yeah, obviously after they will design and onthe last then that would he's a just pop it to put an newkey on. Yeah, it's design to look sick, right, it's doesn'tto look and hear it. Should they break, because it's all sil it'sall together, but it does break. It's yeah, you're fucking God.Will agree on that. Anyway, excel him. Get that off my chest. And should looks and that one. Then then we came on, voter, I give up, woman. That's that's good news. Up for that. People are trying to change the stuff. All right, go on to mythread then. This might be a short one and is kind of relatedto what we were chatting about the start. So with dogs, just as bythe Bill Schnickel, the bill snickled. May you need one on today Ilearned, and it is that today I learned at during World War II, a great Dane named Julianna was awarded a blue cross medal because she extinguishedan incendiary bomb by pin on it. Love the For this wee dog,although a second, there's a war. Just wait, Amna, I needto toilet. Going over, I think, to put US fire. Or there'sa bomber, by the way. Don't worry, I took care ofit. And so amazing. But was a metal at one sorry, ablue cross medal, but that w the try. I guess hero like atsor something. Let's be here. So so do we think this dog sort, if you're good tells, but do we think this dog just happened topee on it, or do you think this dog is like trained to seethese things come in and then like passive, last dog new and the Blue Crossmedal is a medal for hero pets, from the consistent of therapy animals tomilitary and service dogs. Let's cool,...'s petsman. Yeah, and I'mtrying to find out, like, what happened? They got starched.It was so funny. It's a funny thing. It's impressive anyway, becausesleep if you look at dogs and how like the large majority of them reactto even fireworks going on. Its dogs freaking pissing on grenades and the midstaywalk. That's pretty interested. So as a person needed aren't think what wouldI stop the fire going it? But that's what. That's what that oneisn't it? Yeah, it's yeah, it's fine. Yea good dog man, good, good dog. But there's there's some sad, sad news.Our grant don't well, it was a world water run. Well, althoughthis was heroic dog, someone put some poison for the letter box of itsdoor and it eat it and died. What the fuck? Why would youtell is that? But well, I read it, I knew it's Ifigured you look to share my pain, for that's the heat. A heroicdog and where was this dog from? A like get any British dog,an American dogman dog, British Dog, I think? Well, it wasthe it was found in Bristol. The middle was from Bristol. So someit was a bristol dog. That's even was because, you know what,the UK has a pretty big following of people who love to support the Queenand love to pour out the hearts to well valued soldiers, both alive andthe ones that died many, many years ago. So yet this dog potentiallysaves life's does that, and then they can poison it like actually an activeterrorism if you want. Who isn't atter, especially since a needle to post poisonthrough the little books. It tells you it was meant for the dog. You know, I mean the it's nice that it's been a whole goingto get the human. It's gone for the dog. That's that's a pargetty pat ends. If the poison was the colors Anna, or so Igot, feed it. Well, dogs a hero, he go poll well, Shit, some, sorry, Ned. Here's the here's the longest. There'sthat the longer story. So that the metal was found in a properClearan, some bristol with a paint and off the dog and a plaque.That said, this was a great dean with a great bladder. Imagine that. The people pre war, rich US reilly, just a stout loading upthe dogs and water, just forcing a drink gallons it. It was agreat didn't really great blad or we got the dog was even a water dogand it was in its hoofs and a bomb came through. Came through theHoosa. Is A bomb, is it? The dog went and then ped onit as it was on fire and put the bomb out. Probably thesame fucker that put the poison for it fum the Culina. I'm sorry,let's just become a mere man. Unbelievable. I don't know if you're just writingfun fictional that a bit of dog. So this was all the BBC intwo thousand and thirteen articles from if you've got like done fire rockets ofwhatever going off it, yeah, you'll find my dog like with fireworks,even just an occasional one, amst to go off because people are idiots andset them of. Funny Reason, there is the fact it's hey under atable, so no chances. I say again, a walk on and itsaid and then I fire comes and it goes better. Push on that andgot a fright and just pass. You know what has been maybe? Doyou know that's been the orders past on that? And being that, Ineed to tell people us. As a dog, I can't see upper stone. I could. That's not my rug. I bodied that it was the dog. The dog had two acts of to her rock acts. A firebroke out at a shoe shop in one thousand nine hundred and forty four,and also told the owner here, your shops on fire. I will reallyhope my passed on that fire. which. Wait. So when did it die? And comparison to when it won the medals? In one thousand ninehundred forty six. So the medals were, from what I for the FDNIGHT hundredforty one. They got the medal night hund forty four. Was thefire in the shop eight hundred forty six. It died. We saw the medaland the portrait sold auction for sixty pounds. But I'm sorry, wait, hold one, there's a better next there's clearly two medals flashing. Itdoesn't like metal for the fire. Eari one medal a part here. I'veno listen to properly. So after the warpart we're up like if I aregoing to need came in a pistols, but usually another one came in tothe shop. No, no, no,...

...just it's a fire stuff. Thewar, great jakes. If it was a flute, yeah, Ibet you. The owners went like watch right, will see it this,we firework off, we'll stand in the back. The dogs as follow themanyway. As a firework, I just peel it says you're getting your sextyquid when you prove it was a dog. So the fuck up, set theshow. Fuck fire. I'm coming than far. Try to look likewhy they bold cats one, okay, you know what, good on herodogs. But that's something about the story that I'm really starting the question it. But it's I don't know, man, I don't know. I'm just thinkingI like to be true upuntil the poisoning pot. Yeah, that's fair. That's fair. I was thinking, I give this was my dog,Click, I think my dog would go up to it and try and Punit, but Beau, he's on like and then just going to walk away. Missy want have Ay. There was a funny comment of somebody just saidthat's not its name. My mom's dog, Shit knocker, would be a fullstar general and my world water. She pisses on everything. She tooka shit my sister's present under Christmas treet. That takes real gumption, gumption alove that will flo shit knocker. I really hope that's its name.We're got to end it with one comment, then, which is the the topcomment, and I'll see if you got a guess what it's a quotefrom it's that's right. I stepped up if I had to appear on anyof you. Friend. Oh, I know what that's. Yeah, yeah, Oh, no, I was dry man. What do you say?Think I was? I thought it was the wait for the office. Ifeel like Yas said something like that. To be honest, there something,some one who did right. Peon. No, I'm pretty sure. Isit not to like the fire drill episode or something? No, that's whatI was thinking for some heedd elevator. That's what it is. That's that'swhat it is. Actually. I Pam mess through the elevator and into it. was like I gott to establish a peak order. It just it's thefeel. I've been to fair my blood. I control the surrenders anyway. Itwill get an old I think I'm quite good at like. Well,I'm sure you see it's done, but but I can't even let laugh.Let's the point get into as us. I don't press myself. But yeah, it's not along till you hold the end of it. Phillip, likewho we water balloon, the one motions. Thanks. I've just got the worldstains car trumpud. It's gonna be Great. Cry Thought was the lastbit. So we can end on that. I cannot see that. Part ofme feels like there's some research needs done. I always I think youneed to stay that. Then I in report back, but we do whatwe do at folks and then we'll see. I'm about. But I can choosethat, but I can hold it. said. That's I honestly do.I look forward it because I really hope that it's true. And dodogs to see I've made us, because they're a great but you hope peoplepoisoned. I hope he's put the fire. It's best met helpful. Now I'mseeing. I'm for you. My bad. Oh, actually, allright, the bull. All right, so drinking waterlooks Stephen. That's aclip for T. therefore was and it's... need to send that thing again. Know, I'll there. And Right. So the we all know what readit gifts. Yeah, you don't wish, I said. Yeah,awesome. So read at gifts is going away after the Fellon this year andI'm going to shut it done. And people are not happy about that.Okay, they'll see it and take a decision. Right, they're not blahblah, blah, blah blah, but they're going to do it to focuson getting read at better features and stuff. But I don't see what Alfred itreally needs. To be honest, can any use thinking new that featurewis right, but it was trying to make it look that kind of socialmedia. We really design your page and up. I'm not interested than that. That's where I gone either that I think read it search sucks so muchlike search can so much better. It's really hard to find you that actuallythis. I'll just play row on. I would agree that. I imaginethe probably like a bunch of modes stuff at the one and like automation forlike, because a lot of bots and things that people make. Imagine there'sjust some of that stuff. They could just be built in for for everyvery, very sub very community. They could definitely like do I the yeah, like the subgredit customization could get bit better. I think the stream insideof it, from what I've seen as well, that could do. Theother yeah, increase, because it seems like a lot of people, ormore people, are starting to like do these little life streams on reddit.But I just I'm not great. I came across see, I don't seeit much. I love because I still use older that a lot of thetime and that's something they could walk on. Actually, you know, bringing allbread back. I think we make it better that they have when youread it, I even do that read is so shit man. I triedfor a try for weeks. You seen in the links I was sending inyour using that and it's so shit man. Stephen, I've got a question.Do you have all updates turned on on your phone? I have.They actually, we did all right for you. It's like I don't updateAPPs either. No, I still have just a flappy bird. He stillgot funds washed twenty grand no, they all up this, but it's thenew reddish shad. Don't like it, but anyway, that's not what Iwanted. The Guy who actually made read it gifts in the first place,has made new ddit gifts, and that's when everybody's for me, a lieand as Fu as that's a breadit for it. I but I thought that'swhat initially started that as I thought it was just a thing that people ownread it done. So I was gonna say that I didn't think that itwas ran by red at themselves. No, I thought that was just like acommunity thing. Well, I was just going to see if any useto devel used that. I've been meaning to every year and I always cometo our golf do one and I've been meaning to do it for the pastI don't know, three years or it is, and I always like forgetand then come to it as like the drawers already have been done. That'syield. Is going to be your last year and offecial capacity to do.But again, knew that. I know that it as nearly know that more. That's knowledge at but like as I kind of trust that still mats beforeyou could kind of fall ban guilt. Oh I've no got my gift andyou would get rematched with something else, if that I partned, or youcould just take on something else, because I don't know a couple of themback in the day, not the money yells, but as actually really cool, because you basically something the you new bet about the profile, when youtry and can I get to know who they are, and then you tryand think of something that would suit them as a pelps. Some judge inmade it subread. It's not the one. I just really enjoy that. Sohere is a thing for anybody's to listening or everybody who comes back tothis episode of listens. We should do a secret center. The last oneready gifts Christmas, the last one with not just US little but anybody WHO'sso Alex ads three and Alex h that is I forgot about to mention.Well done, Grat one. Would it be cool if we can actually getpeople who listen to this to reach it is on the socials and that because, let's be honest, neap they does really, but if they did,like we could end ourselves in this and then like, I don't know,he'll peach shall choose the gifts. Joan, get some into on what we shouldbuy as the gift to send to the person readits. That makes senseand it's just overcome. No, how do you get that sort the fewis get the one person. So we...

...are and as a collective, Ithought, you may say, not great. And then what we do is comeon this episode and you tell us all you get. I like that. Right, collective, we decide it were it to get them. That'sthe Christmas like. That'Sia. That is it. Let's do that. Itwill have to do it early, wast think it is week. If Ior can actually give us suggestions as well. Yeah, let me cool. Yeah, put the calendar like it. I'm pretty sure I did say upto it, like way back to like a good few years ago, andI can't remember why, but like it never happened, I think. Didit? Did it email you to like confirm you're still a part of itor something, and then I think, I think it's something a Gat.I'll use that. That's cool, because people used to much, I'm theyused to send them a shut down a Microsoft stuff, like to grandmother things. You should look up. People both like Oh, got bol gates andall it's in a couple I a bill gets lot of the money for thestuff and the stuff back to sell again. It's still pretty really. You don'tobviously doesn't even need today. That still so. That's one of areto the comments. One is you. This is Bill Gates. Can yousave ready gifts? And then someone else is one a buy ready gifts andjust make it a sub corp of Microsoft. That pretty cool. Do youse thinka shot at done because of the VOCI's wife and Bill Gates being thatluck? You's need to end us because I can Ida took you. There'sso many comments for him as well. MMM, really calling out to him. It's just that and this new secrets on one. So does that mean? Is the new secrets an I want? Does that not start until next year? Then, since I don't know, I want it on it along.Say you that as well. It's just it's just good to it asstill going to go on in some capacity, but it's just seems like a weirdthing and shot done. It's sure it doesn't. Think how much?Okay, okay, so our secret sent and our reddit gifts were creating twosand I to bring happiness to people around the world. So those were theones are officially run, but communities will still run their own ones. Thatthey've been doing anyway. Okay, so read it. Had read it wasrunning two communities. Then they're not doing anymore. So it's just the mainone. Yeah, yeah, big boys. Yep. So that makes even lesssense why they would shut it done, because that's even nice maintenance. Yeah, I'm just like, I don't know, from a readit point ofview, like how much work could this have been? And, let's behonest, those a million maybe exaggerating it. I'm sure we got the number lastthing, but there's many, many modes on this website who offer theirservices totally free of charge to modes of bredits. I'm pretty sure people wouldbe more than happy enough to keep this going as soon it's like a sense. I think it's probably like a code complexity thing, like having to subreditsto do something that have like the Ome Code base to do something completely different. Was it even me make it? You know, they must have somepretty good web debs and stuff like. Why don't they just make it likea little separate website where you go up logging, we are ready named andtake your interests, put it in and then it's like a random Genera oryou just get the details of somebody else, just how you thought we spell gotthe christoms episode it up. Yeah, that we should definitely do that.That be fun. Yeah, that's pretty so just need to get peopleto tweets at the threaders or and join the join the Subadut yeah, arepost threads freeze to read. Yeah, I've been force person who does it. We will all be on the episode. One is so choose that threat.The first person that does it will buy you a beer if you're overeighteen. It was a bout the entry the Secret Sanna, Alex or otherclose friends, family that happen at listen to this excluded. The first person, as a listener that comes and tweets us. You win a prize withoutcould it. Man, that's excluding then. I'm not one fun. We aresaid, sure, gratefulness, Alex and some other way. I'm justseeing another in terms of other listeners, like, oh, I know ifI'm the lessons this podcast. If you do, you went a prize.If you tweets to build anybody. Well, who's look genuinely angry when I saythat? Name is? It's PPSD came back. I wake up atmy sick the fuck off. That's why I had a bad sleep last night. No, that's a cool idea.

So, God damn you bringing somenegative news to Stephen? No, because I've got the news. I couldthe news. Is it? It got brought back to the original guys.Look, keep it going, nucy, no, red it came seeing it, knew that they're shutting it. Whitey story first place. Why they handit to them money. I guess he probably got pay. Hey, look, we got a Christmas episode. These aren't fo he's aren't vote. Wait, not as a done vot. They'll shout it's all. But we getwe got some okay, okay, confusing ones this week. I'll give youfuck it like mass us. Two episodes net where it's all up, Yay, don't know. Open Up, also running at times. Pleasures. AlwaysOpen Up. Tendon. Yeah, let's I love like a water balloon.By Easier.

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