Episode 21 - Just The Two Of Us, 18th Birthday's and Too Many Buns


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. Just The Two Of Us, 18th Birthday's and Too Many Buns

Sound good? Lets jump in.

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Recording in pro and welcome to the trades the show well,suddenly it's talk about the phone that on it this week, i'm stephen lose and that vapid void as well grant wouldhave been replaced by alex as week that no really just get that out the boanus you and iunior. Let's go see that one be back and forth. Do you go to start again? Wecan that's thing. You wake over ruined the whole streetnow than i right. Well, how are you usually in as cat? I can a kind of justwant a grand answer, but, let's be honest, he's the fellow enemychamis see when you get like it's a good chocolate bar with something thatyou could cut it. You know i a question as a goodquestion. I can be a total now so have a secondnot not back either you need of feecomponents for that to be at bex. Suppose she can. I cut it in becausethat's why it's that is. Is that not a what shop for get ol get the lastaccorte bar better biker in some o o til like cut the turkish to i like thedelmatian, it's funny, because we all thought of it takes to late the o. Beme mean it to an i ben, the hank alatt for the longest time, and i think it'sjust selton brands that i don't make some more cheetahs. Your soft wax now is no manbe like to eat wakes mounts my grasps. Sometimes this mally candlewas quit dent and you don't think yeah something at a and i go that could be arough overly bit because it netad you think it would tear that coats, mailsor the ankers ti taxi you've got somebody sells today on theepisode. I can tell you, i e it's still gonna as good yeah fucking candle, a candle in big ityou, shape your mess up just bank em back so well. What a you go say that we'regoing to sfoot going to train, put on some sort of real. I just go seewhat you be one, the two yes mons enjoy it to you like a see, because i'm used stilllike two small screens in i i to go. I can i do between hume and now, when ilook at the screen, it's just you, i'm like! Oh okay, it's gonna feel what i'm at a jobant ofyou see o good just for eye contact. No,that's what i i just for the lesson in herordesa in the camera very manson, veeps, manton d. That's it he's done a fuck that anyway, i i'lltry my best to meet and tame, but that may be a like dog bark. In the background, a em untamo actually- and i was too busy siyou know it's roston, so i've cookedmyself up and i don other wendy's lot to dry in a mice so but the doors not need to be on for he a donkey. Have you been getting up toomuch the day, just just in a drop to wet her? So like? I was feeling likea really good decision so far good to get a few weeks of years, nandacompeled to the that's good, have yeah, took a strawand downtown new york. Yet i i'll just stick on this. Certain goweb sing in your no and diana joins me, o o sad defence. Ihave seen it actually is it killer, it...

...was very cool, are all cars and stuff?You see lives for the. I don't know as well like i wertin jones, a film and biana don a soalso the batman being followed and the flash formas well m show a and he, asthat, miss a train sport and as well. Another goal transpon mist it out wasglasgow. So come to glasgow. Cultur hub falada, as gus cool new york, is guys,go, go off them as glasgow. Adiba is glasgow. I don't know wherei've heard it, but i feel like somebody before said, like glasgow is very likechicago. I i felt that i so in stufato neverbeen i've, no been a hesepti, much the same, hang on it, so i guess i'll be inchicago anyway. Is it a jump in yeah one one, a you think just gonna takethe fill opportunity get a no being here. Jumping bes. We can talk aboutwhatever we are. He tagged me in at elie. So just right, he won getas.Let's get your public thoughts on this yeah shaped. No, no, don't i on. I do think it's. I think it's gotpotential and let's quit ambitious, coming up with that place stage in up.So we makes me think it's going to be better and i know that hielse tagdoesn't necessary, mean better, but we steam coming at yer after the bartin.It's fene name and m t only a shoe as the button placement looks, one cameand lit it doesn't ever look comfort. I hold the analogs are here and then thebuttons are right next, her on both sides and all the touch pads there arelike obviously most is well that's what it looks like, but i'll cry when i'll get one minute comesup, but i could see myself picking one up eventually. I guess i e when you only here a bit itwhen you tagged min at the day. That's the first. I i told the about it aswell: jeff klota, oh dentele! This was a thing it does seem. I do two thingsyou can either stream the games. The pc- and i likeyou- can do it an do. The s f! Yes or you can just done load them to it.So obviously just a bit up and it's good, your steamer similibus, that'spretty cool, but that's cool with it. You know it's son of a hand held con.Well, can you call a console i so on you on? I was just a say, but i suppose there's limitations, the factit's a pc, i still kin a torn and if that's a good idea, don't now doman ats a is because a lot of people are pc is not accessible, so i guess it as agood medal growing. But i was a bit disappointed that it's nohis co on. It's not even tenip. I know it doesn't have to be, and that'sprobably why it gets good performance, and i know with that. Looking at asmaller screen generally gives you look. It looks better than no, but you wonotaminimum when things that are making the jump to fork. You know you would belike well yeah and even this it on even follow back. I e o and but let you say the hand tailed space andi'm glad that's still getting a better love, because switch is the one thati'm really playing at. No, no, so on he's real and on that i loved my via, but people have allsupported at so aganice, so any ever gone back there, which is shut. I don'tknow why. I can feel him soon, y being sony like they do like taking a that all make move. Sometimes didn'tthey man revisit stuff as well. Don't know. I think i still potentialthere, but i said it before. It would be just sogood if you could like the steam deck. If you could get a game pass on it, aswell as a remote play and ps nows thou that ud be cool l, that would be reallygood. One see the prison on it by the day. D'care,you don't know so. Jeff killes one was dollars, so it'sactually three one hundred and fifty for a sixty for one. But then it goes up to four sixty fortwo five six gig on. But at that point it's like a rope like i last sesto canget o s the police station and then there's a five und seventy pound, onewhich comes with like a five twelve gigs sd and like extra anasco, glassand exclusive carty case, and that's the one that at thethat's the word thehard cord or weren't real yeah for sure.

But i see like hardcore pails. I cansee it been that popular, because how many people do you know that i, likecasual, gemele, libra, yeah, t sort. I mean i've got one. I've not got much init, but i have still got a steam label because i'm going to get a piece of theeventually in you know i need so it on. I don't know if one main game youcan get on steam, but my we, like my little brother, forexample, is mad, but he watches all these youtube videos and then there waslike among us. I know what's going to touching console now, but when it wasjust pc on, he was watching videos on it like as keps in can i play this andhe suddenly got like switch and stuff and then what else is it like? Some of the fivenights for a des games and stuff like that were only on steam? So i make me my market actually feel likekids. Could you know so it's got to soundfunny, though i'll keep an eye on it. I don't know if i'm going to get it. Whati do have my eyes on me is the xbox minifigs. I've got my s on the xbox fil, sisfidge, that's the one i want. Is that thing it was nip dog got one. I thinkit was just market and i think they were saying till i a buncha beg people. I've just think o dying to get an xbox. For any reason,i've got gimpson pc, but i have been looking for the many fret it's gonna get gonna get like a monsterin no do you want have something, then i don't know it's a couple on a pondfor one of them. I was like if i get one of these, to get the console aswell, and it's kind of like a limited edition product. At the same time aslike that's going to be one eventually yeah exactly we we tipos, i'm not foster it one atall, but they are heavily. I and talked a kajimachi game with them. I'm goingto need to get one at the all. That is literally the only thing that's goingto make me an export and i think the n, all that was fans with di. I am yourlooking at a gym exclusive. It's going to be a well yeah and going to go. Getyour consona i'd be surprised if they managed to talk to an excusive, don'tget it wrong like ticking off of scarin money, but i would n't be surprised ifsome arguing to the bit to try and get just a multi platform game at him sounds like they are very far and talksand i don't think it's acquired in them. I think it's like make best game for us like theirstanding take situation, thank so only so just bottom when they had the jansan. I like the first and stuff like thisexclusive games got playstation and then they got bought out. So i couldsee that as i was free. Oh the japanese companies ofward quit acourse together. Don't there? Oh, my man, just blink that was going toask you something now just carry on the note will come back to no ohonoo. Don'tshe know what you're going to say? No, just i was just going to see we stuck alot bit game in there. I was just going to let, but, but i was go say on, butonly go. No, no! I i e g d. What do you think about the boy boxgames thing? Have you heard of it this? Yes, it's weird it's interesting i willput, is what everybody thinks it as i be? Maybe it's not the longer it's going on. The madamthink that is just a bunch of the availables who have tried to tear, buti market and the all too far deep that come so packet, and i really hope it'snow and because going to buy that game asking comes it's not! I i a fucking done man, but on the other hand, it's just those toomany covents avin coincidences like if you translate this guy's name pitakasas to kish and a japanese, it comes back had he or kagema animal an as andit's like a direct translation and then those things like tweets that arecoming up for that account. I come in for the medinat in tocky, but it's jonnobotty, japan yeah is cozy and then obviously the studuit hie to make thethings in it's like. Oh, they walk on like this gone and stuff. What it's noaff over industry do can afford that. I just i don't like i think, we'll soon.Nowe may not be cuyo angle. Some... want see you suppose. Anyway, let'smove on, so i don. So thanks grant for that gaming really a threat. I willvote that. I m good day voted just because i want to fuss o your gran anyway. Let's move on people get listed this. Do it a guy,din and e, just staling shape and then olini. Now you are a bit anyway they sitting for it. Okay, awhatdid you do on your eating of the just a question me i well, it was afled, but that's what i want you know. I thought it was great, a good oneposted by es four o eight four eleven days ago. A so down. Sufton is not much so to see me ponoton, like coke, sat in a tall iteating it, not like i'm trying to think back, because igenuinely don't think o that in special, but i'm pretty sure what they do islike a genuinely had. They tried to drinkbeer by that point, or so i got like at least a couple of buds or something we and then i think i just played theplay station or something to be honest because that man, like a disease likemontage me and stuff o on what you were you ating, because i think i remember ithink i remember this. I think i remember you see i'm going to get acouple of bules in it in just a employer, playstation and it was budspecifically you sip an. I don't know why i've got on me. That's that's thething. I don't like o that i went like from that point. Obviously i couldstart going it and a on a i hold on no deseno drink, but the first few times istarted going t i was like this is disgusting it here to i just done it a fucking. I think that's a don. Ithink i just sat hesepti. Alright, you probably won at that time. Probablyprobably was probably you and i playing play station or we go. That's that was lucif. You'vetalked it everybody. I got mad of cats year me. I onally thought you would have hada bit story and that, to be honest, that's why, on you said sorry, i i youdidn't met. I hope peels is going to make up for a bar copinis. No, but i'm sure i cantangent, but so my tube botte was and twenty of them- and i was very un- were on my boss,there and my dying cested on taking me for the paint which that new idea,because i was very sick, so it took me an i turn and we went in satan and heordered food and all of the painters. I kind of think us and i was sat atsetting it was like i can't eat it. I actually want to throw up anyway, along story short order was going on and eventually we just went home after that fout food, as paint that i felt wasgoing to kill me and i got more to combat name and wet him and played that and bed therest of the day, because that happened to be jurin, the big massiveplaystation out age. So i could even go on to playstationand play with people, so i just stop up on my tin pot ta and was forced todrink a pain that i do know. I i drink because i was old, that's hard thamson.So there was a question. When was the soever i i was going to say so we meroe,but i obviously did be last to an hours. Eight fukashi existed, sentian he's fuckingbuds are falling up, o i've been taking them for you for yonder. I saw the age started in the apo andended met me. It was almost a one for you. Remember right, my bostian a feelright in the middle of that, but i've always thought that ogi thesame team on der nate argument, because the nemm i've always seed how i boughtor the red did the oc to wade on the ol main stuff and then there it happened,and before i do molded actual and dead...

...night. Now that couldn't have been the case, itmust have been when b t be didn't that happen to me could remember man on itwent down before this rael. Full a month it must have been then the yearbefore could read dead was twittin nor to be eleven and it wasn't your at dan.Think of it that's the day that was like. Oh, i must have been ring at thisall these years, so it must have been the bpo age at war it in done me andthen sony got packed in that duny for another month. I suppose that's cette olmito an itjust does e son, dr. I don't know what good i can remember what that it, but iwas like that's definite and all the rat. What that i've just said, i justlet the go so the big infamous place station or a chat on you. I think thatthat's we go we moment of has today i feel so. I couldn't even come on a well.We definitely would have been because i was talkin to you be hone. I waseighteen yeah, i probably few years actually, becausei we probably known each other is a dude in that period. Then, becausealready i no be definitely we because i remember spin a moment, plain fucking, coloring games, alway a l and ta to being able to play aplaystation every single nat at tam over no to it, was not to like go andplay or go for that walk or something a go used to just sit on. So we out eighteen, and what would youhappen to be one that we know that we the, who went and played to care likewait for e o e in park me as a cool late moment? I has stillabout to be tight. I was it was so frustrating at the time,though, because i quit. That is the. Why i'm so good at mat combat. I don'tknow if you remember and not on banane, i could to start up in fact the warwith wiv and stolen. How is done good at that game? I reckon i could still pack up thatcontroller and take it niotte people without so cusanus, poor, bold, o ma, be very good. I'm better, you may be good, but am belis only one go. It's me interesting. So were obviously gunson here to askhim what he done for his tofte. She do you, i should we make it up as a sisitote youst, my cushions so for peoplewesting semones have a barbecue in the war. You us stand that you can see itat the window and i don't want them to think i'm staring watching them. So i'msat in the floor on a bunch of cushions and i'm really uncomfortable, so i keepfetching so an fonts grant stuff the it okay. Solet's start it for in the morning a you got up weeks of i beg stretch. We stole i'll sing them on a big ditte to on my at huge day. Christen sales sees appearance, edison independents, jabs dar. No, idon't know his new job as das, too nice for me, so each other the oosumi gets his present. Let's see,let's, let's see gets free present is a te botty. It's fast on see. Yes, for so me isgreat. It's me really realize how much we needgrant to keep us on fucking to that. What are we? Do it's a s flat in london. We go there eatingtake away when he in there s m, o n. The ten sitting present see frank. So i e s n ae present andsaid o plain hero watch always want to watch better. Let's cop. This is this is ridiculous.Corect your fled.

That's getting on worthy fun, let's donwith that fed on the shambles that it ongwe got that game and talking itstart taking out o i've just realized like. I feel that ineed to make up. This might be the in the life crasis talk about. I need tomake up from a eighteenth rycote or they are like of do you know what youshould be, so you stay all on some buds get yourself some hob goblins on like the or my nothandle them, andyou wake them. That's harsh away! So don't vote instephen's fed fee down, vilett's going and that's horrify. That's probably theworst one wot. What ever done agree. I've had him stances man all right, so, oh down hell from here, so my fit so sor before we move on. Idid have a comment and man want to be, and it was basically the guy woke upand a bobabu it it because he's friends are likearsal, but that doesn't come after that frankto me that comes autosyn, fucking, o into organ fift. How do you we up mybar face of all things and le oste poles on and they woke up? I suppose it did say it was like aprank, but i mean how how how does that even come of it? Let surely the speaktom at the very least, to to get man in a bath anyway. That was a i just liketo get that half my t, because shonest ly i'm genuinely goingto take it. This was the episode yet episode. Twenty one was step escuchar.Thus between a it am i see many episode. One t is long on. Imean episode because we can go in that many tangents taste side. Many extra length episode the anyway,so my episode bo hart my i fed we supposed to don a s, not the onion seven days ago bygrom at five and it's rank tame baby. It's tabled, haynestarts petition to make hot dogs and buns comin equal backs all, but few things i see, but oh, isee as a boat tame at you it up and why are hines the onesthat are then tis, because they don't make buns or hot dogs as far as it.It's not things we know of is it is ney. It's like the hangs and canada orsomewhere. Okay start a dish. Were they got this problem and despite using this as my friend,because i seen it and edited meas like t talk about that and then i fortuin asthem and just check and i've kind o disprove this whole an go at i've gotin said because fasting that she sat it as the supermarket neuk such hot dogs,six hot dogs in a tin right and then you could check hot dog bunce sex inthy back. So apparently, things have changed and you can now get im adamant as a tame, but you did needbe able to used to get no a wawat. What tens of hot dogs are you looking at? Isit the good ones like the big thing we runs a is the vpvance? I can see tans and all they'll to the reg not be for the regular size bonds. Soyou need to have one a half palon, so even stol make the bunch smaller i'llmake good dogs beggar even stole haines, but i'm going toetichai you scroll, follow down and then classic example, five hot dogs and a jar, a work you see when it comes to hotdogsor but girls, and all that ne old numbers aloud moving forward ofhe eve, not us only because it is annoyinglike i have definitely been and looked at a gement i live on. We got the jobfive and then you go... ponds, horas food list i feelstrong, but but more than that you know what also really annoys me but you've even numbers of chocolate baths,because i reeshees fit for my lunches and i, by two packs or nor be a quite caused. That sees what iwas going to see. I thought think chocolate companies that are swimming,that people are buying the motopo for themselves ill. Yet the you we a knowthat we dare and no do, no, maybe as no don't set and thinkthat a en see see f you what i just cut about a chocolate a week is that is that no one option i see a yhas approven in that idea. I so well no cutting a boat coat week.So shall we get on fuci so now i've got one mail and i need fornot just the walking met the entire week. I danpo have no bad there, it's not forto, because that's exactly as i going to eat it to in meand buck an i offer a solution. That'd besuch a pity diabetic. I i've got a real solution for you see because theweekends does it mean the chocolate disappears. You could draw that in thenext week and then you, a by another part, batenka or all we again andyou'll, have that among the tuesday covered and then you buy an lotte andthen you have tuesday, wednesday cup up the rolls. If i, by to i, get it right yeah. So then, if you see it and in amonday and then you fat on the monday, then you've got it again to all yearand they for the two weeks on tuesday. That's the principle i'm still havingabout two packs every week, but you your god to be doing that anyway. Ifyou bolt biting one a week, you'll just know they miss me, i'm just trying to help. You think youshould sit in a night after this and i'm satyenawat can we now just stagger yii you're selling, o those are hotdogs. I beve you, i not in numbers if you're sellin bars at chocolate, i thisis really always in me, but yeah. I don't think that i martels too muchbecause that's not a mule. It's part of my watch simmeters out. What should i function without mybeziat? That's me, but that they have us weakto problem. Tell me something, as is a teton likethat, that annoys you, like fides other than the increase ever increasing paceof chocolate bars and go along with the shrinkage and size that agree with theplace increase in the shrinkage. Does man not an hate hate it? You can tellme there's twenty five percent in extra when that wit, five posin is fuckingear. Doesn't it do they not just that? Justthe fact that the oh? No, i know the case is that as thebars is more, but how much is afraid, don't know it's a fifty piano someplaces. I i stand others still like twenty five pope. You know, that'squite inflation for a fat and they are smaller than names to be the are wesmall on and tell me this and i i say to battle a normal feda same place that catoelfreda and i i'm sure it was ho. How do not tell me it costs the scene do atme. I ooints i in fate that much they can eat their cost on the caravel fredo, but then that's just balance in it,which that just makes it pointless. No, but it's not banting, because i bet theole fucking scaroid. How much take it cost to make a fredo five pence i'd say cheaper. I would like to know that i did seesomething recently. The fair play. Absolute he over guy and alien likemark it. In ex me...

...your opinion he absolutely on so okay,get it market and approach. So he runs like a i'm pretty sure. It's an ice cream vanor more bail des e thing, john, that he started sale and fred was forfive pence. So people are seeing us like what in is. Actually i e a i e, idon't know on twitter of face because something i've seen like its a ticktalk, video and the guys. He said yes for five pages sure he's sailing at aloss, though yes, so i med a ve, do and reply to it andbasically just said it's just a nice thing to do, and people know me as theguy i ses photos for five mentes, so the people go out in the area and go towhat i also go on fedosey is it's got quotative grease chems, but that i'llmake sure i get an. I be sad. It was me it's on an in it, but let's go honestnepigon and spends with them tend em spend in any. In fact i did fell backto when i was a you guy, maybe an on we had to quit to diction no man, lee p mix up me and i hobab to heasman up irents with temp with nebalia as you up to seven p. I p f p a b, ah bato, thetepees you get. He a not two jobs, no e o tuke it there. Five dobson likethat, mis till dis ma you i, when people didto new about the year, get he ower gain. So we stand for the thos. Not me, oh,don't you mind fucking to bay to te as i sho, i'm, not there's no fat.You would be, then think we would be sad here arguing about how far a ponyou stile night. I deity see that coming. I don't he realize that age,don't it that teritory yet yeah here we are, but then to be fair. The sharytalk and there's people probably would now him with as to anyway. So that's true, o quite inmate to be degot that us for globis as well. I would say i bring back a dassett oy, so any it back to the the fled. If itwas things i don't know, as i say, i've done my research now. So i must standcorrected were all collected because er stillpeople there selling jobs or five hotdogs, but it does seem to you- can buy hotdogs with the equivalent parks, so something has changed and if it washaines that a change, the thank you love always on justice. Thank you. Mee just need to move onyour back cock. I, who can we get to do, is cadby's onthe o, a maybe i just need to a galaxy tenremember as gombak cast it. I o i can for you just when i moved there like. I stayedstole for about one cool now that i thought i may i've been bugging itsorry, a o y be started a noise as your way in your hand, at an empanoply stone. Ll get it to me.Have you i'm on to a orante, walk uns man thatyou should because it literally took me. So this is beyond win on the ages. Itgot to the point it was at my age range, so followed by the fact i mean likehigh risk area of glass cool like corona on here and nothing, andthen people like a guy. I walked to in the last place six years younger than me and he's likegetting his vaccine before me. I and i looked scared. I was like what's goneon and it took me six weeks. Well, it doesn't to me to weeks of chasin, likeprobably four times each week like before, and on using the online form tosee you've missed me and then i to wait four weeks or of aino and then i wassomething dropping a some day on my walk. Who is eighteen and they've hadbotibol? I think i is like no no sefora... i'm just, but how? How have i beenjust scaped, your compeney patience? You know i am the coved, but happy can confont. I say the fixdady minimal, a richel got a mass of this. A hard armwas really sort a few. This she had a massive edict with the stratas well, but she was fain allot than that, so that son. So, like my symptoms,to be honest and that basically is fain when i got it is a rebit sore like for the time an iscut in my bed that night and i did stop to get a better, so he and then thenext day it was really sonata over so good and that we bit of like i justfelt like i had the sniffer, was a little bit during the day and that yedid they after no pin or or nothing gone done. So everybody, if you have analready, please get your vaccine. If you don't believe in accens you'rewrong vaccines. I don't want thank me to come to mar my bay. I don't want meto do my co chap and my arm in a post on fish book it they're gone to ack me the government at contos. Did you eisthis podcast at some fucking about drive us pepin? Let me tote, but at apeople in the plays, were seeing the head on as well, and it's just this.The boddie who's plating, like an ant evaka, podcast and tethering like come on. If you believe in that noeven fair enough, but don't fucking drive people, have it enable lesson atyour shape, podcast, you believe, and i it's the veidler ship it because one-and you know me- i'm very like ran its specially when it comes to politicalstuff that they a fucking know so, like i'm, the last person right, i'mnot seein, just because i'm only at the government. That means evident in isright. It's not, but for all the government are they'veshown amante again who stupid they are so make that they are clever enough toput together this big plan to vaccinate people with chips and thenhave the resource, team and air up to set montan everybody twitty four, seven,but even that even a million people. I, even if you take the tracking butthe equation right and it's the bat don's just try to control you like well,no, because by having this ottone, they have host money. They don't want you! Iset about your host in with you and to be the man you and your job in theirmoney, but they should at what the rest they make. So european lotone does nothelp them. That's why they're being rushed back at the walk again, but nowit's flee on day and it's vain one. To and bizarre and the thing thatreally gapes me and now is the other man i feel like we've tried not to goto her the cod stuff, so volna podcast, but the thing it gets me is i've seenpeople when things were getting and it's high young o by the. I think it'slike up beyond two percent of people, that hatch call with die or have died, so people or only want so died. It'snot only what you put and he not like, don't get the vinepole dying otherplace. It's like for the start. The uk has wet sixty old million people andonly i think, like four or five million or something caught tasted positive andout of that, i don't know hover hundreds of thousand die basically rank.So that's that, but yet like over fifty million at this point, vaccines havebeen administered and all these edapted athis like well that's to point edson,exactly it's like literally by their own appenin and, like evidence,covetise still more serious and more deadly dame vaccine. As i see when you see like the noses and allthat lot covenant an it's like you should laterally use. You lose your jobbecause you who are not safe to be walking if you believe in their shape.It's o it's hard to see, because i don't- and i know it's like nationalhealth and stuff, but they should just get so trust lander. I t you know the just like thegovernment. Trol things is like. Do you think the wild time in a global time,tam with i'll try to push of accent to everybody? Go us to i my creature up inher, especially on everybody's eye, but can see on the bit, how tested it'sbeing and or that now the thing i...

...on we chips and like all the shatcandrink every day dope and the water, that's what it was o. But anyway that was going to be a thing thathappened: they're with one hundred percent ba wester. Look al throughhistory. In anything like this, that's happened. Those been my supports. Lookat nko, kran america! Well, try that pet tom people and its sapotille, andall that and this eclipse that the s vessel, blaws everything and historywhen some fucking dodgy on com, bolshi, witton, those be mussiless and the onlybe of als arms in the news. Facebook goin. Aren't that government strakingyou, okay, okay, that's the problem! Is it as all fucking facebook, like ashe nash, post on fish, but i okay. I i, when, in a news website a lovin,the bbc, it's funny as doineau. You see when you hear a lot of these people onfacebook talk because i'm sit getting real into the fokin. A basically seepeople who, like oh fucking, boasty fucking, can oh, she does talk rat man,and then this comes up and, like you seen this post a bit, the vostrican notdo were facebook. Just annoys me see audit other stuff going on as wellabout the idea and all that, so i've not been paying too muchattention yet, but the small and i try to watch an ol got at the base vide onyoutube and youtube asked me to verify my age, and i thought it's going to bemy hangs. That al must no be saying then so i had verifying it's like putyour bank details or up boarder for or iv is like what the fuck now so factthat and i fade again- and it says it again- i can y watch anything onyoutube now because, like me, if it verify age, we might actual d or myback defils, but i have not seen mos talk about this. Where is it to you for,on the only youtube back like on your phone to i like on my phone i on myphone, i thought i got a that youtube of generally fucked uplike i think they have made a lot of changes lately that have messed thingsup for people like you tip in tie stuff, but you just been as let's, let's ifeel like we've talked about shape. You, like we've, talked a lot shi yeah, ifeel, like we've felt, fell into the trap, let se of letting a rank get the bit all this. Ibeen, i think it's seen fairly structural to be rent fit. How did weget to a s net yea? I ever had a pans hot dog on right. I think it's been a howe went ontangent. Thank it has been plash otras. We start off very better game and to myeighteen player than a bat mail game and talk, went on the hand spoke aboutchocolate and hot dogs had to eat and sasiated and lining is re up for thefine, the net so ho bot. We do votes for the hans spread, ilott one ienjoyed that worse. Well done the dog stole gone, stole going. What,as these dogas, have an effet right now, i think the dog may be traking it upfor not an actual fact. Just like screaming out and excitement stillgoing. I think he's just think on may just be taken up night ifthey have is first times again just now, it's gone it's too much. Nice did you for fortino at we got to hit on t becoming regard anto a now shut is done, t tales, tales shut up and then it cuts in it an meactually to an speak and famous just to just to level with everybody. I thinkcollectively it's been this episodes a bit deleted for a start compelled toprevious weeks m and it's just been a crazy moment and life like we've allhad to be better holiday before i do a stuff going on and she's in hop spying,he ses e in this is moving same thing, so it's just pinking a trick it to gettogether. So that's like it's just me and me and stephen the day just see.You should have probably said that at the start, you know why you ant, asneil were just kind of says, or grants no here and wait mite. I just leftpeople to come up with it. Tons sat well. If you made it yer, then you know i do make a toodles joke toto. Do thetwo dobut next episode, ogowe back to...

...the usual fevers and i'm sure you love of it abiotic bite that and remember get us on thesocials. Read it or s. Fedes twitter treats google the feost whatever they will,but anyway, what he yours, o o more co than whatever you're buying. It'sprobably going to show up monday little sport. I does potuerunt you gist. You mess the gold coming back to forkan bellison fire. My friend podcast no more well be come in an i ako podcast, then acci e vactor games. You know whatl on me. I guarantee you that something. So if you look that up, i guarantee youthat so thing i don't even want to, because i know what probably is in no,as i created it, what you guys say got some closing, seesum, randal, irish and i axel canget and a body, but last time dave a bit and put sure we can get one yeah,but i no avaries get gets on blast mopela at oso for some anybody who's. Listening to thisoutside of close friends family, it's too easy send a tweet. I want to sashed who sendyou some mitch? Oh i actually we will, we will sendmatch the fosterson to teacher will get a piece of match and fii. We are notselling much, but we have a means of making a little nut ourselves, so youwill have literally one of the kine o king do bit of milk. We boleslas match when you startlistening, and so when you shore i on us o eber interaction, we've got aheavy good logo. We've got to graphic the anal, not place. I've got to. Thank me anyway to i've enjoyed this episode metom on, but i did miss go. I can't e li me to my ithin. It's been decent, but but let'slet's get it here, my co episode may be. I think it's aslong as a normal who find it. Okay, bye, bye, o.

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