Episode 30 - Conor Mcgregors Cartel Conspiracy, Holiday Sex Toys and No Hablo Inglés


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. Conor Mcgregors Cartel Conspiracy, Holiday Sex Toys and No Hablo Inglés 

Sound good? Lets jump in. 

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PODCAST podcast. Hello and welcome to the Threados podcast, the podcast were three mates talk about what they find on the Internet. This week I'm loose, I'm grant, I'm Stephen. Long last feels like it's been allowed since last one. And how eyes, it's good, not so bad, not so bad, pretty good, don't it an exciting last couple of weeks I got some exciting comment up. Oh right, no use, we can over that afterward. So for my birthday I got like Silverston like experience about your thing, and I'd say it. I wouldn't be cool if I could drive a Formula One car, and that's what I'm going to go do it. So I go we we single seat are like Formula One, type of Spirit Natural Formula One car, but that type of Cup like that look very single seat our experience. So I'm going to go and do that. A couple weeks time, nice and it's out like silver stim. Yeah, nice should be. You don't know what type of cars is it like a I've seen one months that I got a didn't do it, but I got my dad some similar and wasn't Formula One, though. It was super cars or some shit like that. But there's a week. Are there have called that appen? It was more like a little buggy, though, like ballet. It's like super fast and yeah, got to de laughing. I'm not sure they cut. Yeah, there was like a there's a choice. It was like a supercar. I look, I don't know. was like a Ferrari or or asked the martin or this form the one thing? Okay, it just it's just called a formula single, single seater. That's cool. Yeah, looking forward to it. Should be fun. Nice, man, when it's really the last episode, I mean it, we'll see. You know where it goes. I don't don't go, Richard Hammond. Well, it says there's no you know how that normally do those things. That looks like somebody Dick. She like our so doing here or did know to fut doing a second this one is your on your own and there's no speed limits. You can drive it as fast as you can make it go. I'll still that may mean the cars limited like twenty million or the yeah, imagine, and you know some people like SASONA. Yeah, that's good. Doke is in that. That was the same. As I said, I got one from my dad and he chose the Aston Martin. HMM, and basically the one he you went to. I don't know if it's the same set up a lot of places, but it's basically. So, say you had an asked the Martin for the day, like you'll take your ass the mart into this place and people drive it. But like the owner was in the passenger seat and he said, like every time he started like flowing at the guys, like Whoa, like so down, so don't like easy on the brakes and all that stuff. And you said it was like nice to be in the car and stuff, but can know, ruined this experience. But see, all that's cool. If you're going to put your card and hangs like that, like you can't really be at that. People are paying for the experience and if you're silent. No, not what should stop an off. It's maybe you shouldn't be the one Awfu on that. Yeah, I agree, it so, but danger IB. Would fork take that another very proud and like Oh, yes, I have an asked the Martin and I like to drive it on the weekends and thirty melano were in the back roads and thinking that other people also just like want to enjoy drec like no, no, I want to race and ask the Martin. Yeah, that's how does what's all? It be a spy. And Yeah, I think it also shoots billets and Shit likesible sometimes do. But say, did she and exciting for falntains and that's just past there. I don't the other day. Do you still have the celebrated that it really we've just never followed me and Wesa. Don't you Valentins to it? That's true. Yeah, can go food seeing jackass. HMM, good, very good. The rubbin on men. I fi less lessen and you thought I was going to to get up in weave at one point in jackass so I couldn't breathe. I was actually start holding my chest like I'm going to need to get up and leave. Feel I'm going to die. I hope think it's worst. Jesus, Use your imagination, folks. Hopefully it's not as disappointed as the real life. All Right, I've seen jackets a long time, but it's always been it's always funny in it. Yeah, it's just funny to see people get hurt and it seem we like if a kid falls and stuff. I don't still faink that funny. No, children, oh it's so funny. It's not my kids, no, no, but others lostorious. Yeah, depends, like Weir this.

I fucking see he's hot, then it's not funny. But La Fos and he's back up my house. It's yeah, but I think if it wasn't, it's like it does silence. But I'M A, I'm at. Yeah, yeah, a kuld falls with stale. It's usually funny, but they actually they fall with sale. I wouldness you stay you were. Would see me league after the four and they just kind of boos back up in the running again. It's funny. Yeah, looks like a bad that Russ Fair, you know, decent? Now I don't think so. Actually, I was actually going to like Morki's for you, an issue reaction to the infinite saying, because she's a both fairly, but now I think in my last company I haven't done anything. Should we make the Annese with loose of you told Stephen What our plan was for the next or just couple episodes time. Do you know what the plant is? I'm feeling that I must have forgotten this and the should just like trolling right now. Come on, this time next month, oh, we'll all be together. Yes, in real life. All Right, Oh, I should do one. Is that way? Sorry, this is where we start. Our only fans at the bread. I don't know what's worse. Is Zero listeners or zero fans. Will have one. You think he would subscribe? I think so. It's been loyal. That's far, but stop. I'M gonna. I was going to say that the ultimate test for Alex, if you ever needed it, considering with pretty much mentioned them every episode for no fairy episodes. He said we might subscribe our only fans. If you says yes, then it's undeniable. At this point, I suppo needs help, Alex. if Youson that's no, then we can worry. If I see a start that episode would it's better if he's played it in the car with somelready. So all this is, my mates, is my meats worthy it all? That's podcast. It's quite funny, sometimes or sometimes, but got back, but fun times. YEA, yeah, it's good. Hopefully we'll have a live episode that we can bring you were all in person. That's exciting. Yeah, she'll be like yeah, a couple episodes time. Yeah, it's gonna little be range. It could be good or terrible. Sound sounds maybe a bit bad, since whatever makes and we may all be hanging out for ours. So it's been recording little thing fed in. We could probably fit any of this all day. Anyway. This's personal plans and think to think that would one still largestics. We're doing a live episode. It's well to ourselves. Now we should do a lave in the law bill going to the same room now we go. We should do it in the lobby of whatever hotel I'm staying up. Yeah, I'm a can come along, Alex. couldn't confine girl. Yeah, also show we can. Will Open Up, we'll do the time, will organize it and if people like to come, they could come. If not, it's no different. It's just the three of us, the Three Musketeers. How would they tell us they're going to come loose? We would get in touch with us on twitter, the fretters, or just google the threaders podcast. You'll find away with a bit if you Google as we come up now we're famous. They we call Googlen. Yeah, if you search the Fredos podcast, yeah, it's not much else out there with this name. Yet miss appointment it's like. anyways. I think we've spoken of Shaw. Should we getting in the first threads to it. Let's cool, excited for this one because for the first time, I think the first time I can, spiracy is coming from me. So, rather than being the one to just consistently shoot things down and be negative, I thought, Bullshit, this is I can put conspiracy. That is a lot of shaken way. Ready to tell you what, Shaite, honestly, why we bring this up? Don't vote, guys, don't vote it. Well, to day MOS exported said or did I send that one? Nice can I know much...

...agree. Imagine, imagine I just hijack your friend. There's nothing you can do. It all right. So, yeah, like I've taken my own notes from a spread by the lot of their from apart, but mostly because I've caught out, like seventy percent of the world count because I'm not a storyteller and not a journalis steve were, so I figured would be easier. So anyway, my thread is Tay old conor McGregor's bar and Dublin is a money launder in front for the Kenahan drug cartel against his will, and this is posted on our conspiracy by the fits or seven. It's obviously corner are much beloved, favorite Irish athlete to come out and become popular and the last what, five or so years? Five six years, probably more than that, I don't know. Everybody loves either. Everybody loves them. He does no wrong. That's you know, and just seems like maybe true. Maybe he's just heading down a wrong path. So anyway, right, I'm going to give you the details and then you guys can chain in when you want off. Let me know if you think this conspiracy has any validity for salt right work validity probably all right, just caps lock validity. Pretend that you don't know. It's so worked rate. So we're going back here. November, twenty nine, two thousand and seventeen. McGregor's in a bar up and the SAITES for some reason to assault a fifty year old man. To be clear, this is not the old man that most people have seen the video of. It's just something. Enjoys doing a head an old man and never do. That was because he did any drink the whisky on it, apparently. Yeah, apparently, didn't want some proper twelve Irish whiskey. That's so. Yeah, he refused it and got a punch for still is growing to be fair. Good on them the other corner. No, man like studies ground. You offer something drink with in the take it. Good on him. Yeah, just walked out. Nothing like the discuss. So I sorts of fifty old man. It turns out allegedly, that that fifty year old man was the father of a guy called, I'm kind of scared a name drop, by the way, just for this being like Irish. Cut Tell on that, but we're good at for this podcast. Was the father of a guy called Graham wheeling, also known as the wig the wake, as I confirmed, and convicted drug trafficker gone. See, I just wanted distance myself for you that we would that name drops. No, mere grant, I didn't the see and it wasn't me. It was actually the fit zero seven. I know, shooting, but you see, that's all your yeah, to be fair, I also through another the allegedly that wasn't an Avig I thought you should confirmed. Oh No, he's definitely one hundred F confront Traffica it's been publicized. He's been done for that. Right. Just want to put a pin in the live episode. Probably won't be happening anymore. This not at my hotel where is that against when we meet in London? Wink. It's fine anyway. Eleven, but MOM CHICAGO. Hey, right, come on, the ruin of my friend here. So fifty old man gets punched. Fifty old man as the father of I confirmed unconvicted drug trafficker and a member of the Canahan family. If you don't know and you haven't heard of them, they are apparently the biggest organized crime family and the Republic of Ireland. allegedly. I don't think so. It seemed great. Anyway. I got a couple of days later, a journalist and island came out and said that he's been tipped off that apparently a nine Hundredzero, you know bout he has been put on corners head for basically the murder of Connor McGregor. There was no like recorded or publicized like attempts on his life. But a few days later, yea, so he was actually seem like in a...

...nightclub with that guy the wick whose father he punched. Right. So, moving on a bit, twenty four of April, twenty twenty one. So a few years have passed. Corner bought the pub that he assaulted the man in, and this pub was known as the black forge and if you've heard about it, the main thing about is like Conema Gregor basically market the shit out of it because it's his pub, it's an island and he'll be there all the time and all that stuff. So don't really get a bigger market and push than CONIMA Gregor basically saying I'll be at the pub if you come for your dinner. So well, that pub. It cost some two point four million to buy it and I'm million to renovate it and then, yea, a few months later it could have open to the public. Everybody loves it. It's a buzz like globally, let alone just island. So people are traveling or in the world to come there. A few months after that the place was attacked by petrol bombs by plate people only know it was to to where we can't say men to attackers and they were never kind have found. The still at large, if you will, getting hunted by the cops over there. So obviously that's not good. So just to kind of add some fuel to the story, and I right, that's kind of the premise and a timeline order, but basically they kind of just to the faery. First of all, is that after a Sultan, the fifth year old man corner is basically approached by this Kinahan family and basically told, well, here's the deal. You fucked with us. So it's either your life, your family's life, or you're going to start a nice, to see, operational business using the Economic Gregor name that everybody loves, and we're basically going to wash our money through it. If you don't agree to that, you know we're gonna basically fuck your your wife, your kids up. You looked like you were going to say something like grant me, no, no, but is it? Is that for shore? That so that old guy? That's true. Oh that's not the same old guy. Little guy punched is the feather of some convicted drug trafficker, allegedly. All right, don't read I farhead yet. All right, listen, it's a conspiracy theory. Whom to see if it's true or not? See even likes that. He likes it was a more deniabley. That's that. And so let make sure I'm at the way point when don't see it. Yeah, so, some points. Then after then the gest of the fear that may add a bit of fuel to is they Kinahan family are pretty well known amongst organized creame for being a big part of boxing and enemy. They operate in Dubai and in doubling as well. You know, I don't know. I've always heard that gym's and stuff like boxing gyms of long standing being a way of like laundering money and stuff like that. So maybe there some drift of that. What's a good see? Oh Yeah, so obviously they stay in Dubaye and if you seen any of corners of recent attempts at come back, he was doing a big, massive training camp in Dubai and seen sort of hanging out with this family quite a lot whilst he's over there and during his training camp. And yes, that's a bit more fuel. Connor has also been can our people say that he's addicted to cookin pretty badly and that's why he's like act to the character. So he's got cocaine addictions, I'll cahol addictions or that, and so people think that maybe that's just the stress and his life from being constantly threatened with, you know, extortion, murder and people threatening his and his family's life daily. You know, it could maybe turn you to drugs. May explain why he was kind of cocky but humble for so long and then all of a sudden he was just an arshole to ups or everybody. Might have just been the drugs that you knows not put an eternal point. You can so the drugs tying. Hmm F that's is all allegedly true. I know be I think it was already a cookey before I'm anyway, because it do. You don't just got in funching old men and that's the Er of s place. And he's been no dificult. He's not for a few years... He's probably got your selling enough actually where to cook cool. Don't don't disagree. It's nice to see your Cana on board with some of the feary here. You try, Pawnda, why you may have ended up in this situation. See. So another piece of information that makes swear your decision is corner and is fairly well known, and the MMA scene manager, John Cavana, both have a history of like recommending MMA fighters are upandcoming Mama fighters that actually come from the gym owned by this Knahan family, and so they kind of try put them on the map. Quite frequently. McGregor even walked one of them out till the ring in a boxing match once like one of their fighters. That marketing, all that stuff. Connor was also seen in pictures videos of the family and most notably, there's a Guy Whi generally know it's David Byrne, who was assassinated and I'm as shooting at a way in for one of the this Canahan families MMA companies events by a rival gang member. Right, so that happened. McGregor is in a bitter I don't need to go out. There's a lot of stupid runs like that rape but the gist of it basically is McGregor got him selle in this situation and the feary know, is that basically has whole life and business existence is basically a front. Now. What he's doing, these business ventures, because this global cartail based out of Ireland as basically behind the scenes, not and basically he's got a Lifetiam and at a day they'll never pay off because connor McGregor's massive and the cartail want to slice it has money. And then at the same time they've obviously got their own businesses and boxing and MME that they're thinking, not only can we launder money through him, and if that shit falls back, it's McGregor's name that's on it and you know, if that got found out, it be him that's freaking canceled and finished like Shit. They've also got their own businesses that they're kind of he's given them a better notch, a mark in front for so I that that's the gist of it. I thought out. As I say, I'm quite in TUFC and stuff, so it's a name obviously recognize and I know Stephen likes a good conspiracy. Fey and I'm the first Ti pet calls in them all. So I figured why not be the one to present it and see what the guys think? Sure, we rank? Unbelievable it. Oh, at ten. I always go with ten beings. Be True. I gone, you go first, me yet meet. You go first. A better too. I thought you're ready this year. I was going to set three. Yeah, anyway, obvious seeing that free three, four, but I think pauls it may be through. He's obviously involved US far away alleged play bod eggs, but I don't like to be able on them for punching a guy once you take her some of these entire way, for it's not like they were getty exposed that he does it. Already found theres kill them. It's not in fairness to the conspiracy. It's not really the pub publicity of and punching the manners, because everybody, as you say, you that it's more the if that is his dad or whatever, you punch my da. I'm part of the Irish cartel. You're a milty millionaire, potentially, give it a few years, billionaire. That's a lot of money for us. There's a little bit of plausibility in that. How much did you see that? The head one was then on a Graham? I that's pretty a litwful. Like the heat that you'd get half it up, is it? Is it though? Well, I suppose one rate for the the heat on it. Yeah, but then if you're just some like see, see, I don't know, some guy like job bless on the Bruins, I feel like fack. This Guy Swan's a bit double and all time. I can do that. That's a lot of money if I get away with it like I don't. I think there's a better plausibility in that sense, but personally I think it's more likely that he's a young guy grew up in Dublin probably knows some of these people. Always has, as soon as he started getting famous in the UFC. You know,...

...he's probably met with these guys and gym's before because he used to box before M me. So he probably knows these people. And then again, as I said, I think it's kind of well known, if you will, that boxing gym's over time of always again allegedly been a front for like money laundering. So if he's kind of known people like that or people have known him and then he started to, you know, get famous the way that he did, I mean it, if I put myself in their shoes, I'm probably going to him being like fuck man, you're a big man, you've put like island on the map. Tell you what will protect your family? Anybody in this fucking world does anything you think, and you just cheat as well treat our family will you know? That seems a lot now likely because it's like no secret that called h McGregor's what's going on here. So whatever do that. It's no secuse. Actually can't tell me like going yea good fun named trumps. I mean it's like I don't know any drop them. Is it's and Irish Republicandia. It would make sense. He's and made a group. Yeah, I use it. These grew up at in them and all that. It's kind of like I canna. Just makes sense really that it's been in the gems all these days. Yeah, I think that's more likely, to be honest, from our point of view. Imagine a nice story at all, Wisis, it's a fun Reid. Imagine. Imagine you're in your in Scotland, like how many? How many folk? A Gay, happy, like as rich as you. If would you be in Scotland, top of the curling game. Your top of the curling game, right, you're putting Scotland on the map. Who you're we fucking broom. Your restored on ice. And then imagine you come back to Scotland. There someunday else who's really interested to pushing stones and rushing ice, but also like has maybe the same well, for similar wealth as you. You got like naturally drawn to each other or the same things, the same events. Are you come to my hus I'll compan yours. We got your holiday home. Or let me use your car. I don't know what you do. Look at the club together. Will have the ape like it just seems like that's what kind of think like you've been drawn to people similar to you the build, a rich people, but a rich person who's also in the curling your fucking Yeldie. So I'm assumed. It's just like I can't lie. I can really buy into it. When when you choose calling US Scotland good for high here games making, I know that's really point. No like common it like if somebody for Scotland became the Economic Gregor of Scotland, that they could work. It could be m make, befoot, bought, could be doesn't need me fucking calling for course fun. Just imagine, right, you are the chiling on the map. You're the champion, I guess, chasing all right, you can catch the be bastards anywhere. To be fair, the champion of highest chase and should be a lot more wellknown than they are. If I'm honest, it's it's actually a bit disrespectful from the rest of the world to rank that the sport of Higgs Chase and so lowly because we do. He's as class. It's a phenomenal some speed. Don't settle scene. Consider and you know your average Higg is can sprint like what fair ate mail on ear or something. The fact that we, Davis, caught seven of them. That's good on them. Yeah, for didn't been after the accident. My true, he has only got one leg, and I mean the fact he can sprint with one leg is impressive. You know, US tell the English side of my family that this what is a high guess it's all we animal with two legs, on one side of which are longer than the other, because it's always running up the highland hill. Hoss, stupidas like. I guess fucking love. I guess I'm not far and I know he's made that. I don't like that. I guess he can touch his haggers catch them very well, maybe, I guess I want to break this rule. Is Top tier? Yeah, I guess in Tats gone. I like it like in small doses, you know, if it's just like a bit of hi, guess, but if it's like Haggess, bond bonds or it's in something else, yes, top to you. That's anyway. How do you get till? Guess it's the world's best conspiracy. If you're right here. That I've brought to you, guys, and for stone votes. We why would the why would they need them? Color, MC Gregor to a lot of that. Why would they not by the room pubs? You didn't...

...ask a little less suspect. And if it's like a big global superstars at not like who's going to think? I like guys running money after the books through his place. I'm like lucid. But those people coming forward in the world to go as well. So it's drawing and mail customers as well. If you need two people, it's or made up in it, I know, but it's funny Meil money of those male people and don't all. Yeah, it's like puhing a fries for the guest washing a fries on the books. For me, eighty pounds. Stick really guests a pen, stick it, hand up and sick for me. How would you if use her to launder money? Howld you stay it? What would your business be? Was it no whim? Who is the mix? It was not sor. Who was the Columbian Drug Lord? Boys cootball? Was It escore? Was it him? Or see the Mexican one? I think it's him. Did he know have a taxi business which had two cabs who was pulling in like sixteen million a year or something. No access. I was probably a good one, to be honest. Let's guse see. I have not heard that, but if so, then I think it. I think that's like it's the open an Arcos. It's like he's got two taxis and there are a ton of, like sixteen people. He had that much money that rats started eating it. I heard that. I it's crazy. It's I think it was something like free grandamne to spending on elastic bands. typut are in the money. It was meeting and think very much cousted by elastic bands. Dames, I's been at if the loss of my old man. I think I've got two that would do some one would be the very obvious and we've all been a part of them. Car washers. I just seems like the easiest way to launder money ever, to be honest. Sleep very pretty. He's going to set and watch your car washing be like all like fairy cars went through the other day and they've cleaned sex on a cassent through there, and some of them busy as well. You don't need to whatever. Sorry, messed up all. You don't need to whatever. Any of them expiring and all like. I feel got myself my food job. This is all gone by anyway. Yeah, exactly. However, if you ever seen good girls on Netflix, no one watch it, because it's actually amazing. It's like a TV show that I never thought I would enjoy and then like a couple episodes and I was like hooked and it's just so weird, like story ice. Anyway, bit of a spoil here, but they like start washing money and that, and the way that they do that is by basically using fake money. Is that the same as Londer money? It's probably not as it anyway, they use fake money and they go in and, yeah, that is longer in it. It's like you put fake money and it's like get real money out or I don't know. Anyway. Yeah, they spend all this fake money and like supermarkets, like for us, test school as done all that, and they spend it on loads of like electronics. So they going with this fake money, by it all, leave it a well, go to another shop and then like return it and somehow they return it in cash. So then they're getting the real money out fake money into supermarkets. I'll do that. I still have got to watch it. For it we got the fake one. If I'm intrigued. All right, I'll got so good one. That's so good. Yeah, anyway. Well, I guess, Stephen, what would you do as your money laundroom business? See ID quickly, good ideas. The obvious Gore too as well. I think I something joy tell me buying. Will that? Will you think? HMM, I would buy a golf resort that had loads of members, but maybe they would turn up. Just be me like ALDs of fake memberships, and then all these rich people with a fake memberships will be buying loads of really expensive drinks at the bar. And Yeah, but I think, I think I've been eay wait a longer about money, like greenskeepers and I see the CCTV foosh, almost are and you're all up. It's just trying to side of the boy. To shame. We don't believe in a exploiting privacy here. No, I can get it. Look of like security guard at the gate. The tell you with the pulsar common, you build the eighteen four shoot lar and you can fuck off. Ac really like an online shop would be very easy as well. Right, so that was my fing just place orders and likes someone exactly cash. Are you getting the cash online? True, you just buying stuff me, but for yourself. I'm just ripping myself off. Just twenty percent. fucking emails back, like I did not get the product...

...time of just hey, let's customer is always complaining. Steven, did the other think? Oh yeah, maybe like an electronic repel show or something like up fair. I just be got the fender actually came and it gets so apparently you fixed one thousand four hundred laptops yesterday. Yes, but fixed. I can t five. How it's too quick. Yes, I'll day, I can't. I can't effect city. Imagine. Seems like a lot of effort to me. So I think that's why I'm not in the life of cream. Anyway. Great, but he's not good. Or maybe a podcast. Fine, voice one watch it. I think I've got about Adelie the night. So I'm much I feel hot and jump man, when everyone's still not think you just whispered les. He just whispered you. Maybe I put us. Well, that's great. So you see you when people here this podcast and we're talking about like, all of a sudden, the new like Lamborghini, we've just bought an all that, it's because we made an episode about a wellknown organized cray family in island, and then Stephen made the suggestion that we could probably lawn the money through the podcast, and simpy thought that was a good idea. And the next thing we got rich. Yep, let you will take cash payment for any advertisers out there. If you just want to send it by post, put on the amounts of key. Yea Thine. Well, he's postcode and stuff at the end your little ballox. Sixty nine g one one the other. The Post coals are glass going more? It's the same as yoursn't we just all users? Everyone is right up for it. Stone votes. Let's get this thread out of existence. Can I go first? Don't vote. I hate it. Right. Next, constant. I thought it before. Left. Always you want me, so I'll take that's what I enjoyed. You Brain. Bring we conspiracy. It's nice. See you got a buy a funnier. We don't worse. Thanks me. Do you even care? But I think they really know your selior. I'll give us a we up vote. Funny. The story it was get to talk about a thing is bullshit. But yeah, props for appear in the thread. Nice, next, next, next one. So can someone em see the user roam for this one please. Yeah, it's posted by definitive. Thank you. On our no stupid questions and I seen this. I was quite intrigued. I had some ad my one safe, but I thought this would be quite quick a funny one to go over six and a half thousand up votes. It is not safe for work, but it says the TAITLORS. Can I bring a Dildo into Egypt and the posters? Hello, I'm flying into Kiro airport and I want to bring a builder with me. I also want to have birth control and sperm acide. What sperm sides are? You know, I have no idea of this. Usually careless. It's like what's the stuff for plants? Called again like pistols to say yes, so isn't it something that basically kill, something like a form of is spurmer saide contains chemicals the Stop Sperm from getting to an egg. So if you off control and spare my side, like all for a Dildo. Anyway. Can I just say something? This post was definitely drake story about him recently. No, yeah, basically, some crazy woman like that's the only I'm sorry, but it's the only way to describe her. For this drink is the ensued. Yeah, cause go, who started with Drake, is being good point. Yea. So she's souon drake because apparently it's mad. So basically they they did the deed, they met, and then I did the deed or Contun show or course show. Yeah, he went to the bathroom to kind of get squared away. The next thing she's fucking crying...

...our eyes out because she tried to basically like empty the the condom, cant the contents of Jake's condom and to herself, Oh my God, he had poured like hot sauce and it to kill the spear minute. So then it basically like Coochie, and then she's try to damages, assume for VAGAMA report. I saw SAI, so I like it. I assume this happens to drink quite a lot. Like fop, we're going to want happy money in it. And Yeah, I was going to say in fairness, like if you're just like you know, I'm assued, single or whatever, you have fun and your somebody with such a name and such wealth, you don't want people doing crazy stuff like that. Like what she doing that for me? I don't but that's girlfriends. Well, partly kills it. But then he's also can that she tried in it. Maybe it's a weird maybe he's like, she seems cool, but I need to test her. Yeah, so it's like a crazy, a lovely test. M Good on them. Funny, I'd kind of he was getting switch for that, but just the fact that that says I will have birth control and spare my side, I'm like he's giving them the birth control and making sure it gets rid of the yeah, you know. So, yeah, table could as we say, is this going to be an issue and we'll keep with it being tossed. But I don't want to face legal trouble. I'll be denied entry in one to experience with this. So to any use? Yes, fame took o done Egypt. Yeah, the all time. The spare my side, though. Now you're not like that. I say, if you got more than fifty millis of it, you're not allowed. So I think we drink it to show that it's all rights. Spare my said. That is well, did he use the report for Tim because spam use the why someone would ask that? Is that an answer? You just asking is like an there's there's an answer. I just didn't get any. My manage just don't drink. It must be something like that, like somebody with a bit of like profile or like like. I don't know. Egypt seems like a far way to go if you're until like swinging or something like. I don't know even see you. When I seen that stay, or I was. I was in three, three and knew that those addesssions and the actual look today itself. I don't know. I kind of think anything here. So I was also a bit confused. Why would you ask that? Why was that? Why was this one? No stupid questions, it feels like. It feels like the answers are you could bring that you want and it's just a sex soy. But apparently it is illegal to bring sex toys to Egypt. Oh and then one of the top comments is that's really odds given all the pictures of Ferro's have chin strapped builders on them. All right, so see what it's like punishable way. Is that like a final present anymore? I didn't find that part out, but apparently all sex toys or just banned and illegal. So you can just like buy someone you get there, then I don't think so. HMM. And if you go laughter what I thought there was them. I'm okay if it being tossed, but I don't want to face legal trouble and be denyeddentry. So can you know just no, take it then, but I don't know fast. Just don't take it if you would, you know fast. See if you want gone through an Alport. They're checking out, but I got normal new or planet, Oh my God man. And you know it's got Huh. You know for a fact. If you try to sleep running him, another like gets coming up. If you see the mist tick tock is secure. Guy Who opens it in. A friend of put one of our bag and the guys just looks as he's gone. Can close the backup Warper, I think. I swear as one like similar to that, but they like falls out the bag and it's just like a cousin on the floor. I swear I've seen an idea like that. You'd be mortified one. Yeah, so this, this gout me like I was intrigued by this. So when in a bit of a rabbit hole and as I got like a wonder, I strafing like what else, what things would be illegal and other places that you just maybe when I think because I would never think of that. I would never, never got a holiday. You make think Great Daddy, like immigration. Whats that called? Day Take a visa. It's my passport in d I'd never go or mydelds legal. So Google some weird laws for in the world, but before I gon through them to use, can any like random we good laws? One it's like it's obviously... one active doing. But it's like, I'm pretty sure it's York. An English person can shoot a Scottish person. We are born Arrow. I've heard that. I yet I theo some wild one. It's like an English person can shoot an English person, a born ARDOL AND YORK. I'm pretty sure if somebody that go ahead and in there, like it's still go to you because you're just shot something fucking boorn Arrow, but it's top trumped by killing somebody. I was just thinking, like I would actually be safe there, so I don't actually mean that one. Well, they fucking going with you, because I would. In fact, I'm bought now that I can just pull the tongue cook guard and just le Um English Min it's absolutely there. Are Some of you's ever heard this? One's in Scotland. If somebody knocks on your door and requires the use of the toilet, you must let the mentor by law something. What's the toilet used to lit them in your house? Of course they designs like surely know, because every burglo would just go. I Neither pee. When you who some still your shit, still your daughters. Is that real? Little like, apparently, but it's a I think these are going to be absurd lass. I don't know. If I don't know if they are forced. I don't. I don't. The pauls are going to come on and go, little boy, that's all of every broken. You're in trouble is the but I got a tip and BREASTMAN's heart. Is that true? Tag that woman in England like that is true only in the bucket hat things. I think that is true. To please. Still wear those, though in England, and a little now they still were there. I think, like patroling bobbies, where the normal heart? HMM, the bucket happening? I'm going to go for a few of them and I just get your reaction. I've got ten, but Scotland, RM was one of them and some of them shakes. Ll See how many we reading. Parliament has a famous Salmon Act of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six states it's illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious circumstances. I need to know more define suspicious circumstances. How do you have be home suns as Simon, looks kind of suspicious. That imagine what the mistreating somebody's walk. My line, that's suspicious. Unless it's a nice old pack from Bas school. Then why you got a salmon in your hand. So so, technically the law is what it's is suspicious. It means anybody who receives or disposes of a salmon and circumstances where they believe or could reasonably believe the salmon has been illegally fished. So you get two years in jail for look at a bit sof spere salmon margine getting grass, then for fishing, and I'll bego salmon and getting put in jail for two years. Know even that bud getting grass then for just halving it. I bought off the back of Vin. I'm sorry, officer, I know it looks suspicious. Audio found that was putting a back back and yeah, I could smell in his lunch that's an illegal salmon. If I've ever smell one. It was quite funny. Next one is if you own chickens and quipment Georgia, it is illegal to let them cross the road. I didn't cross. You know it. Take it Georgia because it's a criminal oh yeah, apparently some to do with like the chicken safety, the sacred, and that Georgia. So they're knowled across the road because dangerous. Make it lost the sacred. Yeah, I can help all right. Up until one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, it was illegal to change your own light bulb unless you are licensed electrician, and Australia, second most populated state, no way. So you have to fine and get that an electricianic to enjoy bullb. Yep, they change this in the you know eight because they realize that late bulbs were no longer dangerous, so they changed it. To See, you can remove a plug from a socket and you can change your own light bulb. You can't do anything else with electrics unless you're I don't try. So removing a podcast socket? You mean like plug your phone charger and take it? I think so. I think that's what it means. I thought I meant like maybe I'm scrapped from the wall. Change still kind of that, and I mean very hard to do the light bulb thing anyway, but it consider if you've near like Oh, but it's probably dark and it Gen'lly get caught. My son's watching it is like like Snowblo for three weeks. Yea. Yeah, so how many a Studians it take the change a light bulb? That's probably joking or somewhere in my... And it really is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except at funerals and hospitals. Are we go? Requirement to smell? Yeah, so you need to smile? Yeah, unless you're there's some exceptions. Exemptions include funeral goers, hospital workers or those at the bedside of an El family member. So stuff to smell if it was next to one to use because you know, family really did really shit that. Surely I can't actually smell. Met Thought this guy's just kick the door down and he's shot my wife. Hey, caratulations it apparently that one was prescribed irregulation from US Austro Hungarian Times. It's just never been changed. Like just one that's stuck her in forever. Abo, it's still there. It's just don't Tay Cares about it? Nobody. Yeah, and I don't think. I don't know you care about that. At leasing. In Florida it is a legal to far in a public place after six PM on Thursdays. See, everyone's like that. Always wonder who that comes out and why are you? But I thought you want after going to make it a lot. It's so weird. Six PM, you can some the been on the way if the power fucking hell. And what can we? We farty. Finally, daisy again. That is that. Tell you what quick pass upain. I'M gonna write this at law. I'll last that an angry like boyfriend, boyfriend, a girlfriend, and it problem passes. Aggressive was just done a really smelly far. Guess Man, I'm gonna something. Six Pim is ill, but everybody that has dennerally half forward and get them it quick. What's this? What it's against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after seven PM and Arizona do not it. CANNA, sounds like the most reasonable law so far. I mean it just sounds so weird that it probably shouldn't be happening. Fuck in the time level when it is their sure that why would you ever seeking donkey about any time staffing it. So this law has an equally weird little story. All right, gone an Arizona. This law was brought into effect. You to a public menace case and th eight hundred and twenty four in ideas what the menace was. With Theo. There was a guy like a donkey sleep. It's a merchant. You still low his donkeys sleep in a bathtub. The town was flooded when a local damn broke and the donkey, the donkey, was washed on male down the valley. Donky survives, but local spent a lot of time in man power to see the animal. So the past a law because they could be bought down that again. Well, you're right, it's the most reasonable. I probably my God, a problem, my God, and they made a solution. But how's it go from up? I just like Messall. Just how did it go from a bath to Damn Burston, they're no related. Donors. A sleep in the bath boss, which acted like a ball. fucking it went and in the locals wetting, rescued it and spend AG's fucking getting this donkey at this bath. This is a bath. Was the bath safe? They donkey so I'm the documented idlewise they should be allowed in the bath. No, the Bun donker got up and fucking walk can't? He set came at that, but I'm picturing, like you know, standard bathroom. I don't in that bath. HMM. How's the bath getting swept today? I don't know me, it's faking us. Nine hundred and twenty four could be it? Say you don't know something eyes for a seconds. Okay, makes sense. Now on its back by concrete bolting. I'm fetchingly. Just somebody's got a dunk in the back. Looking marble tiles on the flaer. Those speaker mirrors playing a new fucking thread of the guard every one, and only lessen our donkey number seven. It is against the law to not walk your dog at least three times a day. inchuring Italy. This one's actually this is this is legit. Okay, that sense like a normal law, and that should be the whole dog goings in turn atally will be fine five hundred euros if they don't walk her pets at least three times a day under a new law from the city's Council. Really consider itself an animal loving nation and many of it's a street, cats are protected by law as well. HMM, street are law. Definitely, definitely add that one. Don't know what happens in coronavirus, though, which mean you will know that WHO's totally go three teams to day.

Well, if you've got a big garden, can you walk it down on the gardens account? Did they not say that during coronavirus you allowed, like and iurs walk or whatever? Yea, I like it. Imagine you still need to work with it and stuff. Maybe this day, the year Selm Times is there's another saying like a pet's never died, we no getting a walk for the dogs never dieing. What for they but they have died for the heat stroke, like I don't it. Why don't and hottest days like you go for the garden, only gonna walk on the pavement or it's like late at night where it's cooler. First thing in the morning it's cooled. But I think you need to think what counts as a walk, as where we could just let the Mountin go, got it all and then back and it's too hot, but that counts one of the walks. I don't know, probably overthinking in me, like it's probably like an you know, like a realistic sense, like the wather's fine, your dogs fine, take it for a look, yeah, and may we die Tut. It's Paul Sole. Like kids. We had to like just carry it to their pan that and pick her back. I'm taken joint. So it's like she's barely got walks for like for as. I don't care if I was hanging on can walking. It's a lot, apparently that one. They rely on a large largely rely on the neighbors to tip them off. So there's clearly like a we we need. We didn't sitting at when they we tally tell a book. I saw again that that probably would be like a the off. Clear. I know. Took that dog it because it's it agrees. It's like yeah, or that was only half of what Gan. I boy, that's one and a half. Today I can note in that Dune she can whatever the block was, it was. This talks only for being an asshole. Does Manor and box ord time the other walk not hang no longer? Every day I've been watching you think it? You think if I phone the police like right now and gave him Steven's addressed right and said Guy Crosser road's got a donkey in a his bath shop to investigating and he's not. What Gis done. I've not seen a dog leave that. WHO's ever? But hope and I don't know, I really don't know, but they don't keep back. Think that's serious. The pols would absolutely shouted out. Or that the math. It's that donkey another and I'm glass go a Hannapaus it before was would show up. You're curious email just to tweet about it. I yeah, true. The last two are kind of pants and some more. It's illegally forget your ways birthday and the French town of Sarper no. I don't know if you see. That's UPEN. It sarpen Sarper no, and I've we fringe tone. It's a legal requirement to have bought your burial plot before dying, and that was my world wind tour of weird laws from around the world. That was good. Right before you depart, at the exits the real module the Front can have your up votes or down votes please. Yeah, is a fun we we join our in the world and to be honest, that whole Fred plus here, your laws there. All it's done is filming with in Jeek so hi, can see myself going in the rabbit hole pretty because soon nice. There's a youtube video, if you're interested, of a laddo breaking as many stupid English laws as possible. So it's get what they frilly neck collar things. Apparently it's illegal to wear that and Dan silly in front of a policeman or something. So goes and does that in the video and the Guy Looks. I have to say, are you okay? Yeah, look up square. Funny. It's good. A shipid question, but I take it there those like somewhere online or in person that you can just go and like read, like all of the laws in the UK. It must be accessible, right. So I gay I must be like a law library. Let's see, is a book. Is it like the Oxford Dictionary? Because the law? When was the last thing you heard our law getting made? What was the last law you curcle, you ever heard? You I think that was head for yeah, that was last man, it's not. Was the like. Thanks for for go with that. It's pretty so did forget what that I was just thinking. No, but there's never been a humors like. What was it last lot? That last law I can remember was. It's not the laws. It was like a badly band legal legal highs or that's now illegal. You can take legal highs, I was thinking. But beyond that I kind of think I like an actual a..., like I don't know, one Thursdays. You kind of were slippers to the pub. We don't think as anything. I don't think there's been any significant or like good new laws made for a while. To be fair. What are the the already? I think in fact, did not make. Was it not a resettle way in parties got? Huh, but I'll miss it. That's is really that is what they did. I haven't though that was a new law. I don't know, because it keeps feezing up and then it's like speeding up with use or seeing. So I don't know how far back them much jump. Man, Steven's got technical difficulties this episode, it seems. If you're listening to it and you think the sound qualities fucking shape, or if you think I'll lose your friend was fucking diame it. It's just Stevens when I don't know if you'll just do that to fuck with you, that because you're actually which Steve Even for me, and I don't know if you just done. Not to mess with me. I actually just done. It's just you whine and tells you a question. Louis, if you go to the Legislation Dot Gov, thought you could also and answer my question. Legislation Gov dot UK, you can look at all the laws, but you can also look at New Ledge that legislations that have been added by day the week. So there was one. So there was six done today apparently, but I look like all amendments to look like changes rather than something new and cool. HMM, interesting, good to know. Nice next read. Yeah, let's move on. Just do your thoughts. Yeah, I not so. I know, I know, I don't. Just wasn't sure we use that, but it was kint off for me. Thoughts alnd is me. No, I do not lay. So mine's is. It's probably going to be a quick one, but I know last week we are Cana taking an at rolls, because they all we are souls. Sometimes they're just funny. Sometimes is just funny when when throws all come together and fight the good face. I don't know if aneus of all of our us, it's a pretty lot. Famous rast. It throught the partner that bonger came across a couple of weeks ago. So it's it's posted by snail farmer twelve years ago. Help read it to on Spanish and I cannot undo that. Five monutes ago my read old on Spanish, all the tabs, preferences, etc. I went into preferencis and made sure they will checked English. They we are. What is going on? I can't read Spanish, so I'm in need of some help you. I'm asking you because I cannot find the more tail blink because I cannot read that. So basically, what's happened up? Is there posted tests? Nobody. You thronks and walk together and every responsive the threads and Spanish. You know it's just scrolled. Doing that is fucking brilliant. What st before you keep you didn't the guys update you? That right? Okay, it must have something to a firefox in two all of you tell me how to change the language preference. Of course I tried that before. I posted on an explorer. Always normal on my desktop, or is normal on my netbook views and firefox as a tackle show. I don't know if that's all right to say. I run the face through Google translate and I especially enjoy the at girl. So anyone know how it on Spanish? Rather and Firefox? This is the only page it's happening on. Are that I must have matt this Ishilarius. I wish I'd paid more attention. Spanish class update. So I gink up small and about one thou five hundred playes in man box that I cannot read and then I run them through Google translate art and most of them say selling stuff like the dogs and my pants and where it's the vibe ready? So the top comment at the end it always just you guys are assholes. It's all people replied, and that is brilliant. What? Well, I don't get the right is, and maybe I'm probably over thinking this and like the timelines, is probably considering the fread was like twelve years ago and maybe all of the place. But he staid the update. He said to all of you, tell me how to change language. Of course I've done that, but all the comments from Spanish any run it for cool. Friend started droning through the comments for Google translate. I said that after it little fair enough. Maybe did also then we do not question like why are you comments? I cause he thinks it's in Spanish. Yeah, it's comments. The comments wilt just be the guys w...

...all musically didn't know. It's something. He's stuck in Spanish. Shit. So funny, man. Yo. Yeah, even I just said twelve years ago it didn't actually click. That's a long ass time moment and it fuck. I'm going to vote one of the comment or what's tooled. Good. Now it's our gave. How good is that, though? That is amazing. I was going to upboard don't Stalla Biblioteca, because so what I can understand was that mean, whereas delivery, you know, yeah, maybe, yeah, more tea bomb. Well, how could it? Or the lot in this is outcome. What? How do you even the coordinate? That's for those even one. It's quite edit and they've got the end with the we like Tilda above it where they've made a mistake. There's not single English comment. Is fucking gold. Get just not not to shout out everything again, but just a remainders that we did post all the threads and the show notes on our own subredit. Are The threaders, and so like you'll be able to look at this yourself. For people listening. Mean, I think your description of it comes across as that exactly what's happened. It's funny but it's worth seeing. I should be in like the ready museum. As the amount of actual comments they are. They'll put that together, because when you think of something like this with people are come together do that, you're thinking that maybe ten, but this is a fuel thread. I just Spanish. Yeah, the only English comment as the as the ope you guys are are shoves. Yeah, I like strolling schooling, like trying to see like one comment. That's not so Spanish, but I've got one. I have just found one. It's a fresh prince. I L I'm just seeing my Spanish Storia home get attended. They call more me vidas. It transformal can be NA the Aybar a bad bah blah blah. Yeah, I get as a bout. Blah, blah, blah. They told bearely off and then I see better. A fewmale times and it's there. That's ever I see someone's wrong. I throuble, which is about sentiment. Simpson thing, don't know Spanish or I think especial. Don't know what. I'm sure it isn't. That's not my God epical. Why? It's probably off running. I translate AF through US fill bridge and just seem something it is not before one. Hold on, let's translate to English. Yeah, let's do it. Good idea. We go back to the top. I saw my best, all at the best comment was simply go to your preferences page and find the appropriate language option. But in Spanish. That was posted by the adment. Oh I, that's another one. So they did that. I should mention in the hand that they could be that had been because it was the one that just says trouble question mark. Oh sorry, so I don't even mentioned what Suprea that's was. I was asking that. So it was. It was like one will. The should have actually been help women. All okay, I got really confused her. The one with song lyrics is still in Spanish. Yeah, and for some reason sing it first. Men, Stephen already did. No, you would bring it the part. So what you were reading was a that part. All right, thanks, grant. This is it earlier? I does it doesn't want to Ye, all right, I think I'm a bring a different one. I read the one with the end with it edit Tilda, the gustall loss of on US me Gusta to be Gusta via your what does me go stum mean, I mean that used to be that. I mean we just stoesn't matter my name or what is that means. Help my donkeys in the bath translate me. GUSTA. I like. I like it when I comments just Spanish speaking and capitals. Oh my God, but I guess I just hit fair play to read it for that one, like this's genius. I like what I don't get. As people who do these sort of reddit posts, though, I'm like, I would never go. I've just never found myself in that situation where have had to, like, especially something like Reddit, like, ask for that help. I would just google it and, like you said, Internet explorers working. So it's like I'd be using that to fix firefox. You know. I just be like a fuck it, firefox is fucked. I'll just use an an explorer. People are funny. Then, I think that's the one.

When forecast like and then ask a recommendations, stuff cooled, but when forecast like, I don't know, it's a sky blue fucking the like, dumb it. Look on Google it. You look. Come my donkey sleep in the bath. I don't know, Google it. Wherever the fuck I do something something I've been hate when you're reading, read it comments and it's something. Ask the question in a comments like Google up as the queuestion toacie idea of you. You have this APP next door. All right, so it's like the neighbor thing. Yeay, so a neighborhoods I had to delete. It's fucking daft, dumb as guys want. It is going my son who's been thrown up and shittered himself for the past three days, after he has his breakfast shake. What should I do? Why the fuck you on this APP about neighbors, asking that you got a doctor? You take something fucking else. I delete up there. Then I was fucking done with it. Also, all the covers. Also, maybe don't give you some a fucking breakfast Sha could do it releast fifteen. Well then he should got the doctor himself. Yeah, I got an answer like boyish and I'm so cut. But also it's fifteen. Right, and on this APP used to put in your like food, name and any I think everybody to do. Well, fuck it all. We did shout himself a two weeks. It shot out to the sun. We breakfast shakes his on his way. Come on, I like. That's the thing. I don't get as why people turned to these things, to first solution like that. Sorry, as funny, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's not funny. Like Stephen, you're seeing about the people who replying to coming like Google. It it's like sometimes you need to throw people are born and teach them how to figure this stuff. So, like everything you want to know is on Google. Just fucking know. I spent five minutes. Forget yourself. It's like if somebody's asking like, Oh, what was that scheme about? One after it I thought like that, just as the awful discussion that's always been posted, obviously, but I look when it's like things like that, probably, but I'll just looking up. Yeah, yeah, to one my packing it's gone. That fucker was translating all the comments to read them, but couldn't have translate the fucking the help button. They said you could defend hi. That's why I was trying to get it didn't make sense, like no, he really reading the comments, but not. I sorry, but I'm glad you caught up and it wasn't just just took limit ten minutes laterly, go on. What was your think? Oh, yeah, that's just just a pete for the sake of it is in you get it on read and stuff quite a lot as well. But you know, being an IT sometimes you're trying to like script something or to make something and you get don't get me wrong, I'll google it if I don't have a fucking clue and I'll flick piece things together and I'll figure it out and I'll read other people's questions. But the amount of people who go on there with like no inclination at all of being the one to like write their script. I just like, how do you do this, hoping that somebody's just going to pop on go they bomb it. I'll do all that hard work for you and I'll just give it to you for nothing. Doesn't matter. It's kind of like these posts. So I just had to get off my chest. Thanks. It's right. Next things. Just send them the fresh prince of Elia and Spanish, just maybe no singing. Can I be the outro this week? I was aboute to ask him, happy though. I mean, you're funny, you guys. Sing it for sure, bugs in a wee bags. You Know Me. Are you seeing you up? Yea Real list through the votes and then you think those i Stephen, take time. Your Times. Now you need to sing for these up votes. You can double up votes you. I'll what that phrase because it was fucking funny, but also, if you sing up what you're singing. So then you'll be the first ever I've I think I'd probably lose my vote I wanted. They got up, I start singing. It's possible make hands to each other sky of what. So I just totally off topic. If you seen twitters added, don't down vote buttons. That's I don't have it yet. Yeah, it's fucking cool. I started went through all and just mashing down vote and everything. I wonder why I was getting no oppcasions for you. My profile making up for lost time. Everybody's a little wrong them. So I'm just taping, and my dams as well. I don't know what was good on. Just taping the world down boat and caps I people posting. Oh, thank you so much for your comments. That... child's still overcome said illness. Fuck off. You don't know. You guys. As to throw some buds out there. I always got out a hole with their back take. They canceled anyway. Now it's funny enough. Good chip guys. Yeah, don't have them. votes. Apparently they don't do anything. I think it's so they can learn, but they couldn't think it actually affects anything. YEA, a waste of my time. No, yet I could down vote twitter. I would. You can. I know you anyway. How do you don't vote? Were used like old twitter. Thank Stevens. I was just saying I got that's fine. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if you think I'm no funny or there's just a bit Adel. It's Stevens. I'm sorry us. I don't realize until we'd started and it was too late to see it. It's like a few things through, because I know what else, butts of messed. It's like a one of those like news podcasts. So it's been an absolutely serious mother over here and Crime Line. Steven's on the scene. Stephen, what's it like? I saw dost peanut about. We've Lost Stevens. He's always chasing a donk in a bath. All right, come on, guys, let's give people peace. All right, let's see you next time. Thanks for listening for us.

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