Episode 28 - Good Guy Michael Sheen, Fuck Americas Guns and Reddit 101


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. Good Guy Michael Sheen, Fuck Americas Guns and Reddit 101 

Sound good? Lets jump in. 

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I'm Stephens. I'm glad all you both. I'm all right, I'm good. I'm good, good, you're breath ells. It's close to passing. It not there, lie, but a lot of strength into my neck music. Try explain what was just happen. I was just going to let it go. I'll let it go. Say don't need to talk about everything. Maybe that one. No, next topic. Then I send. I was just going to see. How's it been going on? You know, since since we had a big, well, big band meeting. I all right, it's going good. I with our first annual team meeting. Let's go see we should probably should elaborate on that. Let let people listening know that I've got big things. Plant, I'll see big things. It's mainly stand up things and say it's too many things in a loose I think. Welcome to the really anymore episode. Yeah, that's right, all true. Yeah, way, happy. Yeah, everybody bit late. I popples and and all that. We've almost made it. Two years now, two years in March. That's quite impressive. That's quite impressive. Then I was a fellow. Well, I thought you were going to elaborate and that there. But we had the car dum none of us fell out through two years of chat and ship to each other. We've not run up stuff to see. I'm actually surprised that we've not had the same thread twice. Like the two of us haven't came to the episode. So we all go and prepare that we are going bros read it through the week and then come with our threads and we put them in a disc or just before we start recording, and I was almost certain that by this point we would have had the same thing twice. But highs that what happened. Well, behind the scenes of both posted the same thing. I think that's happens once is it all, and have the separate a backup thread. Now I think. I think one episode we like brought some fin up for the second time, but there was like an off topic thing. That might be one thing that he that's just as reminiscent on the last two years on big news. On the last episode we almost hit a hundred people listening to it, which I think is quite a good got a good milestone. That is a good nat song. All the more motivation to keep going provide an amazing content for the world and ourselves. Gonna get your here. I'll so you better at all. I was on your asses as well. So know what Stephen Thinks of us. Sorry for trying to be nice. Try to keep it so you better ground detail. It's on the ground. Should we just jump right and in a fast right here? I don't know. Keep it moving. You decide. That's the other one on the high horse. Yeah, I said enough. Okay, thanks for appreciate so well. Stop, I don't wake out when you're just he said. So, come on, give the listeners what they want. Cost supposed to be a new year, and look what you're doing too. Sorry,...

...everybody. Sorry, name us, not episode twenty. It feels like pilot episode all over it again. I think the pilot was more professional than this. Sorry, I shut this up and see here poll. See that. So my friend was posted to buy one match. Great, and it was one month ago on our humans being Bros, and it's tay you old Mike oshentns himself into a nonprofit actor of any use. Hell did us? So these know who make Uchin has? Now I was going to say I've definitely heard the name, but it's like I can't actually even with there's a small picture here and the face and actually see fair picture, you won't recognize them for what I known. Face said, you know a David tennant show, good domains or Amazon. Not watched it now? Well, we use the other guy and it's like ones and enjoying. Man's are demon and to see the demon of the angel. He's angels, he's a Nice guysure he's kind of shown and he's and he's a new new philosophy. But I just thought this was actually amazing that so daf all all these so season stuff and putting an if projects, if on charities and things like that, and it didn't heavily on the twe thousand and nineteen homeless World Cup. Do you remember that? Now? It wasn't it an eighteen mom me when it was a couple years before, but it sold a couple the Socius to fund that as well when that look like it was all going to fall through. And basically it looks like going forward he's going to take a wage for himself, but most of the money will be going any charities and stuff and funding projects. He's passionate of it. Ma's very cool. I I've never held anything like this and it's what we always talk about as well, like surely those people at all that would make that kind of money that could just scam off and put it any good, cause he's he seems like a guy who's there. Did the the CEO twitter not give a we all or half of his money, like or he's like he's put all into a charity. Right. Yeah, it isn't. Not like a fund for charities or something something like that, because I think you're a bunch of stuff with the coronavirus when there's a flood or whatever in America, and like, I think he distributes a lot of money to that. Yeah, he's always pumping money into things, and I think it was one of my friends once actually was the he pump money into like this. We talk at the equal wage thing. Mind, sure, this isual crime, but I knew something they brought up before. That's pretty cool, man. Let's Gool's it. There's a billionaire and there's a bonior pledge. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe it's the pledge. There's like a pledge abound among billionaires, like Bill Gates and that or on it, where they'll give away like ninety nine percent of the money before they die. Oh Gates is like he's got his kids and all over the whole money. Yes, it's got a CHARY, has it? I'm sure it has. I remember remember the probably fine I was gonna see. Is that kiss does enough money to the stage with them already, or is that just because he hates them? It there apple use of watch schemes. My do not the best wish to make, to be fair, fast all things considered. And now it's pretty cool, though, because Nice Guy did nice things. It's more rich people being nice. Oh well, hopefully it does lead to me people going on. I'm going to do that at all, because how much do you need? And he's obviously no week going with it either, but I hope it does. We don't yet. China just actos, been singles, and what will just coming and doing things. I guess people with the means they actually do it, because no stuff, he's going to be a walk for. Then that's either he's always going to have true, I'd... to do this, like imagine just being like right, I'm so rich, I'm going to start solving issues like because it's also the thing of maybe, maybe money doesn't solve everything and it's a bit deeper than that. But you can make a hell of a difference, couldn't you so? So she thought it doesn't so well everything. But yeah, I think a good example that's like the Elon Musk stuff in it is all these people come out in like solve world hunger, and he's like well, show me how it, I'll do it, and like nobody can actually show him how to do it. Did you see that? I thought I didn't. So they can the whole back story. But he put up or you need was like seven billion. It solved world hunger, and he went on, I will tell me how you're going to spend it. The Guy Would we need that a year, anyone? That's a different story. Now it won't solve it'll just stop it for a year or prolong it for a year. It was a bit like our yeah, and some of places then still didn't do it. It certain billions pennies to him probably. So yeah, true, it could if still definitely put money down, but I don't know. It's problems for sure. Maybe it's maybe it just doesn't publicize it, but it seems like they kind of person who would tweet. But if he did really did tweet that he's paying taxes this year any yeah, eleven billion. Yeah, so everyone's actulations for joining the rest of us. Although if I could have had no pay taxes, probably would, I reckon, like we were just saying, if we were rich, we could go and do this. I reckon we'd spend the money better than a government would. I still think this is like future idea, like local governments. We know we're whenever you spend per your tax, you should really see, like, I can't, like I've got kids just now. So I care about schools. Maybe I care about hospitals. We were here about that. So that's what I'm going to put my money in. Maybe as I get a little bit older, I don't know, longer invest in the schools, although I guess, hmm, maybe no, because in poor eras would of like the schools of less tax and I think that back. But I still think you should decide, like, I don't know, even if it's a portion of your tax, like where do you want to get that portion to go? So everybody has twenty percent, but you can see send it to the NHS because they need it. Yeah, I think the problem with that is then there's yeah, I think they we need to put like minimum levels of tax on everything, although bunch of shape bags and government don't fuckle. Maybe they need the money. True, true, I did agree with that. I wish I could play choose. You spill something it right, I it like you're seeing those. Maybe that's way pass same tax. When I bring up was it kindess is that, but like a basic tax when everything then you choose. Well, maybe it goes HMM. Yeah, and like that's thing that you see. If like there was like an additional option and I knew for a fact, like you were saying, grunt, like if I say I voluntarily paid and actually fifty good a month, a hundred penn a month forever, and I could make sure that like half of that went towards schools. Well, like see under privileged areas, or half that went to the NHS, but I would probably consider that. If not, do it. So, see that could be an option. Like give the option to female tax is just going to decrease the call for Ratcher people to female taxs. You know, I mean enough people like will they're volunteer and take put me on. So why should I need to get like a pay it forward thing? All right, you are in this much money, but this person here is own minimum wage. So you pay an extra hundred quid and then they get hundred pound extra taxes any pay. I think wealth should just be capped, like I said this twitter, like you got a million pound, you completed at me. Yeah, I don't know, like I don't a million definitely as a lot and sounds like a lot, but at the same time it's really not if you think about the whole life time of somebody. Yeah, so, like, yeah, I'm up for it being people being multimillionaires of stuff like that, but...

...when you're getting up into like hundreds of millions billions, do you really need that much money? I maybe eats about like how? So, how? Like how do you go about cart though? It's a thing. I don't know. I think they just pick up, pick a medium like star salary that lets people live really well and then like fucking times it by five or something and that's that's as much as you can make, because that's way above and beyond what you need to survive and live a comfortable life. You know, it's too hard to solve. We've been over this, but I still kind of believe there's people richer and the queen like, for most of my life. I just assumed I was just thought the Queens was like a top to you. You're on the money. For Fox's sake, it's yours. You own it. I just assumed that Queen was talk to her, but you see that. But can you be richer than the person that doesn't need money? The Queen Walks on your shop. She's not getting charged. Let's be honest. She's not good test going there like that's twenty five pound for your messages, Hen en, all my faces own it. I'll have that back. Thank you. Here you go, matter of fact. Keep it, probably, but you can take your back. I'll let you have that. I'll take my messages. That's a very good point. I mean, I'm I'm almost certain that shares to pay for stuff. I don't think so much. I don't think she's got anyone getting jobbs and like think of all like the royal bloodlines and all that stuff. Like the probably get, like have all this farm land, estate and all that. Like they've probably got their hands in everything. That just gets them what they need. Plus they make money on that stuff. So they also have antax, that doctor, a wife. So like the everything they've got is paid for by this date, and so we and they weren't as paid for by this day. I get they get like a whole bunch of money each year, but then they have so much money that their money makes money in it, like so they have a God, look, a trust. This the other guy was in the news one that the fellow who died. Looking, what's his name? The Prince? WHO's the prince, and things he dies, but also he was at him or Charles already something was in the new. Which one died? One of them died. One of them was in the news because their trust was invested in short term loans, like what's the paid alone the company. were funding those paid loans to get money back. And so they've got a whole bunch of trust that invest and stuff. But I think it's Charles who invest in like a lot of greenery and a security. What's it called? Sustainability and stuff like that. So they're trying. Well, so you're trying to good stuff. We've been for this before. Definitely, they definitely do, but they can have after the same time, don't like the Royal Family gone imaged up holed. She's got a dry nice people. So we've been for this before. I like the wee Queeny, all right. I mean I've got nothing against her personally at this stage. I mean she's an old woman now. She's don't know what happens next. She's pay and threw for long enough. The should know. I awfu. I fushed himself, which she was like, no, I don't do me fuck that, and then she's like like need need opener, take his titles off him. Where we say it was got taking off. I'm wake. Last week, when it was gone, Almos Thought to yells like, I mean, I should be holding for as long as possible before it spotting and by all like rumans going alone. He has the favor, is it? I thought. I thought I've never heard of the game till this. To be honest. Realize he's looking at for be stay and in fairness he's a relative to her. He's... a severe problem with no being able to sweat. You know, it's all success, lotching. It can get that. I can't sweat. Would you know die? See if you physically quldness weight. Would you know w just die? I don't know, man, but if I was like links, I'd become it, seeing like we were, has preferred the olgent like users. You'll be. Don't if you know what I smell at the gym. Links Andrew, apparently, is a real thing. Apparently, and hydrosis, its inability swere. Normally you don't swear. Your body can't cut itself. It can lead to overheating and sometimes he stroke and it feels like a googled that, though. It's like I was sweaty. CAN PEOPLE NOT SWEAT? I've got this thing, I mean, I googled it once. We're baby been if that's the case, though, and seems a bit dangerous for some day with that condition to go to like a tropical clubhouse for some playtime. But he do you see the guy in Scotland show weed? Charlie, your brother's a Pedo, and then got a fine for the police for breach of the piece. He's mine. Why? Why did you lie shouting across the street? got a fine for breach of the peace? Where did he shout it? Like? I think the guy was coming a helicopter or something that and he just show with it like it was a landing somewhere. So he shouts down and the when he got the video clip. He said all the policeman told me I was looking at we get shot. So I'll take the thing. Who would have sean his body got like the body guards in it. The family have like armed body guard. Cha. Yeah, yeah, how what's our status? They need to have armed bodyguards, especially in the UK, where, like guns are a lot less common. Probably Body Royal Way or the prime minister. Imagine he's probably got people cutting up at the guns. HMM. You can have armed body guards in the UK. I know will like tear down and street and bucking and palace and all that stuff. That's the police in it. That was like that was the other guy, the other rapist. Mother Dude. It was the policeman for for MP's when it was like a security guard for him. Peace, the cousins, Balder Guy, my nice sweet threads, who we ended up here. You can't there's. That was armed protection from police. It is like police, an MPs and like cam what folk quod or like foreign dignitaries or whatever. Remember this. You know what your thought. The last see Sarah in London up one. Yeah, okay, he was a one of those police officers and pieces. I don't realize it was that high starts. I don't know, it's is that a service, just like you're so good guard over here? HMM, I suppose you're taking with MP's I would be a high or gonna start a room? Would you put your best Fu Conner? Depends which MP first episode back in New Year. And this podcast is on a list. I mean we've been doing that since the start, so let's keep it up. True, let's known nor last. We're here to provide whole some content. I think this counts right. There's a market there. I... right, and it's human being. Bros bread. I know because I'm always looking at morbid things and as a droll bring a nice wee late thread, Baday. Well, write. I should let you know. It's little down from dynell from here then, and I'm going to see us at the end. I'm going to see us at the end to worry up bots before we no, let just quickly what it just really shout out this guy, since we've going to shout out all over the supposed to be a bit good on them for yeah, giving back. I guess it's Nice. Actually had I know somebody that Kinda does some similar like in real life, really legend of a guy. So yeah, shouting out. It's a guy that I worked with like in a previous job and he was like in helping us, a consultant all the guy. He's like nicest guy ever, tapele guy. You wish was like your Granddad, right, and see, works Monday Friday doing his normal job, and then at the weekends he really likes to drive trucks. So we'd go and do that and then all the money that you got from that would like take his expense is awfully fuel to get their lunch and stuff, and the rest you would just donates like a children's charity. Ustius do that every single week, every weekend. It would give up driving but just keep himself as pretty much it just gets like genuine enjoyment at driving trucks. He's like that's nice. I don't know. All the kids get money. So there's people out there like that, just not enough of them. Good Guy. There go we pausitive note. That was a good thanks, Chous you brought it back for me. SHOWUT's Andrew, but's his name? Andrew? All that's up. I want this. Some things awesome, more fortunate the Guy, this guy I don't know. I don't know who Michael She knows at all. Famous, yes, but that's pretty cool. I you'd any off to et any half the going to you go and do that. And I think if anybody should be it as the expectation of like the billionaires, like the people with endless money that they can't possibly spend, to like channel it into good things and not just things that all earn them back more and more money. So now props to to Andrew Andy and Michael Sheen, the anybody else out there doing a wholesome things? Yeah, thanks. If you know something, doing something, hold wholesome messages at the threaders on all social platforms. Now that'll be quick, cool to it to hear and will happily be a wee platform. And we won't talk about Pedos after their announcement. Promise. Always happy a spread positive content, but when you get to listen podcast to it's not. It's not always focus on I'm afraid I'm just right. Yeah, for sure. Anyway, up, voice I got for me? Yeah, put up from me. Yeah, one off your voice with fastrality. Yeay, Nice. WHO. All right, let's right then. It's got up. I am up. So and not shared it with you. I'll go through the tail on stuff a second. It's not a good thing. Just, I don't know, realed me up a bit. I feel like you. Yeah, let's keep venting, let's keep focusing on things that are really not good in the aulds and gradually reject no, I'm almost certain, tough. I've almost certain. We started this podcast, it was like everyone's in lockdown. It's a bit crap. Absolutelys as. That's up. This will make them feel better. This will be like...

...a funny break for the world. Think I'm not sure we're making any better, but go on, can't war raw. What real on that book? What's some Shining Real? We're just talking. That's it. We're talking. Not I'm wrong with talking, that's wrong with express and our opinions. Lee. It's what we're here for anyway. Who pissed in your conflicts today? No, as well, we'll see. So I just want, I just want to paint a scene right because, like when I read this shit just it pisses me off and I'm just I can't fathom why this shit still happens. Yes, its tombly knocked my door and somebody gotta go to the door. Now we all get right. So let's get back down ere. So I was like, set the scene a little bitit right, you sixteen years of age. Right. You just said you know what my mum, my siblings could do for a bit of support? I'm going to fucking go out there. I'M gonna GET A job. Right, nice, thank you doing. Well done, young man. They are trying to fucking grow up. Support Your family. Nice. You find a job at a fast a restaurant. Okay, see, do some shifts. You go in one day, you're serving at the cash desk, taking orders for people. Everything's good. Some idiot comes in starts fucking shouting at your manager. So what the Fuck's going on? Guys shooting at the manager? Would you mean you've got no fucking barbecue sauce just sitting in your like fuck, click, it's going on here. Next thing, guys shouting about the barbecue sauce tools at a gun, shoots it in the drive through window. You get shot in the head. You're sixteen. fucking he'll welcome to America. So this actually happened. So my friend from our anti work posted by General Programmer titled Sixteen Year Old Wendy's employee shot in the head over a drive through order cheese. Some clone in America. They say it's barbecue sauce. Is that inconvenient? Also it lack of barbecue sauce? Is that inconvenient to his life, that he's just going to fucking start spring bullets and to drive through when there's a fucking kids serving there and shoot them in the head because super cut by, thankfully not but critical condition. I think it greased his brain or something. Luckily, from what I rate, it went like right through his head and just kind of like scoff the brain a bit. But yeah, he's in critical condition and just scuffed to breed a little bit. Really. That's that's the terms. So egreis got response to Ed ahead, scoff barbred. Scott back at work on Monday, Jesus. Well, to be fair, it's America. So by all accounts he's you've got some overtime to day when he goes back. But she oursels as mental. Yeah, to be fair, when I started reading this, like I han't read the Sub bread it yet and I was like, Oh, it's got to be like our the onion, know whatever it's like. Nah, it's I can't process it. Like of all the things that get you annoyed in the world, like I've never once like went to McDonald's and they've been like all the fucking the milkshake machines not working. But chance frequently, I've never been that angry that I've even wanted to like throw punches, some pure like throw a fucking from my day cook in the window, like fuck you, like that's gone. The Guy Dining at barbecue sauce right, and it's bad enough that anybody got short. It's bad...

...enough the bullets for but that guy's essentially funny. He's only for me, his will for barbecue sauce. You're I mean, like you shot that gun and even if it doesn't hurt anybody, surely that's, I think, the model. But if you shooting out of a window, even if it doesn't hurt anybody, yeah, sure, it has been a rest and stuff now, like twenty hours after it happened, but yeah, well, like just I just find it really hard. But sometimes, like as much much as these stories come out like about America all like pretty much all the time, I still just find it hard to process because I'm just like, for the rest of the world. This is like Bonk or not. Not The whole world, obviously, but it's just such a non issue. I know that everywhere has got other problems and shit, but that's really just, man. But that's n look at still. Shouldn't happen to you and bumblings in one thousand nine hundred ninety if somewhere. But anyway. And guns got banned and we ever had a shouldn't. But I'm big shooting sense. Same thing. I'll show this. Yeah, brand it never insense. I could you had that guy was only a few years ago. One they ended up day and Those Zealand instead and a stun guy. That was a mosque one. Yeah, was a Zealand. Yeah, and they just banned guns like overnight, pretty much. Yeah, it's just it's like going on thing today, but because you keep seeing it. But you shouldn't have kids in school week or here's another school shooting survivor drow and they're all working themselves at the classes and that's warped, man. But you should need to do that in school. There was a funny tick Tock, and I know this is maybe an the right wood's a technically, you know, one like it's not funny. I've got school squeak. Yeah, it was. Well, your mate had your bullet proof fast, but you live in America, for do've got school? Listen, man, sometimes laughter's medicine right at same you need to make light where you can. That just so concord mental and I just can't get the fat process of why people over there gets so wound up when it's brought up that gun should be removed our freedom. Of course, like well, if I got no gun, I can't defend myself. It's like, well, if you've got no fucking guns, you don't need to dodge billets. fucking use as like the rests. Like join the rests. Keep men. No, I can even see why you maybe one. I'm gonna something right, but I still think they should all be done. But like at the bare minimum, I hand gun. You know what? Muskets? Let them have muskets, you finally and then you see that, but it mis guy could have used a handgun. Like Nah, no, you need like a beat. If you're like, if you start with anywhere, you need like a powerful bb gun that can then scare away an animal. All right, there's a I don't know, a Fox eating my dog chickens. I just I did, but we should have massive restrictions on them. It's just as guns. You cant. Can you still want a Walmartin by a gun? I don't have some guns. Thanks. So, yeah, imagine going any assing that. Some buds, some frozen pizza, and I have not now Akil at that. Yeah, just going like fucked. You know what I feel like? Getting fucking drunk tonight and I'm gonna buy a gun. If you right, come out to me. I got a newsy. Fine, no, facts don't. If that was a genine off of it. Shocks is that. You Call Yours on newsy. You see it's me again. You say it's me anyway. But let's not explain that and say joke. Here's fag right, all the things I would day. What was this guy ever going to achieve shooting this in the window? Like if you were pissed off...

...who? If you pissed off the company? There's like a knowing things go on twitter and tweeter about them. Block the Lor, for get it out of the car part. There's like a million things you can day which are probably know that reasonable, but way more reasonable than just go and fuck it bang, but I mean that's a thing. Like your stone will getting barbecue sauce. I Gat but something to eat. But if you made right earlier, shoot my barbecue sauce. That's thing. You see, if he complained enough on like twitter or email, it probably got a fucking discount on his next new I'll send your body. got like sauce, double sauce. It got double sauce. Just okay about that? It's barbecue sauces. Get hot sauce or something. Anything else. I mean, yeah, it's that just doesn't make sense at all. No, I'm putty Kaid as well, as soon it was even the person like servant of it was just a random now rather the kid like in the back of the drive through. Yeah, he's basically crossfire because he was like at the servant cash desk or whatever. So that guys like nipping at this manager and the window. And Yeah, that's fucked up. I can't even imagine like even just been one of the wakles standing. I don't when that happens with just seen this guid dropped. What the fuck, I would you think? Like that's what like the boys mom came out and said, as well as like get that phone call, it's like what, what do you mean? My Kids Been Shot? He's at work, like that's first of all. And then it's like shot, we're what? He's been shot in the arm, shutting the leg. Oh No, he's been shot in the head. Oh Great, first thing you're going to think my child's in the head. Horrible. No, and I'm just been scrolling through the comments that as I go fund me. Yeah, from what's gonna get to that all sorry, loss go through. It's a good yeah, and last to see it's like fairy k that's been raised from. So it's good. I mean, hopefully there's with as an exting. Hopefully Wendy's can pick up the tag at the tag the tab for his medical bills, because again it's America, and I don't know if it's true, but one of the comments seeing like this sort of things like a hundred and fifty K in medical bills. So well, I'm he's not having a baby and an American. I was like it's a prison hospital. was like it's a ridiculous amount, because I remember, I would remember it when a Rachel was pregnant. It was how much a baby with cost, and America and even just the like cold. The babies like two hundred dollars or something when it's born. It's not smile everything, as I face. Yeah, for sure. The the worst thing is one of our comments highlights that this is the third time this has happened and like the last month. At the point of this post, like and like literally fast food people being short killed. So one was. It was our forty one year old Guy Burger King. I believe I may have these mixed up, as a lot of them that he literally works with his son as well, so he's young sons there. And seem again for some reason, somebody's pissed off at fast food onloads billets kills the Dad. Sus Boy sees his dad died at work. He's fast food. And then another one's like a nineteen year old got shot as though it's like seems probably a good point to bring this up, as will where my cousin is living in Philadelphia right now and he's got an up on his phone just to show Mel that crmes happening near by just because of how rampant as and Philadelphia really doesn't. I see it said that in the corner of the room. I think it was away. Two year old got short and killed. Two weeks later it was a week later, the exact same spot, a forty one year all got shot and killed on the exact same spot. And then he sent me a CCTV page for to say these apartments like the lobby and it's a guy won't my languages girlfriend and then that sky runs up by yellow hoody and the guy throws these girlfriends. She runs away and the...

...guy website a gun and then on all go in a yellowhood runs albour gun. That's a shirt. That's right. The lobby has apartment. I'll senders a video. F The last bias. She's scary, man, and absolutely Sam Man's like I hate going and groups. I hate it and follow the Helphias. He's want here, move somewhere else now. Can't play them. Scary, especially when you drew up with hands like yeah, used to it obviously as bad that we used to need to do like getting chased with naves and stuff, but at we soon never had the warrior that if I start running to follow, going to just shoot me instead. Yeah, exactly. I mean, like, yeah, it's just it's just not this man light. I know we don't have much of a reach as it stands as podcast, but I think the shit just like the whole world collectively, every single time this happens. Just need to like, even if it's like a fucking tweet to whoever, just let Americans know that the fucking stupid for having guns. It's like the collective face palm. The rest of the world has everything. One harms and it's the placement's on the news like up to a tragedy. So let me one. Happened last week, the week before and then the week before that. What what's happening was? It was that last year that tway one school shootings took place between January and me or something. It was like a ridiculous amount. Yeah, something like that, and I actually remember seeing some can't remember if it's like a news posted, just somebody stupid comment, though, and it was about like how are like it's not actually that bad of a number, though. It's like what? And then one that their explanation for it, though, was like all, this is how many people that die from guns, but there's many people die from cars. It's like well, yeah, because like loads of people drive cars and accidents happened, but like every freaking year. People are trying to make cars safer and safer and safer. You're just buying guns and killing people and like situations that don't need to exist at all, and there's a very easy solution to that. It's just such a weird mindset. But yeah, fact, man, it railed me up, so I thought it's only fair that event and pass everybody else off with this ship. I think things like that are what thing en up and really does something that I think people they need to talk about until something has done about it. And, like you see, is we don't have much of platform right now, but all of people hot all about as well. Then it sounds cheesy as well, but I remember like growing up, like being younger, much like who you were just talking about. These probably like went over to America because if fuck America seems pretty cool. I want to go over there. There's like a lifestyle there. I'd love to be a part of that, you know, like games, videos, fucking music, whatever. It all seems so cool back and it was like this American dream that's built up over there and it's like reality over the last decade. It is just like I it's not that great actually. I'd probably be at the stage as places I'd like to see over there, but I'd probably die happy if I never went to America at the stage. Like it's like there's a lot of times and grand theft all where it is obviously a big said America, but mere recently you're like, oh, it's kind of is. It seems like it's going coming through that. Yeah, but he on a positive note, you say there's a go fund me there if they kid hopefully gets enough to kind of will hopefully recovers. Thine wish that first of all, and then hopefully whatever it's raised is enough to kind of help him and his family. Hopefully that's gets it's every resort of well, because I'm sortid. Not just pays the bills, like the medical bills. Hopefully it's enough. Will hopefully on Wendy's pays the bill. If this was done at work, or that person who shot them like somehow sell all that person stuff. So the Commons, yeah, P pay for the medical bills or make medical medical care also free. That's worth seeing as well, because some of the comments mention it. But if you've ever seen Wendy's twitter account, which you probably have, is pretty well known for like being out there...

...and like roasting people and like being vocal of that Shit. So, tame, if I can step up and talk about this, sleep. Use Your Voice, use your platform, the platform, because they've got like, like you see, is really good social media, so they've always got eyes. Oona. The kid's name is Rynderme and as go fund me was created three days ago and it raised fairly. Fivezero, six hundred and eight dollars towards his tenzero go so that's awesome. Staying really well, which does go with the first toad really yeah, and we'll put it in the show notes if anybody lessons and feels like being generous. No, that's my friend. I'm conflicted. but You thinking of the uppoots down? Dory up for that? Nah, you all laugh in order way through. It gone. You had a good thing. Now that are you having a real time? I did what we to stay quiet for that one. Apart from laughing. I don't know. I don't know. Joking. Glands on one said, must be laughing and then Brians will not. So then a horspital be job. I got to go fund me or it's a harder. It's like like in comment on because we're not there, like what? Don't I don't know the intricaces of it. It's just a shame. Like it's a kid. It's a we we boy. It should happened. I'm I don't know the UP Board. It fust down. Vote it to because it's fucking ridiculous. I'M gonna UNTER. Let's see, I'm gonna download it. I would down, I'm afraid, because fucking America, just get rid of the guns, like. I'm surely up voting it because you've brought it to other attention and how well the to go fund Mus Doing. But that's how we better whole. But there. And Yeah, it's it's actually smashed the's gool. I'll for ide awareness and then I'm in form, like their winners, of the issue and then don't vote in the particular pulled the trigger that worn't gets his I'll stand and you and then also killed. That harsh. I feel like you can't be that harsh on people that know. You should say star drinking your sourceman, no, I can't. I don't. We have lad tape. Yeah, she says I was a visual and a half of the real. Well, I kept me he'd get was coming in here, I'll be the next thing. We'll get rid of guns and then pape silled the problem. All right. Any I'm sure that's one of the excuses of just use knife. I but much harder were knife. List any experience fill gut to be fair that there's a whole other problem there that if people could just stop being cunts that day, just maybe don't look it. I can't get anybody else that Sashi a sauce. Is it just means it actually not that hard. Well, I may be a count und stand ways, but like in terms of like attacking people and taking people's lives, is it really that hard to know? Be I can't. I almost own, isn't it? I'm of the same opinion I'm using. I don't, I don't think, because it's very difficult. In no way assault people and, you know, kill people. Again, accidents happening, stuff and there's gonna be consequence to that. But like what, why? Why was that? You go to just mourning something? Are you fucking pricking and walk off? Yeah, it's yeah, or game back. Even see a fucking Arsholty, you see the way he was driving. That's fine. Or just to help crying and I drive through and they just aim it at yourself. That it's not a bad idea. Or if that's a thought that make cross your mind, probably shouldn't bear guns exactly, especially you, but you have not miss you the person who's thinking that.

Imagine, right, and you have a guy. Imagine if gun manufactures one day, right, had like at all change your heart, and they went to a display all the profits. This is enough. People are losing the lifs here, and they like re engineered all guns to basically fire the billet backwards. How like, how far do you think I'd spread before people like fuck, they're not buying guns. I'm gonna they just told them. In face of it, I'll say now, just like the point at somebody bit when they shoot the billets, not some sense that we just aimail themselves and be yeah, but they had to shoot somebody like the did really have time to get away. There with me. That's right. Really not up anyway. It's no get harm. I just not spit balling. You're such an odd solution, for it was just not the one. You see that, right, you see that, but I dare say it's a more viable solution than Americans giving up fucking guns. Let's let's roll play that market in me, and you're ready, I'm coming into Smith and Western, because only brand, I think it's a brand I know. HMM, Hey, Bob, got a big idea for you. Gold enough people. Let's kill some more one last time. But let's still getting the sale at the gun. Of course I'm getting a gun. that the I don't need that grants. Now you're going to have the whole of America wielding guns coming after him. All right, yeah, maybe I sell laugh. All right, cool, on to the next please. Thanks. Let's go last one mare like Harrid. I forought as we are, this the first episode that we're recording in the new year. Our listeners of grew over the past year and we're almost at a new milestones. I thought what better way to start than I ask credit that was put up on the ego, which is Tai old. What are some unsaid rules of Reddit that new users should be aware of and where I picked this? I thought it's going to be a whole different episode. I thought it's going a lot more light hearted, like New Year A. I've got one. No, but here we are, gone and it's more for our American listeners or users don't buy guns and kill people. So I see when you've probably got a problem. I ideally the don't vote button, being like I disagree with you button, instead of it doesn't contribute to discussion, because that is actually what it's many people, but it's just used as a I don't like this comment, but hmm, but ye, buy the red actual rules as there for does not contribute to discussion option. Yeah, I don't know. One thing I would say, though, is that, you know, sometimes they get down voted and their comment just like gets minimized off the bat and then you need to go and click it. I prefer I didn't have to do that. Annoys me because there is some no topics. Yeah, exactly, there's some topics and subredits and stuff that have biased, obviously, like everything in life, but I'd still like to see it and just meet make my own opinion, like he's an idiot, and then I can press down what was though, but if it closed when I press at that be good. I don't know. I think mays the thing. It's just that would be good. The ones I've got negative down votes are...

...probably better to just skip. Like there's not enough time in the day. Hmm, I have enough. People have already said that this is stupid, just cool. Yeah, true, sometimes as good to see you, though. Sometimes I allow you. You are. You are a gray day for a month. You probably when a gun can get really fair. To be fair, if you look at it from the point of view that you subscribe to their subredict you're interested, then, generally speaking, then you do, I guess, place a bit of trust in that community, right, because you're there to be a part of that community. I guess that's that's one of the unsaid reals. Is just like you don't get it click. If you join a community like try and take part in I guess, be active. Yep, I think I must have spent like a year and a half on like maybe to reading, read it and just never ever contribute in our posting comments or anything. It's so much more enjoyable when you do so contribute. They go, that's mom nice. Well, I was gonna go for some of the comments that I like up for. You can gone through this just I think. The some quite funny ones, but like maybe obvious to us, but others, if your post in any way, shape or form, can be misinterpreted. It will be act. I just I just seen one. If someone bombs the Boston marathon like the experts handled investigation because tears, remember, yeah, a bunch of arm chair detectives. When did they not get it wrong? And, like I spread is a little to miss information because they just remember about which hunt. No, it's so like when the Boston Marathon. Don't there's no funny. But like fuck, a bunch of read it's lifts, like accused that I ang guy and he's farm. I got like pure bomb martied. What I missed all that. Yeah, let's not and there's a pretty good one here in a SFW not safe for work isn't always poor, but we do all click it. Hope in that is let's or a similar vein. I anl I know means I am not a lawyer and does not mean the other thing. Hey, I consent. I just seen one. I run across a little they because, obvious I've been trying to use the threadles I count. Look more recently and it's that each self has a minimum Camma requirement to post. It's not mentioned in the rules of more subdays. So I try to reply on the PODCASTS sub and I had to wait for my comment to get reviewed before it would be other done. It's just like a stupid recomment. I mean another realized that was a thing. Another one is the easiest way to get awards as to complain about awards. That's complained about and before when it's someone complaints. Yeah, that's another one. That's just don't post any identified information about yourself. And I think we're all fucked with that one. True, but he oh, yeah, you should never shoot up your read it name. Probably it's a good one. Yeah, very cookie it. We're okay with that. Weird are which you call that, and a normally to that an exception to them. We're just great when that's public versus someone just going yeah, and it's like a dedicade account stuff. And Yeah, and this quite a good one. Not a real but a helpful tip. You don't have to respond to someone just because they responded to your comment. I agree with that, like does comments. There for a reason. Everybody's Untied Her opinion. Just because you don't like somebody's opinion doesn't mean need to talk about it. Like, as it says here, don't get sucked in a people's negativity. We'll different. You know, be good and if you disagree, Fu can being be informative about your response. Like don't just be like you're fucking cunt, just... like, well, actually, have you read this before? And then they make come back and say yet it. I still don't believe you. And then you go here, count you don't type it, you set report. One believes in it. So we probably a good one. That we never really need to do. Ways. Were always a few. The women be aware that if you post a picture of yourself, you'd and box will be flooded. I'm kind of glad that we don't need to pulp the hangs like gotten that on it. Speak for yourself in it. How I catch if you're brozen from the toilet, remember take your elbows off your legs every few minutes through that. I've had no legs a couple of times on toilet. Yeah, pens dose, Yay, I'm I swear there's a story once about that. We're like a guy spent so long on like the toilet just like on his phone, that he's like went to stand up because like lack of blood, got dizzy, fell and like cracked his head. I don't know. If he died sleep. That's as much as I remember, so I don't want to. I didn't die, say dead, but it hurt himself at least. But I don't. Well, we thought the story of Elvis right as you click. That not safe for work. Clink when I find a thread on this guy for next day. HMM, and I have one. This is more target at like the gaming subredits. If you post a fucking screen shot or clip, you need to put the game title, and that does my mind. I hate that. And then it's like people posting in the comments which the game and it's like good, just a hundred comments. Was the game? I S game someday. Some they must not. I click the comments find out with fucking games and it's just people saying what's the game? or I just seed one comment like yeah, that greds some gears. That does bug me and all that's a good one, but that one sporting rule is that one? That should be. A lot of these aren't, and said reals, I don't think a lot of these are like telling people to do so, let's just join an on. That's true. But Yeah, Wall Street bets is not investment advice. As see as I'm in post into the idea that everything was a post on Wall Street bets, where someone's like I use folks do on this for your investment plan. who gets this purcentage return on their IRA? Everyone's like, I think you're in the wrong group. ME, after seen Fortyzero on game that it's now. You say that, though, it's like it's not investment advice until it is, until it pays off massively for a lot of people. I'm pretty sure the the person who did the games that they called it was the only one who's actually made and kept any money. HMM, I'm not checked in on that. Doing anybody know the progress on that? I know that one guy was like I'm all ended. Did he not like buy it or it's like take share, like yes, enjoy, but I'm sure he had made over a hundred million or something at one point. But is at forty three million was the last screen shot I seen and I think that was your this one for last month. We still forty three million up, which is cool. Still Rich. No, get on. It's quite the press and when you see runs on that, it's like up everything, and I'm in the read. So there's nothing worse than like crypt or sub bredits and stuff. It's like I'll make it. They move. People you can tell that are on there and they definitely shouldn't basically wasting their money and making these investments. But they're like you're is this can knocky coin going to go to the moon, guys? And everybody's like yeah, yeah, I've only got like two grandom seven. Should put it all on that. Yes, sure, it's all ones. Well, if you aren't on it, you should be post I don't think you should be posted. Yeah, I agree. There was... up that that said all porn subreddits aren't not safe for work. Like the reply to the all not safe work stuff isn't portant. I think's a good one on the Wall Street, but it's like a lot of it is lost porn, which just been just losing all our money. Yeah, sure, that's good one. There is informative porn over there. My Story. I'm sticking to it. Yeah, sure, thing too long. Did Not reads as well. If you do decay to post and it's a big lengthy thing, got gotta have it, because Ain't nobody gone read it. I'll read an extent, but I think it's like up properably coming to. Come on, if I need to scroll like more than two three times to like finish it, I ain't read it, and that's on a phone. Is Else. That's not actually a lot of content, are you know? Just say yelled. Yeah, you don't click on the articles and likes EI though. I do. I do. Actually, I've got a good halb about that. There you go. There's one. Click the fucking source. Read it for yourself. It before. Just read the title. Yeah, as it cool. There's been a lot of things. Would have put collect on the articles and it's like thousands of vots on lass. He's a lot right. It's also read itself. Now here's a great tip. Use The new readit another body. Old One can get up, because there's never any way I link when you're using the one that there is no need for old redditle. You know what? I've been getting better using that. If you're a new user, thanks. You don't need to use old reddit. It's simple as that. If you're an old you so you don't need to use old reddit. Move On. CAN PEOPLE GET STUCK IN C is? Looking at you. You're the only person that's directed up. I bet the reader admins like the still one. Use. Are Using this like we can shoot it. Yeah, it'll be some Karen who just complain about it fucking too much cheese so on. That that spot gotten so in my heat. That was going to be like a solidential to read it to start the new year. I don't tell the sure it fits with the rest of the theme of this episode, though. Last fight. Listen, but the theme is we meet up, we spend about an hour and we talk shit like it's what it always was. It's what I always will be. Just try and refine it a bit. If you come here expecting while, you can be disappointed and see an idea, though, an idea this reddit post, like when you create your account, it should be like the first post they send you to. I'll be good and you should have to le read the whole thing. Whole thing running. Have a lot of so you not mender, although why not real like the user agreement? When you get a new game, your scolling through like page for page. What is the deal with us, by the way? Why? Why can I no longer St Accept? Why do I have to scroll to the bottom? Don't know. Yeah, that's so stupor especially unlike you see like console games as well, because you need to just like press and hold the analog stick and it's like for Shure. Yeah, there's a game I played dirty and I swear there's like three of them to go through for I could play it. I'm just like, I think guardings, are you want to play this? On One? That got me all right. I put dark five, since it was free. Thank you. Always even that it was stop five. It was ridiculous. HMM, now that's actually it made a spring in mind. It was doctor Guardians.

Yeah, HMM. Anyway, way, there we go. You year, some tips for some newbies, although the votes. I'll look for it. It's informative. I'll do because it really fitted with the rest of the theme. I think washed it. There wasn't a thing. Obviously means was up left and then moves brought in students. Use was a boot pedos yours, you bro Mat Hap Make Oh, you gotta lose the job. She was twelve. I was thinking the same thing right there. If you, I think it, at some point in your life you've seen these like you know these. There's these localized groups like orund at least the UK, and it's like these pedophile hunter groups. So they like pretend that they're like young kids and they chat with people and try and get them meet up and it's like a really awkward video. There was like hollow Dave, you the fucking Pedo. He's I'm not PETO. It will some sometimes use the money was use. It told me about this on this podcast. All really yeah, and O for like I watched like a bunch of them as all right, I'm done this, fucking sick. He's that funny man. There's so many interaction with them. There was a guy who got behink it, is it the bus station and say center, he's I was going to Amer honest, I'm not. People ask Mama that. That's what came to my minke because I actually seen that recently. But all I was going to say those like any time now and like the last wee. Well, that you get those videos, all the comments. She said Chios twill, yeah, is that one fake? Because I could eat it right like a bunch of stuff, and I was like we have, I think guys, excuse, I'll just suck it up to was in anyway. Why do what's job? No Shit shot one, an American one who puts voice it goes skil gene was why don't you come over here and take a seat, but Chris fucking son on my fel something, Jesus. All right, hey, that down, down vote the episode. Too much pet chat. That was a lot and don't know, don't know it the fuck for. This is good. Be a good long guys. It was this. You are really in my ear. Without explain side there, Esmo, we're branching out. See The people like tap, the Gansatt Cook and stuff you like, not the ones that just open up. It's like so weird. Yeah, I'm like, why? Why? I've never got here. That's a topic for an im all day. Yeah, yeah, and SFW. It's a bit creepy. There's a bit creepy. It's just something looking in the camera. Oh, I've got an idea, guys. Should we do Ansmr outro? Okay, goodbye. This is being a frider's podcast check. Thank you very much for listening. Threads, please listen to the next episode. Bookston bully, phisical. I GUESS.

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