Episode 33 - Fuck The Script, Headshots and Zuckerberg of the rings


On this episode of The Threaders Podcast.. Fuck The Script, Headshots and Zuckerberg of the rings

Sound good? Lets jump in.

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PODCAST podcast. Hello and welcome to the Fed US podcast, the podcast where free mates talk a bit with the found on the Internet. This week I'm loose, I'm grant and I'm Steven. Hello, hello, feels like a lifetime. That's looks good. It's not thinking we are again having this conbosation. It's been a way. Oh, it's a bit of a rinstant repeat conversation and it we're all how is it going, guys? Yeah, right timing. Last one we did was in person and we were we could see who's going to talk. This one. We're all we but we got off just eager to jump onto a picture. So I speak verbally and that's why we're not doing a live episode anything. So we can't. It's very awkward. What's good in and new happening with even reviews in lostnt it you watching it in you I've been engrossed and less Johnny Depp Court case, man, it's the best thing it's been on TV. And yells as is actually on TV. I've just seen you what your son live on your dream yeah, it's great. That go. I like just watching a cleanse. Like I any contact. I stilled. They quick came. What's putting, but I think the clips are quite funny. Objective. The clubs are funny. Objection not? He'll see, you don't know. My favorite one was the guy who would objection. That the judge, but you asked the questions. Oh, yeah, question. That guy is such a good money, like how bad of a lawyer do you need, like to end up with somebody like that? Like that must be some like cheapass, slow fun of you seen the club list, but the one where the guy objects himself. Yeah, look, the judge sounds like she's rebooting or some cons you. You asked the question. It's actually for it is Johnny Depp that said that. Like you asked the question. How they realize it was the judge. Know that those up, those are clap brother. Forget what it was. and Johnny Depp Goes See something, looks at the loyal and the stalks nee say something and he looks up because he's just read them seeing. He'll say never, and she's like, Oh, can i? Can I answer the question? Yea, ask me, I'm getting you the answer. It's great run, but everything but drama back comedy. Hi, recommend. That fair enough, and I feel bad for Johnny there but let's go see what if you've been watching it, then what's the what's the latest to this case? Right, so she's just came it. She's on the stander and out the blue, as she is now seeing that Johnny Depp basically as sold it. All we of Vodka ble or and it smashed in Sta. but the story that has been going on for what, for five years? Know as that she fall about the vodka has time and that cut has had a stinger because it's marshing that crunched it. He's got look, medical records are not it. That's happening and she's about the story four hours ago, digging funny imagine. So story that he was his face on drugs and then decided to check her. He gave her a cavity search because they thought that's where the drugs were. Well, I'm not so much just like key folk. He had like a bag of coke or something insider. So that's that's like a part of that was the story was I was looking at on the tick tock of whatever. I'm not seeing that. He's like completely innocent, but I think he has therefore like the victim and maybe he's reacted. He on the AL two things. But see all this evidence. It's coming out in all the people that have neigh business, like just defending Johnny Depp, but are like house servants and Shit. It's like, come on man, there's so much evidence against her here and it's gone. Now I'm just going to see this. Even Maria cantieve that. She's like an embassador for obvious victims. But at best it's like both of them are bad, you know I mean, but those no two is it, don't it? And she's still look this fig ahead, yea, when my take doesn't matter at all on this stuff. But yeah, like everything I here, it just strikes me as like a badly like toxic relationship, like he's obviously celebrity freaking who is Maine on fucking all sorts of drugs and drink or time, and she's just a bit here crack. But I feel, HMM, they are who I like the like the Scottish bodyguard. He was great and the guy asked me. Went so, he's give you eighty five hundred dollars and gifts. I see it's give me...

...a lot blood. They more than that, I'll tell you that same. But they ass like or Johnny do it was in the conservatory. person's like no, and he's like yes, it wasn't like I'm sure I would remember seeing mustle depths, penis s well as way old man. It's great lame. When's it going to end? Do you know? I think it's sex weeks. That's must be loot the thought, because some, some weeks highly shit. That's like Russia Ukraine levels of time. WHATM doesn't it gonna die up at the end like game of thrones? Some nice as. This already happened in the UK and this is like a retrails at what this is. It's he was suing the sun for defamation and the Yuki because the plenty. It was a wave beaten on all that, but it lost that one. I can't remember why, but it was. That was some reasoning behind that, and that's he's having soon, half all lab or something. But crazy is mad. Well, I don't understand. It's like, why is it live streamed? I thought that's his y. They always do that because that's they keep seeing me go. And when you be feel don't discuss the case ending. It's like, but everybody seen it. Do you think they're just like don't know. Some Tissus side me phone in the corners, pretending it be a plant. We are twitch hat. What is this twitch star team? It just I t judges like on the DL. Let me keep feeling they who are these newspapers? Finding it a bit. This stuff spies me. Spice Mustid now it's just act like I don't remember seeing anything like life to the same degree, I guess. Like I've probably seen streams over over, maybe court cases of sorts or like announcements, and but never like a celebrity. I wonderful, just case. It's just a public trial, so there's any or like it's a civil case. Those near Shue be like people for the public in going and watching or hear how like there's a gallery. You can go and watch court if you want. It's like that. They'll just life shooting it because, well, here's how this works. There's an interest in maybe they kind of let the media and like all the media, so they live shoot for them or something under yeah, maybe it's even that. It's like a preventative for the media of like making shit up just like well, everybody can see it first time, like no more bullshitt. It is weird. Getting my news through tick tock wasn't really news, is it? Or did you see the Tech Tock thing? Well, the makeup that she said she covered the bruisies way, and the actual company came in and said that it's impossible that she used that one because it came out a year after she said she used that. No Way, I so she's saying that she used us right, had bruises Higida and that's brands gave it. But that's a fucking lie. Damn Shit. That point like that's just proof of Lyne and met. Those so much, though, those so much that's came at and it's like how, how is she even got away with best much? That's crazy. Anyway, high doesn't doesn't matter. It's just interesting. Even gross does as much as you've been in ghosts. So I don't I don't think. So many thanks for that. No, she's be so once engrossed as me in such four weeks holiday. facebook. It's not quite up on this trial. He's a guy in the corner of the courts again. More, Johnny, you've got us. This isn't your friend today, Steven, I'm going to be my oldly disappointed me as actually not I was going to get one, but read it doesn't seem maybe thought much about that. So, HMM, all right, but suppose they don't really need to very much, do they? Because absolutely you're just go watch it, but just don't not know, like not to bring the mood down too much, but does anybody know the latest of the Ukraine Russia situation? Because I'll be honestly, I'm one of those people. I have started to like just tune it out we bit. I know what's happening, but I've not really paid too much attention. I see that it may end in our people think it may ends, and that reason to be in the next year or something. Really, how can I do that? Will how can I tell you or not? Like I'll be done by next year? I think it's like Russia's resources and stuff I could extract the way. Yeah, I seen like a really morbid one and it was broadcast to Russian TV. Basically seen, I don't be a Freidan, the CULA war. Everybody that is sometimes. That was like an actual thing that got posted and Russia on their TV's. Well, everything scary is that I had last week. Holy Shit, I should have asket another one that I did see was a partner those reports that US agents...

...have been an offered in and help faint Russians. But that's just like we click the arcle. Seen some mis probably not you, but the Russian TV one was real, which is felthing terre. Fine, it looks like. It looks like they've got quite a, quite a good chunk of like the Easter Yukraine. It's still just ongoing and I think the UK government was sending over another three hundred million of weapons and supplies and stuff as well try and help. But they've got well, it looks like from like the stuff I seem to be re seither. We've got a fair chunk. HMM. Well, will scary. We are not really like not the the mean sing stuff thing call that stuff. So stuffine from from I can see. Yeah, I suppose that's what they'll be trying to hold on to. The right. It's for lad, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, what's The guy? We thought that it's a lent ty. Yes, the one big Z, a big man z dog hard to the ski. Love them, some guy. Oh, else tell either. Hopefully in the common weeks. Then we can announce that maybe not office the end of the year or whatever, but the war's over, the cases over and would be something else to round it off. It's great. It's quite funny. You're like your thoughts if we are at broadcast and that's life and the people. Hopefully. Yeah, I kind of feel like we are known to be honest, like announced the end of the Ukraine Russia conflict. I've got a question of a big news things. Did Elon by twitter or did you stop? No, yeah, settled out. It's not went through yet, but it's same. Not Philly. I maybe it has. I don't know it. He has body, I think, but it was like can on that it was gone through, but the money had the exchanged hands and show. Yeah, I guess so. I think that's just big business deals in it because, like the money he's putting up is made up of like other people's money. Yeah, it's like fifteen different investment films or something like it's it called finance, the big CRYP to exchange. You're putting in five hundred mel towards it, so they're going to own a big stake of it. And Yeah, madness. I just yeah, it's probably an our rabbit hole that we don't want to spend time going down. But I just don't quite get it personally, especially when he had their projections and it was like, Oh, you could solve world tango for so I was thinking and he was like the guy said that he's are. Give me the receipts, but no, I spent what how much did you buy this for? I hope only for dude. It was like six billion. It took to solve all tonger for a year. Spend up like that's that's what's four for about six, six, seven, almost seven years of no hunger, mate. I mean even one year would great. Imagine how much countries could get enough eat with one year. That decade. Yeah, we re as well like come as a villains. He's a valain. He's a villain. I I don't know if we call him at last last episode, but he's definite like James Bond stay over and you think some sponsor villain, not James Bond, to stay over in all right, I'm going to take over the world. I done a little voice was yeah, it's going to be on the moon next week. Miles me. It's Dr Evil. So James Bonds it. That's that's the word. How is convinced wholeheartedly there and waiting for you to see. Wait, it's doctor even real. I don't know why. I just thought that was coming. Next, GI's your best Dr Bebo Laugh? I know you've got one. Then I don't know his laugh. I don't know the thing. It's kind of kinds laugh because, like he's a one million dollars. That I don't know, but I mess Austins. I was in a trillion them nuts. I still love ausome persons. Great, especially it's got old member the second ones, fire Shaks, get a and ballet. Yeah, that was amazing. No wonder the world has sleep such a bad take. I'm Scottish accidents, when that's the type of films that go famous. He's actually got a decent Scottish accent. Make Surex, I could Scottish accent. I suppose. Sorry, and that's just fat bastard's voice. If it swearing, really am shrink shrick me. So same tricks his own guy. Sure we canting a fast led? Yeah, probably it is. That no, US done and we're it's a...

...nice news of shore. Do like a B side episode, which is just this part, and then the e side is the thread. So a week with it. Having a thread on the friends podcast. Yeah, like just how's everybodyday and this weekend? Then next week we'll talk about Fred's and then we have to will be be side again? That sounds confusing to me. Could we still call what s week? We can't even upload on a like a set scheduled. We can start don A and B sides. You could just start calling over tangent. So we get one threads like all. I go down one and all threads rupt. Are you know, stayre we over the whole other part. Then run my work. All right, let's go. I've no got a clue what's happening anymore. So structures built. All right. So backstory as to why I chose this Fred. Then recently feeling a bit see you. To be honest, I don't know what age it's supposed to happen. Could be like midlife crisis age. Don't mean pushing on a bit now, but just feeling about demotivated with things. Right, just try to think it is. Who'd I get back on track? You know, well known in this globe, that they live on as an ideas man right, but just don't tend to follow through many of them. As we've discussed, and so I we've thinking about that sort of stuff lately and think about how I can better manage my time better refocus myself, as well as toime with the idea of just like scrapping social media just as like a distraction in life. Again, think of touched on, touched upon a bit and my friend was actually going to be based on that, but then I knew I would just going to a big, granty thing and fucking kill the Vibe, be missed a negative. So I figured let's not do that and let's focus on there the steps forward. Try to be a bit motivational, if you will. So that brought me to our today is land, posted by streetwise eighty four, and the title of thread is today is land. Screenwriter ADN Sorkin. Don't know if I'm saying that right. Who did a few good men or probably most notably, the social network film apparently takes six to eight showers a day to get over a writer's block. So basically, if three N's not happening for them, yes, faking jumps to the bathroom Stripston as are you share our comes. It gets back on the NOTEPAD, but just pull this it there the other other guy right, but he's got a wine con addiction. It's all the reason. You're taking sixty eight showers, are they? I don't know the guy. Well, at least it's six to it and not sixty reals. We Jimmy be read wrong, for it's so anyway. So there's a bit of a follow up on that as well. So it actually takes a shower. It doesn't just come out and start writing again. He puts on like a different set of clothes and everything. So treats itself. It's a new day. Yeah, exactly, pretty much magic. Is War bill, Jesus mean social network? He's doing on it from Saturday? Sure, especially if where's this guy stay? It's called in the UK. He's I was good, see's fucked if he's got an electric shower anyway. HMM, fucking bills are astronomical, right. How thought that was interesting because, in fairness, I don't know about you guys, but like share our thoughts. I don't think I ever jump in a shower and not going to a little like trance almost in just something's happening in the shower. Sounds Weird. Obviously clean myself. How long do you spend in a shower me. Yeah, I'm terrible for showing as an. That too long one, is it? No, no, not too like too long. See, I'm the opposite. I'm like EXAC. I'll show our one's toys of the if I've worked at something, I'll go shower after that. But I'm like getting the shower here, face body washed, get like I'm it's just I'm just in and there's any time you think you like a fool go. First question. Do you use like independent shampoo, body or? Yeah, I feels like a hit her body wash. You's like don't believe that Shit. Any got got my shampoo, got my foot, you know, believe you can use one for a friend. Nah, I don't believe that. Like using those combo body or shampoo like that some premier. I thought you will see the other way, like you don't believe in using individual ones. I was going to call your owner. No, no, I was...

...gonna say yeah, like shouting for me. I can't just like hop in and rints. I don't know why I think when it comes to show and I'm a bit like oh CD. Sometimes I'd like I'll go in with intentions just to be like in an early and level the head up. It's fucking fruit and love of the head up, faking like you're saying body wash. That's it, but I just can't like. I go in and, as I see, like I'm like rinsing the whole body and then I'm just sitting there like run it, running through ideas, scenarios, like appreciate in the rainfall. You know, I'd see him half in a woman. I'm in the shower a minimum are you are jacking it. I don't said I yeah, I mean that's here right. See You beyond twenty minutes. You can't help. But no, I don't make one. tells me you don't feelings the shower. You need a bath like an im see, when I'm a a bath, as like, can know all the half scenario. What else? I can't e bath. I don't like bath. I'm watching a follow myself. You must come it look like fucking Prince Philip. After this, I don't think I'd be taking the ball bag. You spend a little bar, I'd see it fell up after bit. I'd say bath for me is maybe like forty, forty five minutes as a real action thing. But I get to the point. A bath for it like I start, like it gets too warm and like steam, manly, I'm gonna I'm gonna pass out there. I cou do you even get it the bath after? To be fairly bout, the was probably colder. A top up. See he top up for the top when you're ano. Do you get like Rachel it coming for? I get all you're laughing. See when Rachel seven a bath, I'd the actually need to get a care of. When father and I takes a it freak as the up properly. Jesus and I'm shit showers. I would say how long you in a show? I got. I don't like you said. You just kind of add the nut like the final minutes, FI, five minutes, like it depends quick. Five minutes shower. I'm ante if I'm chilling at ten, I'll hope the audiin. We're like God, this just feels good. See when your call to the bone, I'll be in the shower like fifty and fifteen minutes shower where I'm just just enjoying the water for a second. But if US got shit today, like I shower in the morning before works, I'm like get up, show. Know what's amazing? Showed on a hotel, but I don't know why I like it so much. I love look having a shower on a hotel. Miss them an bath so and I hate that. I don't like going. It's the bath ones because it's always a weird bad pressure, shovels and all. Yeah, and the ones, yeah, sint tells us we can and nail them, had good water pressure and be if the showers were like this. It's Nikid, disgusting and that's it. About fifteen to eighty minutes is like not average share of time, to be fair, Jesus. Now where are you complaining that? You're electric shower and any one are your morning sure as atrocious, to be fair, and like what should I'm asking this because actually it's like months ago. I chose not to, but one of the threads almost chose was about, like, what's your cleaning routine, and it highlighted the fact that fuck this fread by me, so that so that you get past the second sertence. So, anyway, going back to the thread of was get shoes months ago, which I probably should have now, was about like your cleaning regime, which is obviously much more interesting at the stage, and it turns it like a lot of reader dirty bastards. So I mean it. Last night, what your can of cleaning regime and the shower. If you can try and like detail that it's right. So I always start with a here shampoo. Put It in if I've had here jell and I might leaving a bit longer if I've known here drill, and then it just just washing normal and then I wash my face. We like a face scrub...

...thing, and then I've got what's it called? Like a I caught a puffer. Would you call them? Things like? I thought she scrunchy. I have a body washing. I'll just start on the start on the left the arm to the right arm. And what can I doing? And I washed my feet every time and I can focus an I want any wash our feet, and that's Chie that worried me. Even I've just found about that. The people that wash like the legs off feet. HMM. That's that's why I was going to pick the thread before, because a lot of reader or just like they'll go in like shampoo, I here if it's needed, or just like rent some body, basically, and and at the same time they fucking doing a piss in there as though, especially, I'm sorry, about females, and that's like down then side of the leg shit. You not like scrubbing their feet or legs. I'm like, I've had glassy friends till with that, I'm just being the shore in for the whole but the toilets and the same room. But like Lucy, then all shorely. It runs down the lake. MEAN, probably none of us are equipped to know that. Sure, Iry, she suppose they could get us got on, but I like that say the tilet is right now. It's right there. The very least, you're going to stand in for it all actual coming here. I'm not even fuss. That would be quite impressive, like twenty five showers for your toilet, but especially for a lassie use. I'm going to go have a quick show where I'll be back rate. That was yeah, I'm not even fussed about the fact that people piss in the shower. That's cool, but clean yourself properly. It's not even just fep, but like just genuinely. If you scrubbing like your bits, then sorry, you're not clean. You must have a pretty slick routine, because I feel like that's why I take a long time in the shower because, like I've got like my routine, which sounds very similar to us. To be fair, I learned recently that you're like a couple years ago. You're many shampoo any here in your body. So something sumping my bearded under my arms as well, I shall supposed appartly with shampoo here, like it's here in it. I do shampoo everything. Yet everything it's got here, apart from like like four arms and than shampoo. But to clearly what we never heard your routines. Boys may play someone at all healthy arms and stuff. So what do you hey for the other thirty five minutes? I just challenge what do you set in the shower? These nice lost on set in the show? All that's fucking weird. I don't know. You never forty minutes for me what we see half another I got maybe been an exaggeration. Maybe twenty twenty five minutes, as it's all coming in the you're sitting in the shower, I said, I just passing everywhere. I've heard a few people say they sit down and show her and I'm like, I guess really a nice high pressure one. You see, if you are really in a bit of like a stinky mood or whatever, like just mentally or whatever, you want to sit down and have it like come down your back, your head, whatever. I kind of get it Ted degree, but I'm like, I don't really get the just sit like which trigger to their coming in your back or so. Okay, goes grand for the next episode. I hi, Lo's. What was your sort routine? I guess it's same, but I'm like a going fast, like full body rents. So I get my hair lie proper soaked. I don't condition every time my hair. I don't condition every time. I don't know everything here as although especially you'll want that grease. Never condition my here. Should I act, especially if you put stuff and I'd try and do it like maybe twice. It's quite condition. I don't know needs to be. It's working and I saw going filled body rents. Then get that, get the Champoo out here. That's we a bit. We got here. I never you know. No, and then they didn't like that. Wait, what here? You want these thinking clean? All right, when you shape to use toilet paper or to use wipes, both both. He's about bull. Fine, I see, I'm just wipes. It's like it's cleaning it. It's defile clean. It's clean. That it's like. I find it like a weird feeling to helpfully aware. Are So like after the fact. So we DABY. The normal people try off. I'm will,...

I am done with this fucking episode. Actually, like, what is this? You know what I mean? Love, though. I would absolutely love a bed, I bed. I'll what were beady, but what are you whole shoved up it. I shall always up and just set gear. Mass whole be sprinkle grown at you. I anyway. I can shampoo, get the crack Nice and a shampooed, obviously to drink. You can rins off and then my, my sinks particles. I got some hand wash for good measure. Just I'm just gonna ask that, because what do you watch next? To beat your hands? Yeah, so then I go and like give them a dedicated hand wash, because the sinks here. By then it's body wash. We spink on the hands again, just for double good measure, and then on the SCUN chafer rest of the body. But I can see what your fing takes along. You're getting in a new washing hands, blow, drying an asshole in between. See, see something that takes me quite long. Those as soon as I get out the shower, I'm like, I like I'm not a fan of like setting about an at all until dry off. Yeah, so I like literally get out of the shower and just like dry myself off straight real like top t ball. I thought that was normal. Yeah, there is it. Nah, I don't know. I guess just seeing people in experience, that's just like all the fasting. Some people seem cool. Just like putting the tail on and chilling occasionally to get right. Yeah, I again just look like that wet feeling. That's my routine. We can get a baddy like tall. I shouldn't fully sectly Quad, which is so yeah, I don't. I can get it. We just kind of get the pace. I just I was always you stick it on your top. No, no, don't get the paint up your toilet. We you can just put it. You just stick something in the middle of that pipe like we're connects. Your thing goes in the joint. I've seen that. It goes on a seat. I interesting. Sounds about change to watfully know. So it's legare. HMM, try and see if you use I use used one before. I don't hold the thing seems still sigh as me or what. I was younger, I thought it was like washing the sand off your feet after the beach. US to stay your foot in the toilet. It's not. No, no, no, baby, a separate thing. When a separate I will lie. It's like I see's in a shady fucking thing, but you're stick in your ars and it's fine. Oh, is this right? It's moven the thread and all right, let's try and bring it back then and wrap it up. And I also you should talk to me like that quiting social media. I want to try with that. Save that for the night, met. So I was actually going to say like, I think next episode by then, hopefully ell with progressed like my shutting down, because it's it's harder than it seems in a sense, just because of like the it's hard to like for this podcast that you do now that that can exactly that. I really count read that as a social media, though. The Art excepts not the day, and I've not looked at US like social media, to be honest. It's more like facebook. Definitely tick talks away, like I never use the snapchat I've got maybe once in a blooming nowadays. Get rid of that. No point toy and were instagram, because I don't actually use it that much, drawing some not like viewing it as a detriment, but at the same time like maybe I don't need it if I don't use it that much. And then twitter, yeah, I probably need need to keep the threaders one, obviously, but you don't know, we'll see, the only one I use as twitter. I don't use facebook, instagram, and even at that, way to what I've been Kinna, I hate that ain't anything. I post anything. It seems to be a like negative that I'm posting, and I want to start making like a conscious effort, if arm tw eating something just to make up a pause overall, than something angry or something shit in the world, because, yeah, do'sn't help you, man. HMM. Now totally there's it's like the exact same feeling, like from here just knows. That so negative. But on the flip side, like obviously I'm quite interested in a lot of like crypto any FT stuff as well, so it's like a good place a lot of the time to like keep up to speed with stuff. So, like twitters are really hard one to navigate actually, because there's a lot of like for more like for deleting that cause I just feel like fack,... I get a lot of like info and I have most discussions on their compared to o our platform. So we see. But yeah, I think it's saved that for an now one, because I'll probably will bring it back up when I've got a bit more to dive into. Maybe let's do it. Yes. On this end. If you's got any freaking motivational tips of things that use to like see if you're in a bit of like a fuck, can't be are staying shit the day or fucking don't feel like fucking work today, or, in what's Tyson furious thing, whenever he gets sad, you just get some Sillo. We whoop. He's like, you never be sad when you're whooping yourself and you'll get will show you the guys, it can give example. He's like yeah, you just you, just go. Are you say? I've never, I'm never sad. Then whever I feel myself getting into that that's for sad or for motivation, that it comes, comes and goes. Do It to other stuff, to stuff that which you happy, and if you're going it every fine. I've actually always found talking to friends and stuff. Elps, thanks, if your talk to people in bouncing ideas off them. Thing that actually doesn't help. M Yeah, I'd give you that. And I hadn't had that Tyson fuel on by the yeah, I know, like that's actually a good one. Yeah, I feel right. That would cheer me up, I think. Yeah, it's I think it's got a good one, of funny one. I don't think it's like a long term fix for mental health, but that's what he does apparently. I mean, look at it on that knowingly done. That's green something. Have you read atomic habits? Well, see, there you go right. I had big plans for myself and my habits and life and I bought that. That literally, I must bought it when I was somewhere between like eighteen, say twenty. One. Still got it. Never read it, re read it, even just a pageocy a chapter. They whatever it is like. Make that your first habit. It's quite easy get into it. or listen to the what's the things that do at the recap? Now I think you got read it that. We listen to them it. They recap APPS are usually shape like you didn't get your any grocer selling it, but like read that. So just a bit like tie and it's about how you can build good habits. So we tie them two things that you're really just let's see, you check tick tock every morning when you wake up. It's like, all right, I'm going to check tick tock with then like it five pasted or do you wake up five minutes in the Tick Tock, I'm going to stop it and I'm going to do five minutes, put my phone doing and just get up in like brief fresh air at the windy. So all right, some time these habits together. So that becomes a new habit and you can start to build and put habits together. It's super interesting, like the psychology behind building good habits. But it's about it's a bit about that, like not waiting for motivation, but like making your own kind of thing. Yeah, atomic carbits. Yeah, James bleak or something like that. It's like seven habits or something. Now is it just atomic habits? At it's called atomic habits. But James Clear really good book. It's interest and stuff, though, and one of the things I read recently was about like apparently it's something that I'm not gonna see it all because obviously that's exaggeration. But like a large majority of your big known like entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates, fucking Gary v everything they do like a five hour thing. We're basically like for one hour a day they do something like productive and fun enough. For most of them, that choice is actually reading and choosing to learn something, and apparently, like that's part of like the success they've had. Apparently it's just because of that main set and that like I guess that in itself is a habit, isn't it? Creating that habit where you just spend like an every day doing some productive too. Over those two things, I'm going to something some preachy on the first one in the second one of those. The first one is you should read the five am club, but on a fee of another good book. It's also but that that our day. It's like an hour one. It's also like your health set, your heart set, your mindset. So then you spend like in that first to get a five m before everybody else, and then you set spend that extra hour. Twenty minutes is like doing something health, exercise and walking the dog, whatever that may be. Twenty minutes like reflecting. So would you want to achieve the day. What did you do use today? What he's done this week, this month? What what things made you happy or give you Energ did n'ey? And then twenty minutes like we're learning something or doing something creative, like doing something that gives you a little bit of joy. So that could be drawn. It could be a skill, Shire course or something. That's a good, good little book, but it's like a nice it's a nice story. Assume it's on made up. It's a nice story of like dying billionaire teaching some folk at the Five Am Club, which is pretty cool. In the second one is, I want to say it's a little way and seed everybody who's like, everybody who's famous and who you look up to. They all have different habits, they all have different things. It's not those habits that like make people feel. It's not those it's not the traits, it's not the things that make those people do it's like it's their uniqueness and just putting in the work. So by read like they weren't a...

...reading about what other people were doing to get to where they are. They're just being them and falling the things that they want to do and put it in the actual effort versus like trying to find a system or trying to find a quick worker room for it. So he's abits. Just look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you want to be better version of you for that day. Yeah, love. I title back Alween Quote Star. Now that that is true, though, because I mean you look at Apple, a pretty good example of that. Like way back when, like famous quote, there's was think different and that's how they like became a big thing above Microsoft and stuff. At the time was just they weren't care and a bit like trying to cut costs and all this shit. They were like, let's just do it own thing, make a kill product. We love. A good product may cost money, but fuck it, let's do it. fucking worked and cool. You some good tips and I think come back next week for Book Club of Crab, but a bit Er m club, though, sexam club. I'm online that you do get up at six every day, so I'll I'll do it from six. Five weeks before I got up a half five for walk cheese. So you have four. Yeah, if I fork like how quick, like how long do you get before you like out the door and on the way before I need to. You've I've got like fifty minutes. So I get up and I make my coffee and I just look Chello, because when I get home at night I've only got like a couple of hours as well before I show out, eat bed, so that I would in the morning as my all where I'm like great, that's he's when I get to relax. Right. If anybody short of showers, that's you, my man. See what your times going. Something for the water proof book. I'll started doing this thing. I seen it. It was like a month of me a challenge and it's like a hundred press ups are the every day I've been enjoining in that. I'd be a hundred in the morning and that's me. I feel better through the day for doing that. How many ghosts that think like how many different sets just to do a hundred? Because that's fucking impressive. Let's gonna see you just banging out like a hundred push ups, are you? I can usually like twenty, twenty five and then I stop, give myself a few minutes and then I go again, but today I want I've only done fifty, so after that's I need to do it faster. Cheese to them. No, no, everybody's listening. Maybe they wants to hear that. Will release this video scale and all right, kill. Well, good advice, nonsense. Say. Let's wrap this thread up. That we didn't really touch upon too much. Compared to Baffin routines and clepslness. I think that's the most shallow point of all. Touched a thread like grand sees. We did even finished it title. Maybe did. God, I mentioned them putting clothes on. Oh I and it's read. I did have like a whole of that article of like top ten like things as well, but like that along would have took like fifteen minutes. So I thought's Smith on. I mean that at this point we can make this the episode and released too much. Actually, fuck that. Uh, now I hear what you guys get to see exact least funny. I'll give you a don't vote because that took a turn I never expect. I'll give I'll give you this, say the segment and upot know, the actual friend everything. Fuck it was. We did bring it background. It just didn't give it the justice it probably deserved. But oh well, I'll look quote it. See how bought three up thoughts. Nice, Nice, nice somebody's next grand of you got all right, this would be quite quick, when I just thought it was absolutely no, and the third time unfold it was. It was like three hours old when I saved it and we spoke about while we should discord. But this is posted by enough underscored dance, underscore nine and fifty six in our razor and it just says razor saves my life. So it's the postage, just four photos. It's a razor headset where we're a couple holes in it. The second photo is exact same the the third photo as a whole through a window and the four pots actually exact same. So there's really two force. But let me, let me give you a let me, let me give you about story time. Hey, last Wednesday morning of month for go, obviously, and torrence California, an eighteen year old Gamer, was apparently saved by his razor headset when I deflected stray bullet got shot through his window and hit the head set it was wearing.

So we've spoke about how dumb guns on America before, but apparently you're this kid, you certain in his bedroom playing whatever he was playing. This has to see what game he was playing and yeah, this bullet straight through the windy hit when the he'd head set and the metal like part of the the circuit board, apparently, yeah, deflected and bounced the bullet off, he said, which is lucky as in him. I mean the odds you that are amazing at their yeah, I mean, yeah, I'm not. I'm not finking smart enough to work out. I fucking the odds that bit. There's so many variables and there's one gun fire from God knows where, from I don't know what type of gun it is to go through his window. Had to be setting any exact angle, yeah, for it to hit his head set rather than even just like another bit ahead. Or Yeah, that is madness. It looks like it was close to the edge as well, like it was close to actually hit in the head. Like there's two so look, it's gone through the top. There's two holes. I don't know if it's if it's two bullets or it's like an entrance and an exit, skift through the ass and three x do you I thought it was more like it hits and then it's like snapped like the the band inside and obviously it's went down to I don't know it could be. I don't know how it didn't earn exit like I'm I suppose, if like thing would have been up there and in three ex or we're not. HMM. Even so, that doesn't fucking matter. fucking like I got short everything. Well, you see that? or it's got a fucking nuts in it. The husband some skepticism about this around this post for a few reasons. So it was made near April fool's Day, and people accused the poster stage in this just because they wanted to get a free hand set. But then, like smashing your window or put a bullet for your windy and holes at a head set to like on the off Chanct, you'll get a free one. Feels feels a bit far fetched, but people would do crazy things for Carma, so you never know. True. As look like he's got another. I've clicked his profile. I've watterly done this sa in there he's posting on update. Look at a proof one and it's basically like it looks like the bullet line somewhere on a bed or whatever, and then like where it's actually hit the wall as well. So it looks like in fiery it did deflect off the head set and then hit the wall. Ch's he did get your head set, though, so, even if it is a loder shape, I played him. It worked. Are you going to hate? Do you know what raisel or good head Sayst I've got a bell. Do you think if I just like put my own post up and what we'll do? Sleep? Got An axe in my head set just now, like a broken extreme my window. Then edge chuck the Bucky at me. MD twitter tway as more thinking like the Ms Jay attactly. We're an axe. Still See, he saved me. Thank you, and I find no thanks me, even if I speak like Yup. Heard things like that's an America before and those tons of documentary saying like the hood and stuff, and I'll just start my host and they just hit the ground and it's like, what the fuck? Imagine love and I got like just start watching it. Anyone that you know what shut that's all. You my good and you just need to have the deck because those billets coming up it. It's absolutely mad. I hate guns man. I just don't get that. Yeah, we brought this up quite a lot and for people listening, Louis is going to go through and link each the episodes where we mentioned gun crime in America and we time stamps for you, like the guy that, the kid, I think, died in the like drive through because they never had saucy. Did I do you know die it shot in the heat or something. There you get. He had the fundraiser. It wasn't. Yeah, and I don't know what the latest update on that one is. To so many check in and I thought, yeah, this is I don't things were like. We just didn't get the gun thing. Yeah, I can imagine, like your who's is a safe place. It should be a safe place. Me See if a bullet came in my love and room and they I don't think I'd ever feel safe. I need again. No, carefully you wish from no washing. What the opposer that freight? And then the ten second delay between the laugh. He's me Jesus.

So I didn't mean it to come across the threatened to be fair. Just you be careful what you wish for, although I did get just always I should laugh new bottom and I did get a glimpse, like those pictures above the screen behind you. They're soon, like just as you're moving, and like my brain was actually picturing like the holes in the walls. Don't know why? Move your head left right, like like across the picture. Does that just looks like pictures its thing. And so somebody did, saying that Fred the wheel and like are you shoot? It was a Shabille and not somebody try to Killie's good point and it's I mean, does it shot? Probably higher odds of that than a stree billet. Right least. I like it. Yeah, I like the hypersons haptics felt really real for a second. Who Shot me? Maybe? What that was my thread. Happened, and be are like how you and do and I I feel. Well, love your helm and something shoo shooting the game at the next thing you did. We do? We speak about this before. Is like VR. Be Cool if it got so good that, like when you got shot, you you'd feel something, and that's kind of like a suit or something like that. Yeah, because I think something exists for that. Like I don't think it's that glady expensive. I think you can buy like body. So it's now it's and it's like vibrates showing stuff. Yeah, that'll be quite cool. The psy all one has it as well, to have an extent in the controls apparently I've got the hearttics that the psfive control has, but when you're packing something up you may actually feel attention. When you're you're pressing and stuff. We should be cool. I've you seen those? I want to see. It's in America somewhere, but it's like a steel ball and you put on shoes and you're a VR game and you like run and you run and there's are, there's you know. I was watching the guys like it's like I'm not playing, I'm not putting any just turns in screens and runs as fast as you can. Now I've seen them. They actually a cool and I'm amazing. To be honest. I feel like that's probably the better solution, because then you're like on the spot because it's all going well. Haven't be alright where you can walk around until you can crack your head on a shelf or some yeah, she felt as well, though, HMM, suppose, although I know in my work a few of the latest Oculis head sets of been Boughton just researcher. Obviously it's like the kind of hands for you on. So you got the control thing, but it does have a camera on the front of it. Now. So like it that you can see outside of the goggles. So if you go out the boundary, like it will show you the wall that you're like walking up to. That's quite good. I guess that's a preventive but yeah, that ball thing that you're talking about, it looks pretty cool. Imagine the sweat you would get, like they would be running from you, like if you played college Ei, though, how good would you feel? Left? You would feel amazing, like I've just spent a few I will start playing a game, but I've also done a walk of dinner. I don't know. Man Like average gaming and call do what? Ten minutes or some I'd be fucked. I play one match or everybody else. You build up the one it were a time. Yeah, true, just become an absolute athlete from it. Yeah, sees Verteran, but you trading. I've actually got a mission. It's a night yestige ten. Where is it? S and D we on for the two thousand thrown knife to night get that Gold Gammel. Shouldn't boy your if I was rich, rich, a hundred percent, I'd have like the VR thing where like you pick up that that gun that you'd selected, like you'd have this ball, or maybe you just have a room big enough that could run a round. Imagine just the whole floors like treadmill. Let be sick, like those things that the airport boxes get shoved a room on. You can run in it with the moving any directions, spin the moon stuff. Knows that the baking that takes the case. He's about. But it's like it's just it's like a big tread roll, but it's like lords of we balls and all they can all individually turn so that like you can spend your port cases and stuff or like move them different directions to the right plane. He's on it, like the Baggageing we collectre hees. No, no, no, no, no, like like behend. The scenes are so I thought it was talking about as well. I don't think I've seen no anything. I put in the discord and you can link it for folk kill.

Yeah, and well, I tell you what, if this was real, and I'm glad the boy survived, simply if it wasn't get out some there the three heads heads. It seems like a lot, I thought for a few head set I'm seeing. Surely a window replacement is more expensive than it's that bends if it's a rain men. HMM, that's not your problem. See, these parents were going to be doing a place and a man comments. I seen so maybe it's not even a picture from his apartment. Maybe a windows are fine and it's just a picture of a short window that's right at someone's reverse them. My search just a check, a trick. That's the first thing, something that surely expectally, maybe he shot something else. He's one day shot them, killed them to the window, picked up the bullet, took it back to the house. Knuckle Punch the wall. I'm miss saying. It look like a knuckle punch to be F does I pretty plausible theory right here, and I've not seen anybody suggests this one. So what about is this? I think I should get their local station, a police station, on the PODCAST. Gonna Grasp this guy. Life's done. Can you imagine the confusion this morning? Nine hundred and one's not about the number. California be like, Hey, listen, don't ask us how we know, but from where? Glasgow? You're from Glasgow. Wow, I don't know. Never of so like a we, like a we media company. Could we say that? I'll say well, okay, we're doing a report. was reporting ended the water. Also, I mean fair does new, isn't it? Facts? I'm still scrolling Google. Would just look for the confirm bit. By the way, I kind of friend what I'm looking for. Well, you're doing that show votes. I love for to it. I'm keeping that positive mindset. It was real and it's don't even exist. anymail not done and he survived and got a free hads. I'm got away with mother Stephen Up. I'm sorry. So now, yeah, give myself an up thought. And on that note, it's called a castor Dick and I'm ca still that. Yeah, that's like the report thing and I'll put a discord so you can put it on the the show notes of people to account talking about but it like it can move things and spend them and it's mad anyway. All right, that's cool one. It's stealing your friend still. My friend is from not the onion and it was posted one month ago by one in white light and it's titled Mark Zucker Bugses met. Employees lovingly refer to him as the I have sour on gold. I glad jump in a second. I mixed up your two links and we lost a talk with giving up Social Day, social media. I thought it was going to say because this was the last straw. Just people really confused with a double check kind of have employees referencing lots of things, like I've had enough of face on me. It's the fact that he's the one that said that's Ne's like, oh the loving the defect on me. It is that I am sat on the big evil enter. Let's because see. Do you think he is just one of these people that just can't like getrass what's out charm? You know, you just get people like that sometimes and it's just like you can tell them to your ball in the face and they're just like me. I know it's a mean rate, but I genuinely don't think he's a person. I think he's a robot. You've seen these videos, at these pictures of Hims. Often they that's not a person, that it's not a man. Is there any pictures of him as his younger self? Can't say. I've seen one. Just saying I just thought US was amazing. This is such a good tadline, so I've got to come clean. I've never seen Lord of the Rings, so you can have to give me some context.

So funny. I get for the picture. I get that it's no agid thing. Basically that I have sour on right. The whole point in a lot of the rings is they need to destroy the ring. So Sour on kind of come back and fuck shut up because he's a bigot, evil wall. These basically had a lot of NASION, ever, but loss. All right. Yeah, and Mark Zoka bugs clearly see that. It's seeing that, really loving the failures that it's basically that's Big Table. We are big guy and it watches everything and it's like controls all the hawks and show like that. Yeah, and I it's he's self identis identified himself for I'd see a forth and that's I am all seeing and just took the KADE parts, like took out how he wanted to take it. Do dos naked parts. Me Right, I'm looking over all of you. I'm over seeing everything, everything you do, everything watching. Glad you appreciate that. So they say he's probably not even in the room. When they say it's just spine on their personal chats and reading it organ an ellaphone. He's just seemed like some of these love heart reaction to somebody saying he's like the fucking eys so on, and he said, yeah, that's right, I am, and they love it. or He's gone home, gone home and like asked an assistant or something to sit here. where. What is that? But and they've like just try to know how he's feelings. I'm I'm not a good thing to get to the Lord of the Rings. It's like the Lord they love. It's like after everyone just seems so out of touch though. That, yeah, like the I have sat on doesn't even sound like a good thing. Let's see you. Something told you that you'd be that stay for one and so true. I mean, I don't know, though, because this guy must have some sort of like ability to read the room, if you will consider any called pretty much the whole planet dumb fucks, from saying saying in over the data to him, like you know, remember that. That's like one of the things you got called out upon, because it's like a leaked email or something, somebody saying, like how do you get people like hand over so much day to you? And it's like they just tick the box. The dumb fucks like that's crazy, and that next time we discuss social media we can go over it. There's a lot of I'm watching a few youtube videos about social media platforms, and especially facebook. What's up stuff like that. fact, some of the stuff is insane and tick tock. You think that was bad or as bad in terms of the day of the capture? wholely shit anyway. So I'm going on aroundle again. I just couldn't be dol that. So probably this was like ans conversation in college, doesn't for it says yes, if you have any information, anyone at Harvard, just ask. I like four those emails, pictures, addresses and so they said, how do you manage that one? He would people just made it. Don't know why they trust me, dumb focks. And Yeah, guy is next level. Is it true that you can e block? Come on, facebook, can't block them. Hmm, can even find them. It's not like my space. When it adds himself as your friend, you'll use the MVP. That that so to it. Even my train block on, though, because if I do any may you'll know where Yumy God, I will be watching, not the SU. Look at just look at this guy. Man. That's not a man. That's not a man. When you Messi Tack Clock Tick Tock there. Apparently, I don't know true this is, but like tick Tock, Tick Tock Algorithm, and China's completely different from stuff here. So in China Tick Tock will promote like achievements. So your feed will be people doing great and smart things, versus here, which is like kicking each other on the balls or get kind of I need to link you and anybody listing the videos I've watched, because the sky goes proper and depth on it. So your right, there's like differences between the two, but it's mostly because, like, the Chinese government are quite restrictive on things, and so certain things like they done, which was like not great anyway, but they do a lot like appease the government. Know, and I'm just seeing. I'm in surprising and I'm know for the great firewall of China, but like if you're going to get a bunch of wings, even waynes if you're going to give something like an APP that are going to set on for I don't know what the average time is, probably hours a day. Like I think there's any harmon it being like overachieving, smart, great cool things Versu's like, I don't know, dancing too Loufer, which is still eats song, but he's a well money. Don't Jiggle, Jiggle forwards.

Love to see you wiggle. Wiggle from see. Why is that in my heat? Yeah, not. I do agree, though, like it should. It should be used to like promote good pro what's insane nose like? Apparently that algorithm that they've created is like bananas. It isn't unreal, like it's not just like the video you watch. It's like how time spent watching videos and stuffame spin, if you like to or not, if you read the comments or not, if you are party, paused or here day. But yeah, you paused on even the categorization of stuff that's in the video. It's this is this is the one he's likely fucking watching. Unrepeat with it does a shape like this. This video still playing, is wiping just now. And what one of the things it said? The like you see, because it's same, like so good and accurate, like it's like obviously dangerous as well, because like full like pedos. It just shows them like under his children videos and then that shoot you are like clinically depressed, like they'll watch stuff that like makes them even worse, and it just keeps like feeding them videos, that will be like essentially pushing them towards suicide and shit. It's like absolute mental I hope there's like safeguards and place where like identifies that, and maybe it's like maybe it shows all their friends, like checking with your up your pal videos, or maybe a letter somebody, or the Pedo ones maybe just wants to boys for you. Far too optimistic. Well, I would be nice if that was something, but I think it's just gonna read you Dono Rabbit hole using to watch a youtube video. I send that because that the sound undress field link. It crazy. I'm actually glad I doeli. You don't know. I'm like, fuck, makes a lot of sense. How long? It's an ideal. It's six on my head talks long, sixteen tick talks. You wish one six hundred ticktocks shit. And then I make go a bet it half a or something. I'm going to get out watch seems gonna get off of that and oh great. So just before we move on, you were going to do something that episode. Do you remember what as yes, Gran Connay, we're not we that. We don't know the boats are. What was that? What that was? I was that I'm just very conscious that time. You know. Yes, yeah, fuck these up, fuckers, uck that optimistic. Almost caught those negative energies right there. And you're going on about that. But we weren't worry because did we not say we had until this one to submit the score? We Dad? My Dad, yeah, my bad, because I don't even think if we got all the submissions. I don't know. I've got one and the winner is unanimous decision. Oh well, that's remaind folk. Then so about the two in it? No, well, no, but will will? We don't think. Try. Think. Well, Alex gets one just by, just by for being Alex. No, I. You know what is is a longtime supporter. He's participated. I think it's only fair. It's also smarter than both of you. So, Nah, Nah, I's also a cheat. It's a cheat. Wait, how know? Because he's no smart on than me. According this is no, I do you remember? My school was one hundred four. No, Louise was one all four. I was in one four, I was one free. I was just swandus. Alex was one to something. Not, it was one one for you, I'm sure, because I remember thinking it's this seems we've just like slipped in a track that anybody listening right now is probably going, what the fuck are they talking about? And that's not even everything we spoke about. Honestly, if you've made it this far, delate like treat yourself and night shampoo your asshole. I feel little fun mold where we're just body general. If it like those, I think passing the shower, splash your toes. After that it's rain. It's fine. Look at this noon. For the socials said bread post and on that sell bread. It as...

...well just sells afraid les. Well, they are, you'll find this. So it's appartably hopes this is the last episode. We every day. Just it just ends on that he's next day. The IQ I A B will for.

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