Episode 32 - The Threaders LIVE! (Kind of)


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. The Threaders go LIVE! (Kind Of)

Sound good? Lets jump in.

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Hello and welcome to this live episode of the podcast this week. I'm grant, I'm Stephen and I'm loose. Hire you will. I'm good. Shade it. Is it not shot? Make it is all because it's possible. Can recall like this in person episode. I was going to see it. I Wi should. We should know that. It's pretty going breaking tras that and what I'm like a space as well, but looks like a record, and some were would be if we were in person, be sponsored by that sponsor, an Albans. It's good to day in person, though. It's first time, strange. First Time in what two years? There recording what happened last weekend. What's hangover the thing? I was fine. I wouldn't as well. Do you know what, with anything, it was going to happen to fall weekles. He's a nice we surprise. We thought it was just going to be for context. We all met up last weekend as well. Was it last? I was last? All was so quick and for you f see Bunch of friends. Dat Steven got drunk with. WHO DRUNK WAS? It has two over one US. I was done. I'm listen to you and didn't see you, but your snooker tables. I was like right, I'm I'm gone and I walked as a whole pass McDonalds. I didn't e as with ELM was asleep. Yeah, good night, though. That was a good night. Long I need that, David. I was a good night. Nice. I see Weir that looking and actually talk. So nothing, that's I know. Usually it's just like staring at the cameras and it sometimes I'm like looking at you in the bottom right, are you the top last? See, when somebody's talking, I pen to look at other person to see what they're being yeah, only that intro. But that's why I laugh, because don't really if you do intro, your pisoners all laughing and throw. I just trying still stree focus. Are Written right, you don't fasten it. So should we get up to it? Yeah, all right. So I've got our not the onion, and this is champagne recalled jut possible presence of ecstasy, posted by epic level Lama to two days ago, which probably wanna see this and just to see like possible presence of Ecstasy. It's quite funny because the whole wall maybe just feel of Liquid Ndam. So it's believed at the bottles were tampered with and may being cletely emptied or champagne and then filled with pure liquid. Dame it's a three liter bottles in question have some C number and apparently they're only sold online by private sellers. It's a bit really one core golden ticket take things like people want to find this for obvious reasons. We see the whole bottles being replaced of the liquid and shipment of him. It was this from the brands. It's Moy and Shandon. I think he's quickly, wasn't it? Yeah, we shunned on Champagne. I've been recalled across the EU because they may be filled with a liquid form of the hard drug ecstasy. We inshoed on imperial ice. Three liter bottles are being recalled because of reports when talxication from other EU member states. Can you imagine in three liters of fucking ecstasy, but fifty bottles Sham Passy little bottle champagne? I can you imagine just look down in it and they're realizing at the time at all, but that carry. I don't know. Can you usually down the street party is a work of it. Fuck your best up. I mean that with surprise. I'm envisioning it, but it's just like surely somebody's done this for some like high class party or something German, and it's just like when you walk in, you get like your glass of Moy. Imagine, just get I'm actually coming over in the boat or something from friends like this are and then in somebody fucked up got caught, but the drinks all being like takeing off on which we'll just will just sell it every yeah, because that's that's a lot. And that's a lot, would you say? Freelio feelers really is about to see that these are only rich people. See when you want to be guy who know by that few other side don't. Yeah, because it's Septation's pretty. There's a more experiosperio secret. Don't know what the average size bottle is, but I like a normal bottle in the shelves. About fifty quid doesn't mean very fifty could really I want so fell probably more if it's fill like stasy. Google.

...apparably this is even more than you think. A man in Germany dried after drinking a bottle like this. It's other people douse are secure. I wonder imation. It's an article. Yeah, article. Doesn't see like anyone got hurt. It just seems like it's up its back your bottle. Would you not know? We do not be like Oh, this does not taste show its definitely. I was India like, I don't know Mos one of you, but one of these right now. Which is that mean? But this is it said. It's liquid form. So to glass. Cool boys bought a Brit will one glass coo boy born a yeah, English like that. It's about a hundred for our one and a half later long. So it's two hundred just for standard bottle, not least to ecstasy. I'm not feel wheels, but I I'm confused a bit the logistics. So if somebody's like tampled, we a ball. Have they just done that to try and like spike anybody that buys mo way or, say somebody that's tried to just create a bottle this and it's ended up in like the actual production line was not working. You know, it was some breaking bad. I'll the other the chicken thing, and they were like all in the chicken was all the drugs. I think it's something similar to that to been using like a legit factory to do I think so, then like but that are going to see that the presence of Mbaa, Mbam and mtms. Your traces of it were detected, but on the whole bottle was filled with drugs. We don't cure liquid EXAC. That wasn't mad somewhere lose, not that. Yeah, the idea of what pot a fucking champagne walls. I thought you came up with an idea for us at really a cop done fretters podcast tons to drugs. Those fakes bad. It's a perfect front, as mad melch. Those going to be up next week, by the way. So if my favorite comment is if your champagete's better and smells like liquorice, PROPLA Bulla, yes, five paints deep, Jesus prepare the house music we shot. It's a still just thought. I guess there's no more intro but I'm just curious a bit. We don't know. I don't know who it was. Don't working for you to get fairly, just like always, the intention that that's what I was wondering. How did that even get found? But some they must have alpen that just started put that's their phone or champaign. But did you not see people like looking for this bottle as well. Oh not. You know, like all know, people are buying like three of the other maybe it's a marketing camp if somebody's found it too. That's why I saw cast, is actually sometimes full of hundred percent Nduma. Should look for the episode on spotify overcast, where use it broadcast of a podcast. But they said it's something between twenty and so the worst plug ever plogged at. That's name, true, true nature. NASURE. We're getting better. Yeah, but the people are buying these bottles looking for which one is liquid in the me yea, but they've already discovered it as they not know. But it was like spread. It was. It was all the private sellers. It wasn't he like one shipment to test school. It was like a so there's more than one full, yeah, the bottle right, yeah, yeah, so, yeah, it's more than one bottle. I think it was like a whole. Just thought that create was not like sitting one place. It was split up and sold privately. That make some Dogy, let's be honest. The rest of them probably ended up on the yachts they were supposed to, which you said down and street. It's a work of that weak. I don't part boards the spots nailed it. It's like jaws, like John Johnson. See all the all the world leaders. This is Bois. I'm talk shirt fucking tie. Has met that kind of exactly. It's up at that. Yeah, you see the rest of us. Is that video with him at the last summer or as well, you see it just like everybody's just walking by. Me's just stood there like lost child, and up it's just there was a little judge reble mean and everybody's just walking pastking back and forth. I saly doesn't just like everythory lit be for him to. She's anyway a decade of misery. Well, not note those don't a second start jump.

I was mad, like Moy's a very famous friend. I don't know how. It's pure liquid India. That's quite mental. It's probably if you fin a bottle you're rich. Well, I was gonna see a droung like in front. No, that's obviously not. If it's been doesn't, you just wouldn't like what you see. The rest have probably ended up in the shops. Well, the men turned up and that's just been like a it's probably been some of these taking out half and was always the smoke. But the I'm American candy stores, it's being like a front. I think we that talking about that. Maybe this is maybe that they were meant for that type of thing. HMM, maybe this is all just a front of like what's End Amer Candy, Moi, the one true and they surely like when these batches are made as well, they get thing made on the system. Assume somebody's going to like take them off the shelf send them somewhere else. But surely they've got like at this was intended for somewhere in Spain. This one's going to the UK convercas, like the must remember you got up Louis, yes, and not that just actually, they can narrow it down every bit, join and then at least give people a chance to find another. That's your Ang take ectasy anyway, but I'm sure you could flip that. Hopefully is a ecstasy, but with the street value that be with that be really we're just look good, analyze the sorry, interesting, interesting story, but there's a lot number of who interested, a lot number. I'll see you a little more of like how you find it. Most of the comments are like I'm cays, you looking for it. This terrible, but I'm causual looking for working. I mean I'm not going to make money off this podcast, so it's trying to Du give look at the golden bottle of Moy. Sorry update on this fake news. It's all on the extasy. If it comes from X's see sparkling. Mad Is that that for it to be Champagne? No, whiskey shoving whisky is the same. Whiskey becomes of Scotland. It's scar be honest, Wesky. We are y. So it's like whisky. It's for your boy. If it's Ey, then it's is. I'm sure that's right. An up, yeah, something like that. It's from America's Burbon. Know, Bob and stuff, popping, popping burbon. Now that's weird than it that country can basically just make something like that and just be like, if they sell it some shampagne, it's only me cash mops like a school and sheep in it. If is that what Kash me dos, I genuinely have never I think as was a Scotland sheep, highland sheep, we find a lost of things that are just I guess it's the same as like a trademark. In it. That'd be an interesting except it's got to have like a country of origin or whatever. HMM, it's just that that is a reald one, like the champagne. That not any at like that. You can just see. Look, I've made this the macroc. It would make it the exact same, but it wasn't made my house, so that's not right. Yes, Weird. That's all brands work in it. They just make this is that's what it suppose. It's just another different way of just read a instead of like brand based. HMM, may quite an interesting Fred melop forty. Sure you can see them. I there like not the onion. That's a brilliant is you imagine? I'll be eating three liter bottle of NDA mental best of last last feel your food by bottles are later on, man, definitely a wave like for BUBBA's up next. I'm up next, Jolie, so could you can just see it and see it. The PREADOS podcast for the friends. A disaster lack of face. It's boys. Oh No, I know my descods of you got up perfect. They so my thread is from Darker D King One. It was posted thirteen days ago. And every country has a national hero, but who is your national villain? Spicy, I've got one. Oh God, the actually got who's national real life? Alex Salmond? Is it? Alex Salmond was like...

I thought. At least it was great a start. where he like we got in dependence, dad don't know, but it was. It's hold on. I think we've just realized grant's actually loving a part Scottish people right. And then we didn't get it. He apparently touched a punch, a bunch of people at this party and new works to the Russians debate, but I don't know about it. Don't Urt us like his whole thing. You Go. He had a TV show, or I read should our team news. He has therefore a father revealsive, but still North Korea as pinion understanding. It's not all national, Mellon of creas what now? He said that Russians right the same Alex joins Alex Salmon. That thought. To start with. It seems like a good guy. Well, I mean, and then tongue touch a fewy Dick in all the go that or I'm sure, or like a fucking like legality of no, I didn't do this, so I'm obviously why. How's it touched feeling stuff not being thus proven? No, but it was. It was like it was the people were talking in the case got through new I thought it never did it. I thought it came out that. It was like he said, he did like them Tam understand and it was like a cuddle. And was him sure that? I just cannot, can't get my header and that love. Somebody what accused of doing dodgy, as you said, touching feeley stuff, and somebody comes and goes. We had a week idle. It was sex people and I don't want I don't think it came, but it was like that's proven. But I might be dying, M but I mean you're sounding that I can spell. See the new works for our team news, and they lost a licensory something in your because of the vision of dream. But he was working like a Russian news channel and news already stuff to making look pro Russia. That doesn't know. But I mean, I don't know. I'm not really from I think. So your vote is going to the ALBA part. It be clear. No more those for nickel, Greenick MC nax. Just to be clear. Who then? Let's not getting in a dispute of if Alex Salmon said that. Yeah, Pale, that right, but I don't think he's fallen under like national villain status as he no, I really I don't think everywhere, Alex Simon, we've got a bunch of you working for the Russians. I starts. That's villain for me. Were soccer and here people like fucking hate Alexander. Know you're fostat are people go fucking put in. I'll I doing your crean, but that's yeah, be a guess. If now you guys love but you don't want Scotland the feeling. I still need it. Oh, that's why you're in the London bubble and I don't think I ever help them. The League against them, to honest, I know. Let me. You've got pet, but I need to put who Babel, Jo and Peter Talbin people join us. Mabel John, he's them that history do not you got the barrels, HMM m, the Babel, but the Christian people like you guys that he was pell. IS WE TALKING TO VILLAINS ON ONE VILLAIN HERE? I mean we've got too far here. One by one. Yeah, but you have you got any springing mind? Not to be fair, were probably along gun slings exammon? No, but I thank you. John Stuff jumping. Are you got here? I was going Scotland specific did you see? I don't know that. Like who do bulld you? You know who comes as slayting me? He's a value. He's no superds. It makes act me. He's a he has caric straight at it. Stupid, absolutely addict steen playing it for years. Fallen that role. Don't like this reshooting that guys or no, he's as did you see the video? Using contact through the plastic window. But it's the guy that skept out of sky and let the kind of call you start to put up this caytal, but that is a man who has too much money if you don't even know how to use contact with thing it. You see that right. But then how does he usually pay, because surely people don't have expenses that I've actually...

...has to pay real a company, not other. It was that whole series of photos were as head like the petrol sash. Usual, he's got to make you away to Mac Donald and I'm gonna buy a little pack of walk of salt and vinegar from the from the garage. Fuck off me. They love that, but the way they shouldn't set of you and have any sees on. A massive Colk Fan. I Love Cork. It's cool, cool like so I guess it probably isn't. People thinks stupids and make jokes. Would you think somebody like that gets for McDonald? So you know how they go and pretend in the normal wool, but imagine they've walked into McDonald's. Or for the fault opportunity, which you think that all, don't it? Probably a big mark guts there, but it's got in the bin. But it's probably like that's the iconic one. You'RE gonna getting a big taste at a big mark. I don't know, I could see I'm patting up a happy him. Happy mean good I chieps. Just look education. I actually collect the toys, big clicking cels. got a basement full of McDonald's toys and cool lot Alex Iman comes Jesus. I feel I need to read up on my particular Scottish history, though. I just can't. Thank you. I don't know. I was just trying to think, I look still loving ones, that we would be like the new even though something. Did you have any in mind? I was merely see girls. We've got like a shut on a udeo calls. What's the guy that? It was a guy on it that done the whole. Didn't blame you. Hmm, I that's a good bad as. I'd see him well about the I'd say him, he's a bad just can end the money. Was In that school. I was like a couple of years I do yours up. Off actually used to walk with as the one of them like jump through the people stories, but a guy used to work with was like my tail woman and she actually still walk at that school. Is a scary see if you've been very funny, liminary funny. See that with your come from, as you know, ur stut still funny. You know, universal stopped using that choke. It's pretty much like Kyla's call episode. Get a lot of this guy, Dennis Nielsen. He's probably a good one. Give me some context. I you know that guy that day played a days. I did. I not watched it. Watch it seial killer again. I see your kills up here on me. We get we get a few, we go through them. Know what the guys that jacking up. I was Scottish as well. Really, I think genuinely don't know that. I don't know a royal way, but that's still to the other one is it was a lot of place also, which how many potentials? Or maybe we don't know who? Yes, so there's a lot. It's being hot on fifty ordeals and started it with one of two sounds like. Is that like the go to suspicions and then you just start? I'm just, I'm just the UYS in there here. See if we go whole, you can't like who are we seeing? Poto Friends, Andrew Plans and threw? Well, you tell you case. I'd Neber just flaying the whole royal family and now they defol kill Diana. Take we C I was gonna see it. Are we looking at this from the wrong way in going for like established by people rather than who we think? So I likely to be other one. Okay, okay, I was that time way too whispers. He's at deck. Hey, maybe villain lanky's guy. Any people? Is that? Maybe he's a priest. Tim West would Tav Tim West would shot himself with the leg. By the way, you see more gangsters, you do that? No, no, wait, are you got someone to shoot with the leg? So you get to was, you know, also telling people whose twenty seven when it was like fifty eight. Now We'Ren surprise me. It's always been a bit like ten wast would mixtapes and like like the little he still look like life sessions. I like. There were tig one was one method man and it's amazing it doesn't e wanted a tile the crettle beats. I can't remember one ither. That's sick. That is one that is you know. I remember that. I West would slip that it was were all right, cool, like this would aid me.

I like the stuff that it was the man people, but the bomb drops and stuff like. I don't know if they were before him more if he started that, but Jesus, but you did. Cannot unravel some stuff there. That does hint that maybe as a bit of a villain who shoots some s in the legs, like the walk. Well, and then it's that being bad at all. Could you could? You could just walk. Really will be video. If something told me all time most we've got short in the like once, I wouldn't question, I would need any search, just accept that. See that. But a lot of people call them out, don't they feel like so I've found a thing on a sub bread that's in ten waste would has been called out on twelve. I putting on the underage black girls. Some of these commented repeatedly press these explosion sound. I had them down as like a Weirdo, but him as a villain. It's not a bad show. That was to wait to be that long. Go some villains in the thread. Maybe that's how they locked as all down, because it started on raffling a bit westward and the Queen Work. That's all. That's how big a villinius global become unraffled, and so they locked in, locked everybody. Don't false pandemic to cover westwoch tracks like conspiracy. For you. I'd Bay Idin without calling. I love it and I've just wrought like I'm from Germany. So so I've got believe the captain the boon, but it was English. Huh? The the remember the Netflix thing was like that and something it. If I've got the country right, surely it's peers Morgan and Katya Hopkins. Fear. Hmm, a good one. There's some way or saddle fear. So someone else read pulled it. Do bad things and it's what else or even of might, and we also favorite it was Scottish, was I, and I'll see you car now we go. I fail all these people that you see, if you watch a typical like film with the slicker a villain at the end and least I'm gonna destroy the world, all that Shit, you get all these numpties that follow them jump in the day bad stuff and they think they're all. That's all these people jumping. WHO's behind? Or that's why I'm trying on Ravel of here. I know grant said that he likes but Queeny on, she happy villain and I think I villain. I think she has ll villain me. She's Gin me, Prince Andrew fucking money to flow about and David Lines. Well, as I it's confirmed them to be a peel. No, not as as legem the conformed we know on see chops is flying a bit there. It Wan't my Jolie or so much the queen. So you all my kind of wait to should watch your shoulders in it as in a better who's William got not none of them a bat all, but I think ship like. But I thing's all right. I cannot see well here, can I hold? That's a whole joke. was just been like I know be a great she's not always been a old woman that our whole things just been like I'm gonna help people. It's never met your feed someone in these people's characters. It's unreal, is it? I look, that's a character. Have you never read the things up at the Pallace? But it's like she doesn't even look at the staff. He remembers her role. Right now is like a continuation of can how many hundreds? Well, as it hundreds of years ago. Let you pays. A loyal family interson. But I think we should go to it. Man, fucking cut heights after okay, sure, okay, the least to the Caribbean. William and Kate. They were they were protested. Apparent apparently don't true. HMM. People had gives, like a part of their money towards buying them a gift from when they arrive. Fuck that, like people who put no money like whatever. Regardless, I'm of your your twy percent, where it was to buy them a gift and when they're ave, were like, I don't know why they I don't know about then't want us here, but they're trying to show me less. The company rests around like we're track, free the weather, Pretty Minister of the Queen, anymore. We don't want to be part of the which call it was the wasn't fun then, other the queen ones of the world, like Australia, UK, the Os the what? The Commonwealth? Yes, the more like we're a free state with democracy. You don't need the queen. WHO said that? The the that place, they nation. Right. Okay, I like what I have seen on the map, but you know, see, like there was like forty s foot like they was like cage's or our fancies. We are like she can tow the fences of it. It looked weird. It looked like the worst for wall of all time. Oh, I'm saying is all these hit a bad things in the world. All that, all the rings that shouldn't exist, all the well off you and all that guaranteed people... the royal family and if people closest them have their hands and all that stuff. HMM, it's been like that since don't you? Basically, yes, since niche like places. We're getting rights away from. That's what it was. That was the best vote, by the way, mud yeah, new you friend Mighty. So, who is the biggest villain? Country? I agree. I'm gonna own you. To be honest, you are use me. Yeah, I'M gonna me. I think Alex is going to get cold and it be the thought three that I fos. So I think, Jeez with me, call it an invention if you want me. At least we've got a decision. Well, to anyone. Yeah, so you're you, Alexamond. With Alex, much of the Russians we call eye of people, are used with. It's we Grad you, I hope so. You'll say she's colonizing people in escapel the face, and I do. I point out the Family Collis, for like Hart as a wee person. That's classic, like defensive response in it. I'm velin. I've got all these fun I'm very but they are wat. It's exactly that. I said. Body St't to defense one. Oh, I meant your parties, but look at putting its fucking invading people and all forgot about that. Not a boat here, Alex, if you listen to me, to us that podcast together, Samon. That is no. You be called the touchy feel a podcast, yes, for it me yesterday. We touch you, feelater. Those take my handle your leg please. Is that your clean foots? Should votes. Don't worry on this one. Stop. I'm no volt, no value, not done talking yet. Could I mean a good villain, which just feel like that's funny. I roll would have punchies one. I'M gonna come put that because I feel like you're something to love. Vote it as well, just so that we can see, when it comes toill that grunts, we've got the ones to not only your part of the podcast. We weren't afraid to stand by our opinion and call you, especially face the face as well, like the first face to face one I'm about. So if you do listen to this podcast and it's the last episode, would you know exactly what's happened, and I maybe else from you most when I will you know what I look before we move on the next raid. All right, we spoke at discord or then Iq test. We're going to give it. If someone better is better score, we're gonna give them free tea shirt. That's right there. Did you say Iql? So I bed, but then they get my results. So I think that I thought I'm too smart or I'm the actually didn't ten minutes with quite a proving a little to be half an hour. No, all right. I just think your IQ scores. Take Myself For just a bridge. I'd see I'm sleep I've probably have a bit above average in the same week because your free teacher beat you, because it's the Iq asn't even like it's neither actual nor it's just memory and stuff like that. That's problems open skills. Average IQ in the UK's ninety nine point twelve and we are ranked the UK's rank twenty, if in the world Japan's number one's see, because when you see ny nine, I was probably going to give uself on ten, but I guess it's coarsely gather on that. Then I'd Maybas Lot, maybe a hard on one. On today is it? I'd say I'm smarter than the average personal we got what we what basis are you demon what did you Google? What did you think this one now, but how are you looking at because an Iq test isn't just like knowledge of things. I don't I looks like I think I'm pretty dreads together. Probable listening by this is from Iq testcom. So if you can sender the screen shot of you having a better IQ score than a hundred and one two tour we just did the highest and too we get it, really get I be will do it. But what is yours? So what do you think? Use as first for as the folks that I've done main. Sorry, I would say I had on one hunter. All right, I could hit a hundred, a hundred the average persons met. You know. You think you're...

...just a hundred. I think you're small, little ball. You really how dumb people are? Man, classic lineup and a pick. Any boy, what's this yours? That's a valain. Right now. That's a valid three. But I don't that's free. Guys, I best more point. After the one minute. I told you that this is a bet, that I was like at some point I was out fucking done. Just Jesus God finishes test. I know, but I read I was a hundred thirty, two hundred forty. I thought that much genius. It was normal. Okay, is what I read. A hundred, a hundred, two hundred, though. It was normal. Sorry, I don't do it. Does kind of make sense that the UK's getting about a bunch of eighty NASA in a final fail. He's normal that we don't want to come across the fence. Sixteen grant in Westwood of eighteen seen grants as a hundred. Thirty three will makes me wally. Maybe go far. Fifty people think became we should do this after this, recording them. Can we all do the test? Must See. I'm a bit scared, but yeah, let's do and what I will say, though, is I'm a bit late to the party on that. The whole one, whole thing. Oh yeah, I just jumped one at all. Really. All right, Alet shot, I think I'm on a seven street. Can I'm actually, don't or Kaye's a streak, because I forget as well. It's been a minute. You know, I don't even know what it was. I just seen people keep going. I've got toto's on. I'm happy with that. To sleetal buzelsps do toose thing mortal. The most is for six or seven or something, but your street cut one ever streak. Mac Street fifteen. Sorry, Damn, I don't have any toos. Watch US wrong, though, watching fast or the word like. Do use the see more. I was would you change it a chair, cheer chill? What do you use? Change every time it's I you just goes fucking villain to Shay. And if it's grant to be every so happy. Imagine good catch when I was super hero. Reflect the expend really quickly. Leave. Yeah, yeah, and did we do votes on that? I got up. All right, okay, Hey, it's not sorry. There should be a quick one to be fair, because it just can. I change my mind on things and question or, before we get into thread, the idea of that like a winning lottery ticket, millions still on boarder, that like thing. That's like a good thing because you read the titles. Read. No, I just fear every lottery when all other all read a book, they seem me a blow or an end up the pressed in Dyne and it's like that doesn't seem I thought it's my high school, when not. Of the parts wouldn't worry, but like a lot A. Yeah, but I think it blew all like it was corne riche for like a year and that was it. I don't care that. I feel like if I can man about substantial out of money, would be small man. I've always said I probably spend like ten grands and Laury. That's because you're smart with it and I was lory. I like that. Your imagine like I played it once and I want that be cool, but I don't need to lay. HMM. I think it's one of them the when it's like, you know, sometimes he said, you don't know till you know. Do you see? You think I'll be smart with my money older and then suddenly you look at Your Bank accounting as ams a million six years. HMM. So if you've got like five ten million in there, they're gonna go about. Let's be honest, and it doesn't matter a smart yea, you're gonna go AB. I don't know the money. I feel like I's like you're saying all when it's when you actually see their numbers and your account it could go your lead, but I don't think I would. I'd take like a decent back and go I'm going to go mental with us. But that's my what would you do? So this it you want? Hillo spoke about this before. Is that any on any you? You're buying a golf think we have spoke about us. Is that what you were? Good? You would die a few. I think about. Whose ritual I think about? Call me sack, so that, like the folk, few is on this. And then if I'd been money about golf course, who told me on money, my money, and there we did speak of it this I said I'd buy a loads of flumps. You, I don't millions gone was the flops was that was? I think that was. I think that was a topic. Names to Jaffa Keeck. You do that? The thing? Oh out this jaffiking. I never did the house a spect. She gone as it back. I don't to be honest, like I still exists, but I've known. Really, it's a pos really anyway, I should probably go through the the thread title enemy, because we guess so posted on our damn.

That's interesting. By chronics, a Fred title is winning a lottery for ten million was supposed to be a dream for her. It was a nightmare. So the picture that's posted. Can I give you a very quick run down of what happened? It's basically women America waitress. I didn't even know this is a thing, by the way, but she got tipped a lottery ticket. Wow, and then one hundred and ten million on it and basically, I'll life after that just felt a ship. So she got it all happy and stuff. I don't know if it's the same over here, but over there there's like loads of federal charges and taxes. I think it on. It's you. I think you can. I think you can. I look at it and installments and then it's less tacks. You can get a lot song and I'll be that's right. Well, over here, that is I so I think it's there because I think she said she wanted installments for it. I ain't fairy too I could be very too key. I'm on for something yet. So it took here one fucking ill and so some really atelna see the way you read the time. You made me an Killy de lan NBC or something like. For her it was a nightmare. It's gonna say. Look like that. It's nice, it's catchy. That's probably why I read it by basically, it happened in the all our colleagues. They all so I'm saying it must be popular in America. They all got tipped lottery tickets as well. Do you think that's the most money it's ever been tapped, because technically ten million's been tough. Surely let's Go ben it's quite a lot on it, and I so. Anyway, let's run through the thread, because I was listening as episode right now, I'd have stopped. That is a big ghost. To get to your face true, and I so like other waitresses, and they're also work tip lottery tickets, and so apparently they all said like Colectively, like are we've all got these lots, because if anybody wins, will like split the proceeds between it or today start trying to fucking sewer, which she came out and said that like that, that wasn't arguement, all that Shit, and then the guy that tipped it came back and was like, like, I gave you that ticket. Basically, I don't know if it's heimmer that. Yeah, I'm sure it's him, not a husband, but he basically came out and said are you told me that if you want on that you'd buy me on your truck, I mean, and she's like Nah, you tipped me a lottery ticket. See, to be fair. Right, also how to go back and then I get you ruck, you some money, but see if something give me a lot of winning take it. And they only one through the truck. I but I have a truck train. I want a million. Yeah, so what's a truck potographs? You know, I looked im one fing about, but I take it. Yeah, I just yeah, he's changed your life. It's still it's weird going back and asking for money. But it's a weird thing, though, when it because as soon as you like accept something like that, like you need to formalize it and all that Shit. You need to get lawyers involved and be like when I'll buy you the struck, you never speak to me again because as soon as you like buy into that job. I mean you like come are you also said You'd buy my house, so you bought me the truck. WHIS true. People like to fucking act up, don't you know? An inch take them out. That's something. And then the craziest thing is like a husband found out about it and wasn't happy for whatever reasons, like tried to kidnap her till it get any it's like get plap. If you don't give me money, I'm gonna kill you, basically and see if really like talk to him down about she told them done by a payment. Still boss, the truck. True. If you came here in the water, I'm my God, something that's not one. That ten bill you. I don't think I'd be try a girl, no, and I wouldn't go off my don't worry, I'll do the chosen night. That she's Anna thing. I'll deal with us, don't you worry. I think she took a holiday for yourself in it. Oh, don't do that, and this streams are going on. Look at if I but it sounds it anyways. Like he's driving somewhere whatever and she's like talking and he's like, you know, won't kill the other stuff and she goes in her bag and basically, but shit, some gestion would think. I think he survived, but I fucking it's one you stop. People come first. I mean soon as something says I'm not gonna kill you, you were I got import with yes, so, but I just thought as mad like probably throughout, like until the last few years, I've always been the same, like I'd love to win the lawyer. I want no WORRIA. I hope my family will be safe sound. My friends were fain. I'll buy a house, Star few businesses. I'll put money. We of'll explore the world dollar and know I'm just like cargas the house or like I've drather, just try and make my money. But then probably at the same shit you like. I've always you. If you have, if you'd somewhere in ten million a year, see people I love every year. Well, try if I want.

I would like, if you are anonymous, you when you go collect the chicks off the force at a mask or so I would nave one if you think you do that right. But like people closely are going to find out, and because people love to talk like you see it and then say that amazing on the podcast and we're sitting here shit sounding like a million dollars. It's a marble columns by just even. Can you hear me? The site my pill so you bought here. He's girl. I was reading until like a like the way of story. Obviously not at TAP. You go through all the day, but it turns it like a lot of weird shit happens for a lot of wers. So he a quick run down. A few other ones, all in America, and is a man from Georgia that basically ended up invest in his three million winnings and Tim ef ring and I think you got caught and they said lost those money. Another guy one a million and was poisoned. I day after one, the methrong one, right that spot. But what if he's already involved? Why do I suppose? I it's probably prior involvement and I want to there's a point listen to. And then the guy won. A lot of it was poors. Is Shit. Anyone a lot of money. That se was timber as well, and everybody came to him. He was like help, you course you want. WHO's Moreas Pope Day? My drugs we want and he got with this girl. This girl said like all we should business to see if this money, because you've got the ten million. You've got two million left in fucked, it's only eight days. What have you done with the money? She created a business, but but put it in her name and then they they were doing for that a while. The money was all like she had signed everything. Not that you want to spend. You couldn't give money family anymore. She's talked against it. And then you went holly for six weeks. IMP went as about answer Davy for holiday for six weeks and she would always fucking extended it by eight weeks. But were just the cut. I don't know where the guy who's fucking baby's collecting what I'm sae. Yeah, she got she got a new party or whatever. Some of the stole times she'd killed him borrowed them under it and try to keep this like last two million that he had left. But this because he was given to everybody that somebody got jealous and went on the rescue. For me, the rats come out. But it was an America I think was like a like a normal lot ory thing in amerker would be surprised. So sure there was an albuman that we want, the guy like it was generally helping people. Give it a good on them, but it's truely, sir, that's the best thing to do when it's if, if you do genuinely pretty much, I like if you win that, like save it and if it's for friends family, like make sure you put it in like a I think, your bond for them or whatever it is. I just like a not en juke's name. Yeah, like not just staing out people like or even just so if I can went ten million, put it away for something, contract it again, just like get to touch that and to two years no one touch that. Five doesn't. Each gets the whole thing. That was about that she can visited the whole lumps and be all attacks or most that's where being planned before then it's like hundred percent. Yeah, she's definitely account and there's another woman that won and the Guan scheme of things not that much. A seven hund on fairy five thousand, overdosed a yearly, broke as move and then again the real Jesus create what you do it shit all those champagne and hope for the best. She was glad's region. I don't know how much the guys went in was, but basically a guy dead getting the court because apart it was like a cool with co worker pool thing and they one like fucking tens of millions, a hundreds of millions, and he basically I don't know if he had the ticket whever, but like try to cheat them all out of it. Oh, fairy point five million, it was. So he tried to like keep it all to himself, basically, even though they had actually getting to split in the UPPILL. I'm not B Shure, but syndicate not seen him. It's good show see if thing happened. It was like a dog rescue from the open. Money in and the one guy with the which would clip the ticket will go with you. You want a hundred poles? Yeah, there's a hundred pound. They split up on each other and this guy fucked off with it. Million every that's crazy, rough, just still money. Did you say? Do you stink? We're just doney. Same thing. What would you do? What you mean like if we all went into like a joint ticket on why you be so rich? Any you just shoot for that. That's I don't get. Like you'RE gonna be wrong on it anyway. It even if I was the rich. You be rich, show your pal be great. Yeah, exactly, like hold you. That's for you once a year. million, like, come on, regional these stories,...

...but it's just know what the assle is it, to be honest, just if you do agreed to do something like that, like split it fucking just do it, and I if you went be at put the money. I even if you'll always end up on that loot point on this podcast. You don't be at that. That's like the has to be the you model. By the what seems like I podcast. Don't be a don't get it, the biggest guy skipper the city, but I don't knock everybody else. Just don't, because we're build each other up. Hey, let's listen. Chi warm here. Or if there's a recovering fucking spread one, keep your elms for and say no one episode. He said suspicious things. He's vented at Alex Salmond a lot and they shot on the page and I like a make your old woman. I hate the Russians and I'm seeing you might be the Russians. Well know, that's it. Start. They sound like him. No, that's that clipper, always funny and normal. Russian people are being like to people, but it's as fucking sleep agin. Anyway. She went. Should folks making it look you just don't vote that a half. It's fine with your fam I'll quotes. All right, all, fast and personal episode. Up to the listeners to decide if it was. Probably sure it was again a normal or about actually, you know, I enjoy that normal. It was good, good to look easy and looks on the same. I'm not deleted that that problem really helped. I am delivered us five, Pearlie, you're being seen five for a bit of five. It's just one law. All right, the followers, do you remember? You caught me off guard at the thread. I don't just search for the thread. As podcast it's all you need to do. It it is you'll find everything and if you have a better, better, well, I could score after this. Yeah, we did. I it is all right, okay, we'll to our sky. Think. I think what low say to ever gets the highest, even just beating us. All right, cool, yeah, who was? Don't if you listen, if you beat the highest since the screenshot, you Gore a teacher. You know. I was going to say that. Well, I was going to say is what we should do. Is, like, what do we do? We give it to next episode, right, whoever sends us a highest one. If we can't beat their I can score the highest right under fee. That's it's like. will do it own and then we won't reveal it and hes never gets the highest if we haven't bet it with our own. But we will. We will also screen shot when, yeah, sort of got the time and this should we just give to the highest? Yeah, let's let's just give up, we come on. Well, Nice guys. Here one nice guess. I was going to say it to the end. Alex Salmond letty came t shirt. What you get a DM from him? Like? I was actually kind of a big fan. And on that note, thank you listening.

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